1st Edition

Rock Engineering in Difficult Ground Conditions - Soft Rocks and Karst

Edited By Ivan Vrkljan Copyright 2010
    860 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    Rock Engineering in Difficult Ground Conditions – Soft Rocks and Karst contains the Proceedings of the Regional Symposium of the International Society for Rock Mechanics (ISRM), which was held 29 to 31 October 2009 in Cavtat near Dubrovnik, Croatia. It is a continuation of the successful series of regional ISRM symposia for Europe, which began in 1992 in Chester, UK. EUROCK 2009 was organized by the Croatian Geotechnical Society.

    Rock Engineering in Difficult Ground Conditions – Soft Rocks and Karst contains 7 keynote lectures and 129 papers classified in 7 themes as follows:

    - Geological and hydrogeological properties of karst regions;

    - Rock properties, testing methods and site characterization;

    - Design methods and analyses;

    - Monitoring and back analysis;

    - Excavation and support;

    - Environmental aspects of geotechnical engineering in karst regions; and

    - Case histories.

    Rock Engineering in Difficult Ground Conditions – Soft Rocks and Karst will be of interest to professionals, engineers, and academics involved in rock mechanics and rock engineering.

    Keynote lectures

    Some rock mechanics aspects of subaqueous tunnels 
    G. Anagnostou

    Innovative tunneling construction method to cope with squeezing at the Saint Martin La Porte access adit (Lyon-Turin Base Tunnel) 
    G. Barla

    Metro construction at the most unfavourable depth caused a major metro station collapse in Brazil due to a unique sub-surface structure 
    N.R. Barton

    Rock engineering for structures in unstable slopes 
    H. Brandl

    Tunnelling in overstressed rock 
    E. Hoek & P.G. Marinos

    Stresses in rock masses: A review of key points 
    J.A. Hudson

    Site characterization and rock testing for the evaluation of design parameters 
    J. Muralha, L. Lamas & N. Grossmann

    Geological and hydrogeological properties of karst regions

    Reconstruction of karstification and groundwater flows in carbonate rocks 
    I. Antunović, D. Zovko, J. Antunović & I. Lukić

    Karstic sinkholes under existing structures 
    V.A. Barvashov & P.V. Kharlamov

    Investigation of karst phenomena and measures in the Blessberg Tunnel 
    J. Benedikt, D. Spöndlin & B. Kind

    A scientific based karst risk assessment for underground engineering 
    M. Filipponi, P.-Y. Jeannin & A. Parriaux

    Comparison between cores and borehole images in fracture networks knowledge 
    M. Gasc-Barbier, O. Fouché & C. Gaillard

    Geophysical explorations in search and mapping of karst caves of Armenia 
    R. Gasparyan
    Geotechnical and geological survey of tunnel Sveti Ilija 
    G. Grget, R. Lisica & Z. Blagus

    Hydrogeological and geotechnical in-situ testing for large caverns 
    M. Kech, D. Naterop & R. Senti

    Identification of buried sinkholes during site investigations 
    V.P. Khomenko

    Statistical and variographic analysis of glacial and fluvioglacial in B&H 
    P. Marijanović & M. Prskalo

    Structural model of the Croatian karst from the engineering geological aspect 
    Ž. Mlinar, D. Jamičić & T. Novosel

    General engineering geological properties of carbonates in Croatian karst 
    D. Pollak, R. Buljan & L. Podolszki

    Geotechnical features of the area of future MHPP Kravice 
    M. Prskalo, A. Galić & J. Marinčić

    The method of fracture research based on seismic refraction 
    I. Stan-Kleczek & A.F. Idzia

    CRD method for groundwater pumping assessment in dolomites, South Africa 
    D.A. Whitaker, R. Tosen & R.B. Storry

    Rock properties, testing methods and site characterization

    Measuring anisotropic thermal properties of metagranite at different scales 
    B. Adl-Zarrabi, R. Christianson, J. Sundberg & J. Wrafter

    Determination of deformation modulus of rock mass; Bakhtiari dam site 
    A. Akhondbabaei, S. Kariminasab, H. Jalalifar, F. Rafia & A.M. Radman

    Salt crystallization deterioration in yellow travertines 
    M. Akin

    Servo-controlled strength tests on moderately weathered granite 
    L.R. Alejano, D. Posada & A. Rodríguez-Dono

    An approach for characterizing strain-softening Hoek-Brown rock-masses 
    L.R. Alejano, E. Alonso & A. Rodríguez-Dono

    Evaluating the relations between brittleness and Cerchar abrasion index of rocks 
    R. Altindag, N. Sengun, S. Sarac, M. Mutluturk & A. Guney

    Evaluation of empirical equations for assessing the true UCS of rocks 
    R. Altindag, S. Demirdag, N. Sengun, A. Guney, M. Mutluturk & R. Karaguzel

    Effects of grain size distribution on KIC using CCNBD and HCCD specimens 
    H. Amrollahi & A. Baghbanan

    Wavelet analysis of JRC exemplar profiles 
    M.S. Asadi, V. Rasouli & B. Tokhmechi

    An uncertainty analysis for calculating permeability using EMT 
    A. Baghbanan & S. Dayani

    Extent of geotechnical testing for pile excavation in port of Dubrovnik 
    M. Bandić, B. Galjan, I. Barbalić, N. Štambuk Cvitanović & I. Vrkljan

    Polyaxial peak strength criteria and the design of underground openings 
    A. Bedi & J.P. Harrison
    Comparison of single and multiple failure triaxial tests 
    M. Blümel

    Dissolution of evaporitic rocks: Implications on geomechanical behaviour 
    R. Castellanza, G. Crosta, N. Fusi & R. Grizzetti

    Evolution of compaction bands in high porosity soft rock 
    R. Castellanza, R. Nova, E. Gerolymatou, N. Fusi, V. Barberini & G. Crosta

    A numerical model for analyses of flow through rock discontinuities 
    J.F. da Silva & M.V. Vidigal

    Non-linear fluid flow through rough-walled fractures 
    M. Javadi, M. Sharifzadeh, K. Shahriar & M. Mehrjooei

    Predicting the UCS of pyroclastic rocks from the slake durability index 
    S. Kahraman, M. Fener & O. Gunaydin

    Effect of water on the deformability of rocks under uniaxial compression 
    M. Kwaśniewski & P. Rodríguez-Oitabén

    A case study of 3D stress orientation determination in Shikoku Island and Kii Peninsula, Japan 
    W. Lin, Y. Kuwahara, T. Satoh, N. Shigematsu, Y. Kitagawa, T. Kiguchi, T. Sato, H. Tsukamoto, S. Itaba, Y. Umeda, Y. Seki, M. Takahashi, N. Matsumoto & N. Koizumi

    Three-dimensional modelling of the rock breakage process 
    H.Y. Liu, F. Alonso-Marroquin & D.J. Williams

    Geotechnical input essential for power waterway design 
    M. Marenče

    Pocket cards to aid description of carbonate rocks as core or outcrops 
    P.M. Maurenbrecher & D.M. Ngan-Tillard

    Shear strength of weathered soft rock – Proposal of test method additions 
    P. Miščević & G. Vlastelica

    The application of impression test in creep behavior of mudstone 
    F.S. Rassouli, M. Moosavi & M. Jafari

    Effect of humidity on fracture toughness and slow crack growth in sandstone 
    Y. Nara, T. Yoneda & K. Kaneko

    Microstructural degradation of Maastrichtian limestones 
    D.J.M. Ngan-Tillard, W. Verwaal, P.M. Maurenbrecher & L.A. van Paassen

    An adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system for uniaxial compressive strength of rocks 
    R. Noorani, H. Kordi & A.H. Ghazvinian

    Fracture toughness in Mode I and II of rock under water vapor pressure 
    Y. Obara, T. Yoshinaga & A. Hirata

    Temperature dependence of calcium carbonate precipitation for biogrout 
    S. Ogata, S. Kawasaki, N. Hiroyoshi, M. Tsunekawa, K. Kaneko & R. Terajima

    The resonant frequency measurement and cracking evolution in rocks 
    A. Saad & M. Bost

    Effect of surface roughness on velocity fields through rock fractures 
    M. Sarifzadeh, M. Javadi, K. Shahriar & M. Mehrjooei

    A conceptual empirical approach for the overall strength of unwelded bimrocks 
    H. Sonmez, K.E. Kasapoglu, A. Coskun, C. Tunusluoglu, E.W. Medley & R.W. Zimmerman

    Classification of carbonate and clastic rock masses by RMR and Q-system 
    B. Stojković, G. Stojković, D. Užarević & G. Grget
    Geotechnical investigation challenges and solutions for Gautrain 
    R.B. Storry, R. Tosen, T.E.B. Vorster & A. Bergere

    Geometry of pore structure in pressurized Berea sandstone 
    M. Takahashi, M. Kato & Y. Urushimatsu

    A triaxial compression and triaxial extension test of Kimachi sandstone 
    N. Takahashi, M. Takahashi, T. Kiyama & T. Takemura

    Borehole radar cavity and discontinuity assessment in dolomite for Gautrain 
    R. Tosen, R.B. Storry & S. Hoeben

    Acoustic emission based rock stress measurement method 
    T. Tuokko & M.S. Poutanen

    Relation of rock mass characterization and damage 
    P. Ván & B. Vásárhelyi

    Strength and deformation of biologically cemented sandstone 
    L.A. van Paassen, M.C.M. van Loosdrecht, M. Pieron, A. Mulder, D.J.M. Ngan-Tillard & T.J.M. van der Linden

    A robust estimator of rock mass properties following Eurocodes’ principles 
    D.D. Vardakastanis, A.G. Karlaftis & K.A. Kiamos

    Microscopic back analysis method of Continuum Damage Model based FEM 
    G.F. Zhao, T. Xu, J. Zhao & M.Z. Gao

    Design methods and analyses

    Optimization of rock mass support systems during deep excavations 
    Ž. Arbanas, M. Grošić, D. Udovič & V. Jagodnik

    Block stability analysis around a large cavern using probabilistic approach 
    A. Baghbanan, A. Sookhak, H. Hashemalhosseini & M. Bagheri

    Rheological dynamics of tunnels – An analytical investigation 
    T. Fülöp & Gy. Béda

    The stability assessment of karstic caves beneath Gushikawa Castle remains (Japan) 
    M. Geniş, N. Tokashiki & Ö. Aydan

    The calculation of the bases and foundations on the karsted areas 
    N.Z. Gotman & Yu.A. Gotman

    Stability analysis of large-scale slopes in heterogeneous rock masses 
    P. Hrženjak, D. Navratil, I. Vrkljan & B. Duvnjak

    Comparison of DEM and FDM for analysis of road embankment in karst region 
    C. Kwak, K. Seo, J. Lee & I. Park

    Influence of the primary stress state on the displacement characteristic
    C. Leber, N. Radončić & W. Schubert

    Neural network modeling of scour depth downstream of spillways 
    P.G.C. Lins & T.B. Celestino

    How 3D modeling can improve quality & reliability of geotechnical projects 
    V.R. Marchesi, S.A.B. da Fontoura & N.P.R. Rubio

    Geotechnical 3D modelling in soft rocks using the RNK method 
    Ž. Ortolan, S. Zlatović & I. Vrkljan

    Forward prediction of spatial displacement development 
    T. Pilgerstorfer & W. Schubert
    Interaction of young shotcrete with the deforming ground 
    N. Radončić & W. Schubert

    Distinct element analysis of jointed and karstified rocks in a former quarry 
    N. Sciarra, E. Miccadei, M. Calista & D. Marchetti

    An analytical solution modeling the groundwater flow 
    M.G. Senyur & D. Arikan

    2D versus 3D modelling for tunnelling at a weakness zone 
    Q.N. Trinh, E. Broch & M. Lu

    Seismic analysis of ovaling deformations of tunnels in full-slip condition 
    A. Vakilzadeh & S. Vakilzadeh

    Monitoring and back analysis

    Monitoring and back numerical analyses in the Konjsko tunnel 
    I. Arapov, M.S. Kovačević & P. Lušo

    Predicting slope collapse using slope stability radar deformation data 
    D. Arosio & N. Harries

    Automatic processing of displacement monitoring data during tunnel excavation 
    J. Klopčič, J. Logar & T. Ambrožič

    Analysis of long-term deformation of a rock slope on Ikura limestone quarry 
    J. Kodama, K. Narasaki, K. Kaneko, E. Nishiyama & Y. Yoshida

    Engineering estimation method of decrepit slope by compound survey 
    H. Kusumi, T. Yamamoto & M. Nakamura

    Feasibility of excavation of disposal cells in 500 meter deep clay formation 
    J. Morel, G. Armand & V. Renaud

    Concept for expert system for displacement data evaluation 
    W. Schubert & K. Grossauer

    Back analysis of the Siah Bishe Power House Cavern 
    B. Stabel, K. Thermann & A. Ghahramani

    New instruments improve site characterization with time based measurements 
    P. Steiner & R. Yeatman

    Pre-collapse detection of failure in cavities by nanoseismic monitoring 
    M. Tsesarsky & H.G. Wust-Bloch

    Rock deformation and support load in shaft sinking in Horonobe URL Project 
    K. Tsusaka, M. Yamasaki & Y. Hatsuyama

    Testing study on mechanical feature of rock surrounding deep coal gates 
    K. Yang

    Excavation and support

    Application of contact surface modeling for digging force determination 
    M. Avdić, I. Kožar & I. Moranjkić

    Predicted and actual conditions of the Namroud project diversion tunnel 
    D. Bahadorbeygi, J. Ranasooriya & H. Nikraz

    Rock parameters for blasting on the highway Split-Dubrovnik 
    B. Božić, N. Petrović & I. Lukić
    The construction of the Jinping Auxiliary Tunnel in karst rock 
    S. Chen, H. Zhang, C. Yan, H. Gu & L. Xiang

    Deformation control for tunneling with a small separation in soft strata 
    F. Cheng, S. Chen, X. Tan & J. Wang

    Modelling of influence of the shallow coal seam longwall mining 
    R. Čeliković, I. Bajrektarević & M. Avdić

    Rock support optimization for Pianqiao diversion tunnel 
    X. Deng, S. Chen & H. Zhang

    Lined tunnel construction in soft rock conditions 
    M. Fatehi Marji, A. Pourzargar & H. Mehrnahad

    Predicting TBM performance in second lot of Karaj Water Conveyance Tunnel (KWCT) 
    J. Hassanpour & J. Rostami

    Analysis of coal drawing from high coals in sublevel caving systems 
    S.V. Klishin & V.I. Klishin

    TBM tunnelling in karst regions: Wanjiazhai project 
    D. Kolić, Y. Bai & A. Nicola

    Key technologies of long-distance shield tunneling in hard rock 
    M. Li, S. Chen, H. Zhang, J. Wang, J. Liu & X. Han

    Evaluation of ground convergence and support system of Taloun tunnels 
    R. Noorani & S. Aloodari

    Difficulties ground condition in excavation of longest inclined shaft in Iran 
    M.R. Shahverdiloo

    A supportability comparison of rock and spiral bolts with numerical method 
    M.K. Song, S.Y. Choo, S.S. Kang & Y.D. Cho

    Time influence of the mining hold-up to the effects on the longwall face 
    M. Suljkanović, M. Avdić & Š. Suljić

    Stability analysis of console slope formation 
    P. Šiša, S. Kasapović & I. Sokolić

    Factors influencing performance of hard rock tunnel boring machines 
    S. Yagiz, J. Rostami, T. Kim, L. Ozdemir & C. Merguerian

    Environmental aspects of geotechnical engineering in karst regions

    Designing and constructing rockfall barriers – Experiences in Republic of Croatia 
    M. Grošić, Ž. Arbanas & D. Udovič

    Diaphragm wall as anti-karst protection 
    O.I. Ignatova & Ch.A. Dzhantimirov

    Impervious barriers for landfills in karst region of Istrian Peninsula 
    D. Kovačić, I. Petrović, D. Štuhec, B. Kovačević Zelić, Ž. Veinović & D. Znidarčić

    Pillar design below a weak roof 
    I. Misich

    Protection of Lake Vrana natural phenomenon on the Island of Cres 
    N. Ožanić

    Environmental impacts of the Lötschberg Base and Crest Tunnels, Switzerland 
    M. Pesendorfer, S. Loew & M. Zappa
    Spiral rope nets for rockfall protection – Tests, design, application 
    A. Roduner, A. Vogel & V. Budimir

    New challenges of engineering karstology in Russia 
    V.V. Tolmachev

    Rockfall potential of Kastamonu Castle 
    T. Topal & M. Akin

    Case histories

    Case history of open pit excavation for Sport Hall Zamet in Rijeka, Croatia 
    Ž. Arbanas, M. Vivoda, V. Pavlić, P. Đomlija & G. Briški

    The origin of instability phenomena along the karst-flysch contacts 
    Č. Benac, S. Dugonjić, Ž. Arbanas, M. Oštrić & V. Jurak

    Foundation of the Viaduct “Kotezi” 
    K. Bolanča & T. Novosel

    Failure of a concrete dam foundation by erosion along soft rock joints 
    J.F. da Silva

    Suspension bridge constructed across deep gorge in karst, Papua New Guinea 
    R.C. Goldsmith, A.K. Parkin & R. Polzinger

    Preliminary investigations, design and realization of high reinforced-concrete anchoring structures in Dubrovnik area 
    I. Jašarević, E. Prelogović, H. Krhen, B. Miller, I. Skert & H. Perković

    Vault remedy of the caving object in tunnel Vrata 
    M.S. Kovačević, M. Garašić & D. Jurić-Kaćunić

    Examples of reinforced earth walls along the highway Split – Ploče 
    P. Kvasnička, D. Domitrović, M. Marohnić & I. Brunetta

    Ermenek dam – Design and execution of the grout curtain 
    J. Linortner, G. Jung & G. Zenz

    Remedial of rock slide of the Mary’s cave rock mass 
    I. Lukić, T. Ivanković, D. Zovko & M. Bašagić

    Preparation and causes of major collapse at Annenskiy Mine (Kazakhstan) 
    V.A. Mansurov & V.I. German

    Appropriateness of open TBM tunnelling in the Himalaya – A case study 
    K.K. Panthi

    Design and construction of an open cut in poor rock, City Line Stockholm 
    R.M. Swindell & L. Rosengren

    Modified compaction grouting for dolomitic soil and rock, South Africa 
    R. Tosen, R.B. Storry & M. Baribault

    Foundation design on mining subsidence terrain 
    S. Zekan, M. Stević & A. Hamzabegović


    Ivan Vrkljan