1st Edition

Rock Dynamics and Applications - State of the Art

Edited By Jian Zhao, Jianchun Li Copyright 2013

    Rock dynamics studies the response of rock materials and rock masses under dynamic loading conditions. In the last a couple of decades, the development of experimental and computational techniques has been able to capture the progress of fracturing in microsecond steps, allowing the exploration on how the fracture is initiated, propagated and branched, leading to the development of new scientific theories. A summary of these developments on rock dynamic testing, modeling and theory will help the scientific and engineering community to consolidate the understanding of rock dynamics and to apply the knowledge to practice.

    Rock Dynamics and Applications – State of the Art reviews the state-of-the-art of rock dynamics scientific research and engineering applications. The 77 technical papers, including 13 keynotes cover dynamics theory and numerical modelling, laboratory testing and field observation, engineering design and case study, focus on the dynamic aspects of rock mechanics and rock engineering. The book will be useful to academics and engineers interested in rock dynamics and its applications in rock mechanics and rock engineering.



    Review of the dynamic properties of materials; history, techniques and results
    J.E. Field & S.M. Walley

    Some recent developments on rock dynamic experiments and modelling
    J. Zhao, W. Wu, Q.B. Zhang & L. Sun

    Structural effects in dynamic testing of brittle materials
    G. Gary

    Dynamic rock failure and its containment—a Gordian Knot design problem
    T.R. Stacey

    Integrated experimental-numerical characterization of geological materials under shock and impact
    S. Hiermaier

    Importance of ground strain in predicting blast-induced strain and stress in pipelines
    C.H. Dowding & U.G. Akkaya

    Rock dynamics issues in the design of underground explosives storage facility
    Y. Zhou

    Structural-temporal approach to modeling of fracture dynamics in brittle media
    Y.V. Petrov

    Analytical methods for wave propagation across jointed rock masses
    J.C. Li, H.B. Li & X.B. Zhao

    Review of laboratory measurements of dynamic strength and fracture properties of rock
    K. Xia

    Mechanical characterization of rock materials at high strain-rate
    E. Cadoni

    Numerical simulation of acoustic emission in rocks using FEM/DEM
    G. Grasselli, Q. Zhao, A. Lisjak & Q. Liu

    Modelling of seismic events induced by reservoir stimulation in an enhanced geothermal system and a suggestion to reduce the deformation energy release
    Z.M. Hou, L. Zhou & T. Kracke

    Laboratory testing and field observation

    Measuring dynamic stress-strain curve of rocks with SHPB
    X.B. Li, Z.L. Zhou, Y. Zou & Y.H. Jiang

    SPH approach to rock failure with embedded discontinuity
    R. Pramanik & D. Deb

    Dynamic responses of rock-pair subjected to impact loading
    S.L. Xu, Y.G. Liu, J.Y. Huang & D.Y. Xi

    Laboratory characterization of the fracture toughness anisotropy of Barre granite
    F. Dai & K. Xia

    Effects of cyclic loading on pre-peak and post-peak behaviour of a brittle rock
    A. Taheri & E. Chanda

    AE thresholds and compressive strength of different crystalline rocks subjected to static and dynamic loadings
    M. Keshavarz, V.K. Dang, K.A. Hosseini & F.L. Pellet

    Stress shock generated at spontaneous rock failure at highly confined compression
    B.G. Tarasov

    Fundamental studies on dynamic properties of rock joint under cyclic loading using mortar and Ryoke gneiss
    Y. Tsubota, T. Kunishi, Y. Iwakoke, R. Yoshinaka & K. Yamaguchi

    Experimental study of the near-wellbore fracture cracking and geometry of explosive fracturing
    Y.J. Fu, Y.P. Li, H.K. Ge & Y.S. Lin

    A small scale laboratory test using shaking table apparatus for toppling failure of rock slopes
    T. Nishimura, K. Nakamura, M. Kohno & H. Ueda

    Mechanism and experiment of hydraulic fracturing in rock burst prevention
    Z.H. Ouyang

    Optical flow based image analysis for investigating failure mechanism of a rock sample
    S. Bhattacharjee & D. Deb

    Pre-failure event location and waveform characterization by nanoseismic monitoring
    M. Tsesarsky & H.G. Wust-Bloch

    Shear wave radiation from dynamically induced frictional slip on simulated granular gouges
    W. Wu

    HS DIC-system application for strain and displacement measurements under static-dynamic coupling loading
    Z.Q. Yin, X.B. Li & Y. Zou

    Review of dynamic testing methods and results of rock materials in tension
    Q.B. Zhang

    Suggestion of dielectric breakdown strength as dynamic fracture property of rock materials
    S.H. Cho, J.H. Lee, H.M. Kang & K. Xia

    Study of the motions of crustal blocks under dynamic impacts
    A. Spivak & S. Kishkina

    Study on destruction mechanism under earthquake of Shiguanmen Gate Site of Diaoyucheng, Chongqing City, China Y. Fang, D.S. Cui, J.K. Liu & Z. Liu

    Dynamic evaluation of rock slope stability based on microseismic events
    N.W. Xu, F. Dai & C.A. Tang

    Monitoring of the industrial explosion activity in the central part of the Russian Craton
    I.A. Sanina, M. Nesterkina, N. Konstantinovskaya, S. Volosov & O. Riznichenko

    The spatial geodynamics monitoring at the mining enterprises and urban areas
    A.A. Panzhin

    Experimental study on outburst proneness of roof-coal combined body and its AE effects
    S.K. Zhao, Q.X. Qi, Z.H. Ouyang & H.Y. Li

    Remote monitoring of sliding force for prediction of landslide and slope stability assessment in open pit mine
    M.C. He, Z. Tao & L. Faramarzi

    Dynamics theory and numerical modelling

    On the dynamics of generation of seaquakes
    K. Uenishi & S. Sakurai

    Relationship of fault-slip rockburst with seismic waves
    C.C. Li

    Estimation of crack density parameter for different distributions of crack size
    A.F. Idziak & I. Stan-Kleczek

    Theoretical analyses of dynamic stability of rubbly rock mass slide
    J. Dai

    A two-scale damage model for dynamic rock behavior
    O. Keita, B. François & C. Dascalu

    Energy analysis of wave propagation across parallel nonlinear joints
    T.T. Liu, J.C. Li & H.B. Li

    Simulation of crack propagation in LECEI test
    C.A. Tang, Y.F. Yang & C.W. Li

    Experimental and numerical modelling of sandstone bending using modified three-point test
    Y. Gui, G. Zhao & N. Khalili

    Numerical simulation on rock failure process under combined static and dynamic loading
    W.C. Zhu, L.L. Niu, J. Wei, Y. Bai & C.H. Wei

    Discrete element modeling of wave and fracture propagation in delay time breakage
    Z. Aliabadian, M. Sharafisafa, M. Nazemi, A.R. Khameneh & T. Kazerani

    Using the discontinuous deformation analysis to model rock dynamic fracturing in tension
    Y.J. Ning & B. Gu

    Numerical modeling and experimentation of dynamic indentation with single and triple indenters on Kuru granite
    T. Saksala, D. Gomon, M. Hokka & V.-T. Kuokkala

    Discontinuous deformation analysis modeling of explosion-induced stress wave propagations in jointed rock
    Y.J. Ning, W.F. Yuan & Z.Y. Zhao

    Dynamics of thermal and mechanical loading as a cause of acoustic emission in rock
    A.S. Voznesenskii, V.L. Shkuratnik & Ya.O. Kutkin

    Granite rock fragmentation at percussive drilling
    M. Saadati, P. Forquin, K. Weddfelt & P.L. Larsson

    DEM modeling of wave propagation through jointed rock mass
    J.B. Zhu

    Numerical simulation of multiple fracture zones in underground dynamic loading processes
    M. Tao, C. Wu & X.B. Li

    Numerical study of the performance of wave barriers under explosion
    B. Qiu, A. Limam & I.D. Maigre

    Development of probabilistic rockfall simulation technique by the Discontinuous Deformation Analysis (DDA)
    G.C. Ma, H. Matsuyama, S. Nishiyama & Y. Ohnishi

    Dynamic rock bolt modeling in 2-D discontinuous deformation analysis
    X.M. An, Z.Y. Zhao, W. Nie & L. He

    Influence of the surrounding rock state to the seismic response of tunnels
    W. Xu & W. Qiu

    Discrete element modeling of dynamic failure of an anisotropic rock
    P.J. Yin & G.F. Zhao

    Further development of RockBox on modeling multi-physical problems in geomechanics
    Y. Bai, G.F. Zhao & N. Khalili

    Engineering design and case studies

    Simulating large dynamic events to confirm sufficiency of excavation designs
    F. Reusch, D. Beck & G. Putzar

    Seismic responses for rock tunnels induced by harmonic waves and associated elucidations on mechanism of earthquake damage in mountain tunnels: The state-of-the-art in Taiwan
    T.T. Wang, C.H. Chen, J.T. Hsu & T.H. Huang

    Vibrations control in urban environment: Excavation with explosives of the north tube of the Croix-Rousse tunnel
    T . Panigoni & Y. Peru

    Monitoring dynamic caving in an underground coal mine
    B. Shen & X. Luo

    New damping system for rockfall protection galleries
    A. Roduner, R. Moor & R. Wyrsch

    Rock support mesh responses to static and dynamic loadings
    A.G. Thompson, E. Villaescusa, J.R. Player & E.C. Morton

    Optimum wavelet packet basis for remote blasting vibration wave propagating in deep underground country rock
    M.W. Zhang, H. Shimada, T. Sasaoka & K. Matsui

    Mechanical study on blasting induced deformation of deep underground caverns with fractures
    P.C. Xu, Y. Luo & X.P. Li

    Dynamic response of bolting support roadway under blast loading to pressure relief
    Z.Y. Zhang, T.X. Wang, Y.L. Tan & J. Nemcik

    Effect of faults and fractures on forming damage zones of large explosions and wave field parameters
    G.G. Kocharyan & A.M. Budkov

    Seismic hazard of quarry blasts
    S. Kishkina

    Mine seismicity and blasting in Tashtagol iron-ore mine
    S.B. Turuntaev, T.Yu. Zmushko, S.V. Vorokhobina & A.A. Eremenko

    Mine seismicity of Vorkuta coal mines
    T. Zmushko, S. Turuntaev & V. Kulikov

    Prediction and prevention technology of rock burst based on stress control theory
    Q.X. Qi, S.K. Zhao & N.B. Zhang

    Underground pressure behavior and design of drilling hole in isolated workface during the starting cut transfixion
    X.L. Li, Z.H. Ouyang, B.Y. Wu & S.K. Zhao

    Dynamic response of tunnel wall on pendulum-type wave propagation in block-hierarchical rock mass
    K.X. Wang & Y.S. Pan

    The accident development at Sayano-Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station in Russia
    A.D. Sashourin

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    Jian Zhao, Jianchun Li