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Rock Fragmentation by Blasting
Fragblast 10

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Published November 5, 2012 by CRC Press
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Book Description

Rock Fragmentation by Blasting contains the papers presented at the 10th International Symposium on Rock Fragmentation by Blasting (New Delhi, India, 26-29 November 2012), and represents the most advanced forum on blasting science and technology. The contributions cover all major recent advancements in blasting and fragmentation, from realistic treatment of the target rock; modelling, measurement and prediction of blast results; control of blast-induced damage, to special blast designs applicable to civil construction and demolition projects.

The latest developments on environmental issues associated with blasting operations such as vibrations, flyrock, and dust are also included. Rock Fragmentation by Blasting provides the state-of-the-art in explosives and blasting engineering, and will be a valuable source of information for researchers and practitioners involved in these areas.

Table of Contents

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Section 1 - Keynotes

Lessons from single-hole blasting in mortar, concrete and rocks
F. Ouchterlony & P. Moser

Frontiers and challenges in numerical simulation of the blasting process using the combined finite discrete element method
A. Munjiza, V. Divic & B. Mohanty

Innovations in blast measurement: Reinventing the past
A.T. Spathis

Status of characterization of strength and fracture properties of rocks under dynamic loading
K. Xia

Section 2 - Rock Mass Characterisation and Fragmentation

Crack formation in rocks due to action of cemented carbide bits
C. Nariseti, B. Mohanty & M. Keskiniva

On the branching-merging mechanism during dynamic crack growth as a major source of fines in rock blasting
F. Ouchterlony & P. Moser

Applied method integrating rock mass in blast design
A.C. Sauvage

Limits blast design: Controlling vibration, gas pressure & fragmentation
C.K. McKenzie

Blast optimisation through computer modelling of fragmentation, heave and damage
P.C. Dare-Bryan, S. Mansfield & J. Schoeman

Use radar reflectivity as possibility for measurements of fragmentation during the blasting
C. Drebenstedt & J. Ortuta

Influence of initiation point position on fragmentation by blasting in iron ore
Y. Long, M.S. Zhong, Q.M. Xie, X.H. Li, K.J. Song & K. Liao

Fragmentation in production rounds and mill through-put in the Aitik copper mine, a summary of development projects 2002–2009
F. Ouchterlony, P. Bergman & U. Nyberg

Drilling and blasting technics by underground magnesite mining at Slovakia
V. Bauer

A new tool for homogenization of jointed rock masses using wave propagation analysis
H. Gasmi, S. Yahyaoui & E. Hamdi

SPH procedures for failure analysis of circular rock disk under distributed arc loading
D. Deb & R. Pramanik

Section 3 - Blast Design

Quantification of the effect of inaccurate drilling on the risk of poor fragmentation and increased blast hazard
E. Sellers, M. Kotze & M. Mthalane

Ultra-high intensity blasting for improved ore comminution 1
G.F. Brent, M.D. Rothery, P.C. Dare-Bryan, S.J. Hawke, R. Gomez & I. Humeres

Development of engineering blasting techniques in China
X.G. Wang

Investigation of blast design parameters to optimize fragmentation
S.P. Singh & H. Abdul

Causes of toe formation at dragline bench and its remedial measures
P.K. Singh, M.P. Roy, A. Sinha, B. Singh & V.K. Singh

Rockbursts provoked by destress blasting in hard coal longwall mining
P. Konicek, K. Soucek, L. Stas & A. Przeczek

Burden and spacing influence in ground vibration attenuation at coal overburden blast
V.L. Rosenhaim, J.F. Feijó, E. Munaretti & J.F. Koppe

The effects of delay time sequence and charge per delay on ground vibration: A case study
U. Ozer, A. Karadogan, U. Kalayci, Z. Guclucan & M. Akgul

Numerical simulation for the influence of delay time on the rock fragmentation
C. Yi, D. Johansson, U. Nyberg & J. Sjöberg

Effect of production blasts on waste dump stability
P.K. Singh, M.P. Roy, R.K. Paswan, V.K. Singh, A. Sinha, V.K. Singh, P.K. Sinha & C.P. Singh

Blast optimization at Sindesar Khurd underground mine to improve productivity with reduced level of vibration
A.K. Lal, M. Daripa, A. Kumar, V. Chittora, M.P. Roy & P.K. Singh

ECOFRO, an eco comparison tool for methods of rock fragmentation
J.-F. Couvrat, J.-R. Dernoncourt & F. Martareche

Controlling vibrations caused by underground blasts in LKAB Malmberget mine
Z.X. Zhang

Section 4 - Blast Modelling

Application of stochastic approach to predict blast movement
W.D. Rogers & S.S. Kanchibotla

Modelling the extent of damage from fully coupled explosive charges
I. Onederra, J.K. Furtney & E. Sellers

Simple models for the complex process of rock blasting
J.K. Furtney, E. Sellers & I. Onederra

Computer modelling of cast blasting to calculate the variability of swell in a muckpile
P.C. Dare-Bryan, B. Pugnale & R. Brown

A study of the effect of rock bridges on blast-induced wave propagation in jointed media
A. Mortazavi & M. Sharafisafa

Piston models for airblast due to the bulk movement of ground
D.P. Blair

Modification of the RHT model for enhanced tensile response predictions of geologic materials
A.S. Tawadrous, D.S. Preece & J.P. Glenville

A statistical model of fragmentation
J. Zimmerling & R. Alkins

Definition of quality of materials fragmented by blast with use of the computer program
N.N. Kazakov & A.V. Shlyapin

Section 5 - Blast Monitoring & Instrumentation

A method to determine 3-D dynamic strain tensor based on displacement gradients from blast vibration and field test results
R. Yang & K. Ray

Measurement errors in vibrations from blasting
P. Segarra, J.A. Sanchidrián, L.M. López & A. Llamas

The dynamics and fragmentation of blasted ore slices in scaled sublevel caving and slab models followed by accuracy analysis of the “Volume weight method” used for determination of ore content at loading
A. Rustan

Burden movement in confined drift wall blasting tests studied at the LKAB Kiruna SLC mine
M. Wimmer, A. Nordqvist, F. Ouchterlony, U. Nyberg & J.K. Furtney

Investigation of the relationship between blasting pile density and loader productivity
A. Tosun, G. Konak, D. Karakus, A.H. Onur & T. Toprak

Advanced understanding of the mechanism of air-deck blasting: A numerical approach
M.A. Abdalla, P. Hagan & D. Chalmers

A design of remote real-time calibration and vibration measurement platform based on the grid
Y. Gao, X. Wang, G. Yang & G. Qu

Improving blasting operations using data management and analysis
C.P. Parihar & S. Bhandari

The monitoring and analysis of vibrations generated by blasting in Fangmayu Iron Mine
T.J. Tao, G.Q. Zhang & X.G. Wang

Section 6 - Blast Vibrations

The development of a trivariate statistical blast vibration model that seeks to respect both the difference between types of seismic waves and their attenuation rates
W.J. Birch & T.J. White

Phase—the forgotten problem of blast vibration prediction
W.J. Birch, L. Bermingham, S. Hosein, T.J. White & R. Farnfield

A comprehensive assessment of ground vibrations and structural damage caused by blasting
P. Pal Roy

Measurement and analysis of vibration interrelated collapse process in directional blasting demolition of a high-rise frame-shear structure building
X.Q. Xie, Y.S. Jia, C.W. Han, H.G. Wang & C.B. Liu

Study of blasting vibration effects based on energy input
C. En-an, Z. Ming-sheng, H. Tie-zhu & W. Dan-dan

Concept of effective explosive weight per delay for prediction of vibration in open-pit blasting
M.P. Roy, P.K. Singh, V.K. Singh, G. Senapati, A.K. Mishra & M. Jawed

Comparison of two near-field blast vibration estimation models: A theoretical study
S. Arora, P. Murmu & K. Dey

An equivalent simulation method for whole time-history blasting vibration
J.H. Yang, W.B. Lu, M. Chen, P. Yan & P. Li

Evaluation of the effect of ground vibration due to blasting on adjacent structures in dam construction projects
H.B. Amnieh & A. Siamaki

Analysis of peak particle velocity recorded at underground mine roof generated by nearby surface blasting: A case study
A.K. Singh & A.K. Jha

ANN approach for blast vibration control in limestone quarry
S.S. Rathore, S.C. Jain & S. Parik

Section 7 - Health, Safety & Environment

Toxicity of blasting fumes as a function of time after blasting
P.D. Katsabanis & K. Taylor

Fines and dust generation and control in rock fragmentation by blasting
S. Bhandari

Techniques for the control of environmental blast impacts
A.B. Richards & A.J. Moore

Parameters of dust-gas cloud spread resulting from a caving-in explosion
K.N. Trubetskoy, S.D. Victorov, V.M. Zakalinsky, A.N. Kochanov & M.B. Etkin

Validation of underwater blast emissions modelling in relation to the protection of marine fauna
R.A. Godson, A. Parker & S.C. Brown

Safety analysis of blasting near natural gas pipeline
Y. Jinjie, L. Wanyou, W. Guizhu & C. Minhui

Theoretical considerations and control measures for dust reduction during building demolition by blasting
Z.J. Li & B.X. Zheng

Quantification of the levels of risk of flyrock
A. Blanchier

Analysis of blasting related accidents with emphasis on flyrock and its mitigation in surface mines
A.K. Mishra & D.K. Mallick

Spatial distribution of flyrock using EDA: An insight from concrete model tests
A.K. Raina, A.K. Soni & V.M.S.R. Murthy

Section 8 - Innovative Blasting Technologies

Shock initiation and malfunction of commercial explosives and accessories: An approach using the critical energy fluence
P.D. Katsabanis

Evaluation of ANFO performance with cylinder test
L.M. López, J.A. Sanchidrián, P. Segarra & M.F. Ortega

Research on performance of aluminum-fiber explosives
M. Hong-hao, S. Zhao-wu & L. Xue-yan

Experimental research on bubble pulsation parameters in underwater explosion at unsteady pressure
Z. Li, X. Su, H. Lin & L. Xue-jiao

Measurement of borehole pressure during blasting
G. Teowee & B. Papillon

Blasting using permitted P5 category explosive having higher air gap sensitivity with spacers for higher output
M.O. Sarathy, N. Vidyasagar, S.K. Roy & R.R. Singh

Assessment of explosive charge factors in surface blasting using rebound hardness values of rocks
C. Sawmliana, P. Pal Roy & R.K. Singh

Application of innovative techniques in blast design at RAM meeting its production targets
R. Shrimali, P.K. Rajmeny, L.S. Shekhawat & A. Joshi

Intelligent mine blasting and its components
C.P. Wu, B. Yu & X.C. Yang

Analysis and calculation of the reliability of complex logical initiating network system
S. Qi, X. Fang, T. Guo, T. Liu & D. Li

Section 9 - Demolition Blasting

Protection control technology adopted by demolition blasting
W. Hao

Time constrained demolition of brick and mortar constructed rail-bridge
S.K. Mandal, C. Sawmliana, R.K. Singh & P. Pal Roy

Numerical simulation of explosive demolition of a shear wall structure apartment
H.-S. Kim, S.-H. Cho, H. Park & C.-G. Suk

Controlled blasting demolition of 7 joint buildings at the same time in urban area
Y.S. Jia, C.W. Han, H.G. Wang & C.B. Liu

Fine demolition blasting for a concrete cofferdam on a concrete dam spill surface
X. Cheng-guang

Blasting demolition of single tower cable-stayed unsafe bridge totaling 163 m in length
X. Jun, Q. Jinfen, Z. Mingan & C. Bin

Blasting of a reinforced concrete chimney in a high position and in a complex environment
L. Guojun & L. Rui

Suggested tamping materials for short length blast holes in explosive demolition operations
H.-M. Kang, M.-Y. Shin, S.-K. Kim, S.-H. Cho, H. Park & C.-G. Suk

Section 10 - Rock Damage & Wall Control

Estimation of blast-induced damage through cross-hole seismometry in single-hole blasting experiments
L.F. Trivino & B. Mohanty

Reflections on the functionality of pre-split blasting for wall control in surface mining
W.R. Adamson

A numerical analysis of the presplitting controlled blasting method
M. Sharafisafa & A. Mortazavi

Wall control by blasting optimization at “Las Cruces” open pit copper mine (Spain)
M. Rocha, I. Carrasco, J. Castilla, S. Cooper & M.D. Rodríguez

Assessment of blast-induced damaged zone and its control
C.H. Ryu, B.H. Choi & J.H. Jeong

Pre-split blasting for final wall control in a nuclear power project
G. Gopinath, H.S. Venkatesh, R. Balachander & A.I. Theresraj

The division of damage area under blasting vibration in rock mass slopes
H. Fei, J. Tian, G. Wang & Y. Xia

A case study on wall stability at Rampura Agucha Mine using electronic blasting systems
V.P. Joshi, A. Tripathi, R. Konidina & V. Misra

Blasting vibration control based on whole time-history response prediction of high rock slope
P. Li, W.B. Lu, J.H. Yang, M. Chen & P. Yan

Investigation into effect of blasting on slope stability in opencast coal mines
N.R. Thote & Ch. Venkat Ramana

Section 11 - Blasting for Civil Construction Projects

Vibration modeling of three eDev™ tunnel rounds in the Citybanan tunnel in Stockholm
A.T. Spathis & M. Wheatley

Monitoring ground vibrations for predicting overbreak threshold levels in underground drivages
K. Dey & V.M.S.R. Murthy

Controlled blasting for a metro rail project in an urban environment
H.S. Venkatesh, G. Gopinath, R. Balachander, A.I. Theresraj & K. Vamshidhar

A preliminary empirical model for prediction of response spectra of blast vibrations at construction sites
I.D. Gupta & G.R. Tripathy

Section 12 - Case Studies

A specialised blasting technique to maintain better safety and productivity in limestone mines of JK Cement Works
P.C. Dhariwal

Investigation of borehole aqua stemming blasting
W. Yunmin, L. Weizhou, Z. Xiliang & Pengli

A scientific perspective of blasting in hot holes and reactive ground
S.St.J. Tose

Experimental research on the mechanism of reinforcing soft clay ground by blasting
Z.Y. Zhang, Y.S. Ye, H.L. Meng, N.H. Yang, Z.Y. Deng & J.K. Li

Closed accurate delay blasting on the structure of the influence spectrum analysis
J. Yang, S.B. Li, J. Liu & W.X. Gao

Safe blasting practice near pump house structures: A case study
P.K. Satpathy & P. Kumar

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