1st Edition

Robert Southey Lives of Labouring-Class Poets

Edited By Tim Fulford Copyright 2024

    The Lives of Uneducated Poets, written by Robert Southey and published in 1831, unites several poets under the ‘uneducated’ banner, being the first to identify them as a group and claiming their their writing was worth consideration as that of a class. The book's foundational role contributes to the current interest in labouring-class/self-educated poetry and nineteenth-century history and culture. Accompanied by a new introduction written by Southey scholar Tim Fulford, this title will be of great interest to students and scholars of Literary History.

    List of Abbreviations

    Editorial Introduction

    1 Southey’s review of James Grant Raymond, The Life of Thomas Dermody, Interspersed with Pieces of Original Poetry, The Annual Review, 5 (1806), 382–397

    2 Southey’s Account of the Life of Henry Kirke White, from The Remains Of Henry Kirke White, 2 vols (London, 1807)

    3 Southey’s Review of Samuel F. B. Morse, Amir Khan, and other Poems: the Remains of Lucretia Maria Davidson, The Quarterly Review, 41 (1829), 289–301

    4 Southey’s Introduction to Attempts in Verse, by John Jones, an Old Servant: with Some Account of the Writer, Written by Himself: and an Introductory Essay on the Lives and Works of Our Uneducated Poets (London, 1831)

    Stephen Duck
    James Woodhouse
    John Bennet
    Ann Yearsley
    John Frederick Bryant
    An Account of John Jones’s Life Written by Himself

    5 Southey’s Review of Eliza Bray, Fables, and other Pieces in Verse, by Mary Maria Colling, The Quarterly Review, 47 (1832), 81–103

    Appendix I: Correspondence Concerning the Lives
    Appendix II: Reviews of and Comments on the Lives
    Appendix III: The Poems of John Jones


    Tim Fulford is an experienced editor of Southey’s poetry and prose, and also of the poetry and correspondence of the labouring-class writers Robert Bloomfield and Henry Kirke White.