Rock Characterisation, Modelling and Engineering Design Methods  book cover
1st Edition

Rock Characterisation, Modelling and Engineering Design Methods

ISBN 9781138000575
Published May 15, 2013 by CRC Press
932 Pages

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Book Description

Rock Characterisation, Modelling and Engineering Design Methods contains the contributions presented at the 3rd ISRM SINOROCK Symposium (Shanghai, China, 18–20 June 2013). The papers contribute to the further development of the overall rock engineering design process through the sequential linkage of the three themes of rock characterisation, modelling and design methods, including feedback from the construction process itself. In addition, they enhance the interaction between the rock mechanics community in China and the rock mechanics communities in other countries.

Rock Characterisation, Modelling and Engineering Design Methods not only describes the current state-of-the-art in rock characterisation, modelling and design, it also covers the manifold aspects of rock mechanics and rock engineering. The book will be of interest to professionals, engineers and academics involved in the theoretical and practical aspects of rock mechanics and engineering.

Table of Contents

Keynote papers

Technical reviews in rock engineering: Experience in a consulting practice
E.T. Brown & R.J. Morphet

Harmonizing engineering geology with rock engineering on stability of rock slopes
R. Ulusay

The behavior of brittle rocks
K. Duan, L.G. Tham & F.C.Y. Kwok

Stress and shear effects on fluid flow and solute transport in rock fractures
L. Jing, T. Koyama, Z. Zhao & B. Li

Thermo-hydro-mechanical-chemical processes in fractured rock
O. Kolditz, U.-J. Görke, H.B. Shao,W.Wang, H. Shao, J.A. Hudson & X.T. Feng

Risk in rock engineering: Key issues and the work of the ISRM Design Methodology Commission
J.A. Hudson & X.T. Feng

Rock characterisation

The influence of cyclic loading on deformation of rock salt
H.L. Ma, C.H. Yang, J.F. Liu & J.W. Chen

Experimental investigations on creep behavior of bedding anisotropy greenschist
L.D. Yang, C.Z.Wu, Z.M. Shi & L.X. Xiong

Acoustic emission behaviors of the Beishan granite under uniaxial and triaxial compression conditions
X.G. Zhao, J.Wang, L.K. Ma, R. Su, M. Cai & G.B.Wang

The characterization of deep rock joints from Borehole Television image
K. Song, E.C. Yan & L.F. Xie

Determining conductivity of fractured rock mass and associated transmissivity for fracture sets using in-situ hydrogeological tests
S.-S. Zhan, T.-T.Wang & T.-H. Huang

Failure characteristics of two porous sandstones subjected to true triaxial testing
X. Ma & B.C. Haimson

Experimental study on the permeability evolution of granite during complete stress-strain process
C.P.Wang, X.Y.Wang, L. Chen, J.Wang, R. Su & J.F. Liu

Characterization of fault rocks – investigation of the shear behavior of artificial block-in-matrix rocks
T. Pilgerstorfer & W. Schubert

Coupling relation between damage-induced permeability evolution and accelerated creep deformation of volcanic breccias
R.B.Wang & W.Y. Xu

Experimental research on micro structure characteristic of marble under temperature load
Y. Zhang & G.Wu

An investigation of surface roughness measurement in rock joints with a 3D scanning device
M. Moosavi, H.N. Rafsanjani, M.H. Mehranpour, A. Nazem &A.N. Shirazi

Study on long-term permeability evolution of Beishan granite fracture under groundwater seepage
J.B. Yang, X.T. Feng & N. Xie

Deformation characteristics of bedded sandstone in uniaxial compression
P.L.P.Wasantha & P.G. Ranjith

Experimental study on creep behavior of sandstone with pore water pressure and its constitutive modeling
Y.J. Cao,W.Wang, J. Lü, T.G. Liu & Z. Zheng

Study on the Lateral Strain Response for determining crack initiation in compression tests on low-porosity rocks
L. Qiao, M. Li, Y. Li & X.Wang

Analysis of mechanical characteristics and energy dissipation in fracture rock under triaxial loading
Y.N. Lu, X.P. Li & T.L. Xiao

Intelligent loop recognition of rock parameter for large underground hydraulic cavern
Q. Jiang, J. Cui, X.T. Feng, D.F. Chen & X.J. Hao

Estimation of rock mass deformation modulus in Bakhtiary Dam Project in Iran
M. Sanei, A. Rahmati, L. Faramarzi, S. Goli & A. Mehinrad

Prediction of rock mechanical parameters and rock mass classification by percussive drilling surveying in a rock tunnel
C. Zang & H. Huang

Engineering characterization of rock mass to suggest boulders and slope surface stabilization at Ajanta caves, Aurangabad, India
M.N. Bagde, A.K. Soni & A. Sinha

High resolution rock characterization by 3D tunnel seismic reflection
C. Cosma, N. Enescu & E. Heikkinen

An experimental study on the propagation behavior of filled offset cracks and preliminary findings
J. Chun, X. Zhuang, H. Zhu & X. Chen

A preliminary, calibrated scheme for estimating rock mass properties for non-linear, discontinuum models
D.A. Beck, C.R. Lilley, F. Reusch, V. Levkovitch, G. Putzar & A. Flatten

Experimental study of the acoustic emission characteristics of salt rock under uniaxial compression
C. Zhang,W. Liang, S. Xu & Y. Yu

Study on rock classification with physical property of coal reservoir
J. Guo, P. Xia, F. Xie & Q.M. Yang

Influence of boundary condition on the swelling behavior of GMZ01 buffer/backfilling material in HLW repository
C.-S. Tang, L.-M. Huang,W.-M. Ye, J.Wang & Y.-M. Liu

Remote sensing technologies in rock mass characterization
Q. Liu

Study on rock mechanical properties and the correlation of the mechanical parameters of Liuzuo Copper Mine
H. Cao, L. Xie & Y. Liu

Duo-dimensionless parameters for describing surface topography of fractured rock and its analysis
K. Man, J.Wang, R. Su, H. Ma, C.Wang & Y. Zhu

Damage characterization and analysis of SRM during uniaxial compression
H.F. Sun, M.X. Xing, Y.M. Yang & Y. Ju

Experimental study on the fatigue property of fractured rock-like materials under cyclic loading
W. Jian & R. Li

Experimental study on deformation and strength properties of microfissured rock
R. Deng, Z. Zhong, X. Fu,W. Xiao & J. Yin

Energy analysis of rock deformation and failure under uniaxial compression after high temperature
X.L. Xu

CT observation of fractured rocks under creep shear
Y.Wang, J.Wang & Q. Cao

Research on characteristics of microstructure and acoustic emission of marble in the heating process
S.-T. Zhai, G.Wu &Y. Zhang

Experimental investigation into biaxial compressive failure of Jinping marble
A. Li, G. Shao, Y. Zhu & D. Lei

Study of deformation and strength properties of the carbonaceous phyllite under natural and saturated condition
X. Zhu, C. Chen, Y. Zheng, Y.Wang & G. Cheng

Estimation of the performance of chain saw machines from shore hardness and the other mechanical properties
D. Tumac, E. Avunduk, H. Copur, N. Bilgin & C. Balci

Geostatistical investigation on water jet surface treatment
M. Ba¸syigit & Y. Özçelik

Assessment of two methods for quantitative measurement of rock fracture aperture
W.M. Xiao, R.G. Deng & C.C. Xia

The new algorithm of obtaining shear strength of rock mass based on nonlinear equation proposed by E. Hoek and its application to engineering
K. Xia, C. Chen, X. Liu, Y. Zheng & Y. Zhou

Research and application of the relation of dielectric constant and moisture content of red clay
G. Lü & N. Li

Test and numerical simulation study of limestone crack seepage-stress coupling with high seepage pressure
A.N. Jiang, Z.B. Jiang & S. Jiang

Modified failure criterion for shales
M.N.J. Al-Awad & B.G.D. Smart

A new method to determine shearing strength for limestone— a case study on Longshan Quarry of Anning City inYunnan
S. Xu, J.Wang & C. Li

Stress characterization in deep boreholes using acoustoelasticity
J.A. Donald, R. Prioul, T. Lei & B. Sinha


A generalized-plasticity-based model for sandstone considering time-dependent behavior

Analytical solution for N-member decay chain transport in fracture in rock
P. Shahkarami, L. Liu, L. Moreno & I. Neretnieks

New model of permeability of two-solid constituent shale gas rock
M.B. Geilikman, S.-W.Wong & J.M. Karanikas

Theoretical analysis on electromagnetic emission of rock fracturing process
P. Lin, X.L. Liu, S.Z. Kang & C.Wang

A statistical damage constitutive model with damage threshold based on Mogi-Coulomb criterion
Z. Zheng,W.Wang, Y.J. Cao & J. Lü

Geomechanical analysis of the integrity of waste disposal areas in the Morsleben repository
S. Fahland & S. Heusermann

Modelling dynamic loading on backfilled stopes in sublevel stoping systems
M.Z. Emad & H.S. Mitri

Finite-element modeling of fracturing tests: Effect of rock heterogeneity
A. Lavrov, H. Alassi, S. Pradhan & J. Stenebråten

Non-Newtonian fluid flow in rough-walled fractures: A brief review
A. Lavrov

Simulation of rock cutting mechanism and characterization of failure mode in PFC3D
O. Su

Rock failure progressive process and resultant fragment muck-piling using a hybrid finite-discrete element method
H.Y. Liu, J.H. Gao &Y.M. Kang

Discrete element analysis of the effect of meso-structure heterogeneity on the mechanical behavior of rock
T. Liu,W. Xu, H. Zhang & C. Lv

Discrete element simulation of fracture surface damage and gouge particle evolution in a rock fracture segment
Z. Zhao

Demonstration of coupled models and their validation against experiment: The current phase DECOVALEX 2015
J.A. Hudson & L. Jing

A geomechanical comparison between a naturally fractured rock mass and its DFN equivalent based on FEMDEM simulation
Q. Lei, J.-P. Latham, J. Xiang & L. Guo

Simulation of rock crack propagation using continuous-discontinuous cellular automaton method
F. Yan, X.T. Feng & P.Z. Pan

Dynamic analysis of sliding velocity of landslide in reservoir based on discrete element method
J. Liu, S.G. Liu, P.Z. Du, X. Tao & Z.Q. Han

The fracturing of heterogeneous caprock during CO2 injection into a brine aquifer
P.Z. Pan, X.T. Feng, F. Yan & J. Rutqvist

A review of Rock Engineering Systems (RES) applications over the last 20 years
J.A. Hudson

Large-three-dimensional physical simulation experiments on a high and steep slope stability of open-pit mines
X. Lai, P. Shan, J. Cao, H. Zhu & F. Cui

Stability analysis for toppling failure of unstable rock in Three Gorges reservoir area, China
G.L.Wang, F.Q.Wu &W.J. Ye

Smoothed particle hydrodynamics simulation of fluid flow in rock fractures
L. Zou & L. Jing

An innovative approach for recognizing deformation patterns of a built circular tunnel
Y.-C. Chiu, T.-T.Wang & T.-H. Huang

Numerical simulation on influences of geological structures on shale gas development
T.Y. Chen, X.T. Feng, X.W. Zhang, Q. Xu & C.J. Fu

Neural network estimation of rockburst damage severity based on engineering cases
D.F. Chen, X.T. Feng, C.X. Yang, B.R. Chen, S.L. Qiu & D.P. Xu

CO2 geological sequestration modelling and injection induced fracturing analysis of the caprock
X.L. Liu, P. Lin, E.Z.Wang, G.H. He & G.F. Han

Modeling of rockfalls using the lumped mass method and DDA
C.-Y. Ku

Rapid construction of three-dimensional model of dangerous rock masses using google sketchup
Y. Deng,W. Yi, H. Huang, T. Huang & Q. Guan

3D numerical model evaluation of packer tests for hydraulic characterization of fractured rock
H. Kunz, H. Shao, B. Zaretzki, H.G. Zhao, R. Su & J.Wang

High performance computing in simulation of coupled thermal, hydraulic and mechanical processes in transverse isotropic rock
W.Wang, U.-J. Görke, T. Schnicke & O. Kolditz

Review of rock stability analysis using discontinuous deformation analysis (DDA)
L. Zheng, G. Chen, Y. Zhang & H. Zhang

Theoretical analysis of anomalously low friction effect in deep block media mass
L. Li, Y. Pan, J. Tang & X.Wang

Research on the geometric parameters influencing on the permeability of the fractured rocks
X. Liu

Simulation and research on the unloading mechanics parameter of jointed rock mass
Y. Liu, S.Wu, Z.Wu, Z. Hu, L. Liu & K.Wang

Test and study of flaking mechanism of iron sulfide concretions in coal seam
T.B. Zhao, C.Z. Shi, Y. Xu, Y.C. Yin & Y.L. Tan

Joint induced anisotropic deformation and supporting effects of rockbolts for tunnels excavated in regularly jointed rock masses
H.-H. Liu, T.-T.Wang & T.-H. Huang

Numerical identification of roll compression induced disintegration modes of a coal prism within roller mill
Y.D. Zhou, Y.L. Liu & X.W. Tang

Study on the rule of roof moment and surface subsidence about shallow-buried coal seam under thin base rock
B.Wu & Z. Ouyang

Elastoplastic damage model for quasi-brittle rocks based on continuum micromechanics—a review
N. Xie, J.B. Yang & H.M. Tang

UDEC modeling on wave propagation across nonlinear joints
T.T. Liu, J.C. Li, H.B. Li & S. Chai

Investigation about shut-in pressure in hydraulic fracturing
P. Asgharikalyani &A. Lakirouhani

Comparative study of shear strength models for fault-slip analysis
A. Sainoki & H. Mitri

Research on stress state in slopes subjected to tectonic stress during valley incision by geomechanical modelling
S. Su, P. Li, Q.Wang & X.Wang

Method to simulating cracking of surrounding rock in coal mines
Y. Xue, Q. Liu & X. Lu

Research on influencing factors and recognition method for loose zone around shallow-buried large-span unlined tunnel in heavily jointed rock stratum
Z.Wang, C. Qiao & C. Song

Shaking table model test on failure of tunnel portal section under strong earthquake
X. Zhao, T.B. Li, L.J. Tao & S. Hou

RSM and FORM for elastic-strain-softening rock mass excavation
L. Song, H.Z. Li, H.J. Liao & G.P. Zhao

Research on overlying strata structure and stress feature aroused by mountainous shallow-buried coal seam mining
G. Liu & K. Fan

Kinetic energy dissipation and convergence criterion of Numerical Manifold Method
W.Wei, R.L. Lu & Q.H. Jiang

A particle-based model for studying anisotropic strength and deformation of schist
W. Chu, C. Zhang & J. Hou

Research on stochastic model and stability analysis of soil-rock mixture slope based on sort judgment
R. Luo, Y.W. Zeng, D.X. Kong, Y. Li & Y.K.Wang

Mechanical characteristics of high-temperature tunnel based on analytical method
N.F. Liu, N. Li, J.P. Liu, X.Ch. Yao & X.G. Guo

Challenges of simulating hydraulic fracturing with DDA
Y. Ben, Y.Wang & G. Shi

Study on the failure mechanism of small spacing tunnels by DEM
C.Wang & H. Zhu


The plastic zones and displacements in open pit slope containing a fault
Y. Zheng, C. Chen, X. Liu, X. Zhu & G. Cheng

How can structural geology be used in rock engineering and rock mechanics: Practical applications in underground works
P. Vaskou

Rock mass characterization for landslide susceptibility modeling in mountainous environment
V.K. Sharma

Numerical analysis of stability of underground excavation using stress release method
H.Z. Li, L. Song, H.J. Liao & J.N. Ren

Delineating subterranean solution channels using machine performance parameters in TBM tunnel post-grouting
G.J. Khave

Three-dimensional thermomechanical modelling of high-level waste emplacement in a salt dome
S. Heusermann, R. Eickemeier, H.-K. Nipp & S. Fahland

Effects of a rapid depressurization in a salt cavern
P. Bérest, H. Djizanne, B. Brouard & G. Hévin

Stability analysis of surrounding rock of a large hydropower cavern in the Himalayas
R. Bhasin, T. Pabst & C. Li

Analysis on damage characteristic and depth of surrounding rock in Jinping II deep buried tunnel
C. Zhang, N. Liu & X.Wu

Study of rock bursts prevention based on rapid stress release in deep buried underground tunnels
Y.Wang, J. Yin & C. Zhou

Research on micro-seismic source location during linear excavation process of deep tunnel
Q.P. Li & B.R. Chen

Slope stability of final highwall slope atWest Bokaro Collieries, India
V.K. Singh

Rock mass enhancement by grouting: Tools for design optimization and decision making
J.A. López-Molina & J.A. Espinosa-Guillén

Applying the observational approach for tunnel design
J.M. Davila Mendez, A. Kluckner &W. Schubert

Anchoring characteristic of tension-type anchor cable and grout length design
X. Liu, Y. Zhou, C. Chen, Y. Zheng & K. Xia

The characters of freeze-thaw deformation and the treatment technics of road slopes in plateau and mountain area
S. Xu, N. Li, Z. Cao & D. Liu

Field measurements aided maintenance for an underground power station under operation
M. Kashiwayanagi, S. Matsubayashi, N. Shimizu & N. Osada

The design and main construction technology of super-small-interval tunnels
S. Zhong

Development of two equations for estimation value of JH classification method to optimize support system in tunnelling
A. Rahmati, M. Sanei, L. Faramarzi & R. Bagherpour

Experimental comparison of single and double scroll cutting patterns by using chisel cutting tools of chain saw machines
E. Avunduk, D. Tumac, H. Copur, C. Balci & N. Bilgin

Exploration technology of sound wave and electromagnetic wave united optical imagining verification for evaluating stability of mining roadway in steeply dipping coal seams
F. Cui, X.P. Lai, J.T. Cao & P.F. Shan

The practical application of polypropylene fiber reinforced concrete in China railway tunnel lining structure within hard and weak rockmass
T. Zhou &Y. Hua

An investigation of borehole stability in LKAB Malmberget underground mine, Sweden
R. Ghosh, U. Nyberg & Z.X. Zhang

Blast-induced dynamic rock fracture in sublevel caving
Z.X. Zhang

Measurement and real-time visual presentation of ground deformation ahead of mountain tunneling face using optical fibers
S. Akutagawa, H. Zhang, M. Terashima & K. Tsujimura

Application of photoelectric sensors to rock slopes for rock fall monitoring
W.K. Song & Y.B. Jung

Rock burst tendency evolution and dynamical stress control technology based on “roof-coal” structure body
S. Zhao, Z. Ouyang, L. Kong, X. Li, Y.Wang & N. Zhang

Correlation between time-delayed rockburst and blasting disturbance in deep-buried tunnel
Z.N. Zhao, X.T. Feng, T.Y. Chen, G.L. Feng, G.F. Liu & S.Q. Duan

Frequency fractal feature of microseismic events in the process of immediate rockburst in deep tunnel
Y.X. Xiao, X.T. Feng, Y. Yu, B.R. Chen & G.L. Feng

Security risk assessment of rockburst in the process of tunnel excavation by drilling and blasting method in deep-buried hard rock
G.F. Liu, X.T. Feng, G.L. Feng, Y.J. Zhang, Z.N. Zhao & D.F. Chen

Use of the geological subsurface for production, storage and conversion of clean energy
M.Z. Hou, S. Bauer, O. Kolditz, H. Xie, X. Li, C. Yang & Y. Yuan

Rockburst risk analysis based on microseismic monitoring in deep-buried tunnel with TBM excavation
G.L. Feng, X.T. Feng, Z.N. Zhao, B.R. Chen, Y.X. Xiao & G.F. Liu

Study on safety risk evaluation method for road slope in western Hubei mountain region
H.M. Luo, S.X. Chen, X. Pan & T.J. Cheng

Determination of the deformation behaviour of salt rock by evaluation of convergence measurements in shafts
Q.Wang & J. Hesser

Design methods for pressure tunnels
C. Vibert

Design of sprayed concrete as hard rock reinforcement using yield-line theory
L.K.T. Uotinen, O. Salo & M. Rinne

Role of borehole transverse notching on hydraulic fracturing in hard rock
H.P. Kang &Y.J. Feng

Study on mechanism of exploiting coal-bed methane injected by carbon dioxide or nitrogen
E. Dong, L. Guan & L. Zhao

Geotechnical engineering designs in mining
T. Li

Risk assessment methodology for tunnel lining design
Y.Wang & H.W. Huang

Intelligent rock mechanics: A review of the past 20 years
C.X. Yang & X.T. Feng

Study on simulation test technology of rock landslide pregnant and sliding mechanism
X. Ma

Anisotropic deformation in Muzhailing railway tunnel, Gansu, China
P. Sha, F.Wu & Q. Guo

The study on rock stability and optimization of construction of LPG underground storage
S.-Y. He, Q.-G. Yan, C.-X. Dong & B. Yu

Finite element analysis of geotechnical behavior of an underground oil storage facility in granite
Z.Wang, S. Li & L. Qiao

The mechanism of rock movement caused by underground mining in Chengchao iron
G. Cheng, C. Chen, H. Fu, Y. Song & X. Zhu

New technology for the slope seismic design-the embedded anti-slide pile
J. Xu, F.Wu & Y. Zheng

Fracture modes of horizontal wells
C. Yan, J. Deng, B. Yu, Z. Chen & X. Li

Combined test research on coal-rock pillar width setting of district sublevel for fully-mechanized face with large mining height
Y.F. Zheng,W.J. Ju & H.P. Kang

Stability analysis and blasting vibration control technology of shallow tunnel under unsymmetrical pressure
D. Liu,W. Gao,W. Zhou & Y. Zhang

Similar material simulation research on slope movement characteristics aroused by mountainous shallow-buried coal seam mining
K. Fan, L. Zheng, G. Liu & Q. Liang

Parameter optimization of smooth blasting on large-section deep-buried tunnel based on factor regression model
J.Wang, B. Zou, X. Zhou & L. Hu

Features of break and dynamic mechanics of induction caving impact to caking mine mass
J. Hu, X. Xue, K. Zhou & X. Luo

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