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Rock Mechanics: Achievements and Ambitions

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Published September 22, 2011 by CRC Press
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Book Description

Rock Mechanics: Achievements and Ambitions contains the papers accepted for the 2nd ISRM International Young Scholars’ Symposium on Rock Mechanics, which was sponsored by the ISRM and held on 14–16 October 2011 in Beijing, China, immediately preceding the 12th ISRM Congress on Rock Mechanics.

Highlighting the work of young teachers, researchers and practitioners, the present work provides an important stimulus for the next generation of rock engineers, because in the future there will be more emphasis on the use of the Earth’s resources and their sustainability, and more accountability of engineers’ decisions. In this context, it is entirely appropriate that the Symposium venue for the young scholars was in China — because of the rock mechanics related work that is anticipated in the future. For example, in the Chinese Academy of Sciences report, “Energy Science and Technology in China: A Roadmap to 2050”, it is predicted that China’s total energy demand will reach 31, 45, 61 and 66 x 108 tce (tonnes of coal equivalent) in 2010, 2020, 2035, 2050. The associated per capita energy consumption for the same years is estimated at 2.3, 3.1, 4.1 and 4.6 tce. This increasing demand will be met, inter alia, by the continued operation and development of new coal mines, hydroelectric plants and nuclear power stations with one or more underground nuclear waste repositories, all of which will be improved by more modern methods of rock engineering design developed by young scholars. In particular, enhanced methods of site investigation, rock characterisation, rock failure understanding, computer modelling, and rock excavation and support are needed. The topics in the book include contributions on:

- Field investigation and observation

- Rock constitutive relations and property testing

- Numerical and physical modeling for rock engineering

- Information technology, artificial intelligence and other advanced techniques

- Underground and surface excavation and reinforcement techniques

- Dynamic rock mechanics and blasting

- Predication and prevention of geo-environmental hazard

- Case studies of typical rock engineering

Many of the 200 papers address these topics and demonstrate the skills of the young scholars, indicating that we can be confident in the continuing development of rock mechanics and rock engineering, leading to more efficient, safer and economical structures built on and in rock masses. Rock Mechanics: Achievements and Ambitions will appeal to professionals, engineers and academics in rock mechanics, rock engineering, tunnelling, mining, earthquake engineering, rock dynamics and geotechnical engineering.

Table of Contents




The ISRM young members presidential group

On ‘the way ahead’ for the ISRM and its young members – South America, L.O. Suarez-Burgoa

Field investigation and observation

New development of In-situ stress measurement with hydraulic fracturing technique at great depth in China, M.F. Cai, H. Peng & X.M. Ma

Application of microseismic monitoring technology on fully mechanized top-coal caving face of extra-thick coal seam, Q.G. Huang & J. Zhao

Study of the horizontal crack of hard rock or sprayed concrete on high sidewall of large underground cavern, Q. Jiang, X.T. Feng, C.P. Shi, C. Jing &Y.J. Jiang

Field investigation and surface detection techniques of abandoned coal mine goafs, R.T. Liu,W. Li & H.S. Ma

Optical fiber sensing technology in deformation monitoring shaft of Jinchuan Mine, Z.H. Liu, G. Gao, F.G. Xu & Z.J. Chen

Application of high-density resistivity method in investigation of mountainous highway tunnel, P.Wang, P.P. Liu & L. Zhang

Study on characteristics and change regularity of tunnel sidewall cracks, D.Wei, T.M.Wang, R.Q. Ma, G.L.Wang, C.L. Cheng & D.M. Miao

Prediction of rockburst based on microseismic monitoring technology, A.X.Wu, X.H. Liu & C.L.Wang

Comprehensive analysis of large trapezoidal section workings’ stability in broken rock mass, Y.P.Wu, X.M.Wu & Z.Z. Chen

Numerical simulation of controlled perimeter blasting and field test on the fracture zones in Guanjiao tunnel, Y.Q.Yu,Y.B. Lu &Y.P. Lu

Analysis of excavation damaged zone of auxiliary tunnel based on field wave velocity test at the Jinping hydropower station, J.W. Zhou, X.G. Yang, H.T. Li, H.W. Zhou &W. Hu

Rock constitutive relations and property testing

Microstructure characteristic and mechanical behavior of mudstone under water environment, J. Chen, X.T. Feng, Q. Jiang, S.J. Li & H. Gao

Coupling between inherent and induced anisotropies in sedimentary rocks, L. Chen, Y.M. Liu & J.F. Shao

Experimental study on the adsorption content of coal, L.H. Cheng, S.G. Li, H.F. Lin &T.J. Zhang

Experimental study on the reticular cutting rock fragmentation with the teeth of single cone bit, R. Deng, Q. Hu &Y.B. Xu

The macro-mesoscopic property and particle-number influences of rock uniaxial compression numerical simulation based on parallel-bond model, X. Du, Y.W. Zeng, Y. Li &Y. Cao

Experiment study of the thermal deformation of in-situ gas coal, Z.J. Feng, Y.S. Zhao & Z.J.Wan

Microcosmic structure analysis by SEM and creep test on undersea tunnel tuff, S.B. Gu, C.Q.Wang, S.T. Gu, F.H. Yu & S.B. Gu

The method for overcoming salt formations creep by using the relationship of drilling fluids density and chloride ion content, B. Hou, M. Chen, Y. Jin, X.M. Liu & G.P. Chen

Analysis of empirical estimation of rock mass modulus and its application, J.J. Jiao, S.C.Wu, H.L. Han, X.W. Du & L.C. Niu

Experimental study on mechanical mechanism of reinforced cracked rock mass, A.B. Jin, F.G. Deng & S.X. Ming

Study on variation of pore water pressure in dredger fill by vacuum preloading, Y.Y. Li, Q.Wang, X.L. Peng, H.G.Wang, Y.B. Xia, Y.J. Chen & J. Liu

Damage experiment of projectile penetration into high-strength concrete, M.Q. Lin, Y.Y. Xia, Z.X. Xiao & X.B. Guo

Visco-elastical constitutive model identification of rock mass, B.G. Liu

Study on failure process and fracture modes of a rock bridge under stress by laser real time holographic interferometry, D.M. Liu & S.J. Miao

Study on deterioration law of rock strength parameters based on PFC simulation method, Y. Liu, M.F. Cai, Z.J. Yang,W.C.Wu & X. Chen

Fracture analysis of jointed rock mass based on nonlinear FEM and physical experiment, Y.R. Liu, Z.X. Cui, Q. Yang & L. Zhang

Study on the constitutive relation of mudstone by nonlinear large deformation measurement of borehole, Y.H. Lu, M. Chen, Y. Jin, J.B. Yuan, F. Zhang & L.C. Jia

Experimental and fractal study on the critical loading force for rock fragmentation by pick tine, H.S. Ma, H.G. Ji & L.J. Yin

Experimental study on permeability of Beishan granite, L.K. Ma, J.Wang, X.G. Zhao & L.G. Tham

Experimental study on the dielectric constant of tectonic coal, L. Meng, Y.D. Jiang, J. Zhu, Y.X. Zhao, M.J. Liu &Y.G.Wang

Research of I type fracture parameters of rock using DSCM, Y.M. Song, Y.D. Jiang & R.Y. Shan

Research on freezing ring of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) storage based on multi-coupling theory under low-temperature, M.M. Tang, Z.Y.Wang & P.J. Duan

Mechanical behavior of claystone exposed to high temperatures and its possible impacts on the stability of a deep nuclear waste repository, H. Tian, M. Ziegler &T. Kempka

Experimental research on consolidation properties of tailings granule in paste discharge, H.J.Wang, S.K. Yang, A.X.Wu & H.Z. Jiao

Creep behavior of a soft rock in triaxial compression and shear conditions, W.Wang, T.G. Liu,W.Y. Xu, Z.L. Zhang & H.C.Wang

Measurement on thermal conductivity of compacted GMZ001 bentonite, J.L. Xie, Y.M. Liu &W.J. Jiang

Acoustic emission characteristics and strength variation of skarn under true triaxial test, S.C. Xu, X.T. Feng & B.R. Chen

Experimental research on aperture evolution of single granite fracture under stress-chemical solution permeation condition, J.B. Yang, X.T. Feng, L.F. Shen & P.Z. Pan

Study on mechanical properties of porous rock by CT technique, Y.M. Yang, Y. Ju, L.T. Mao, Y. Ju & L.T. Mao

Mechanical properties of sandstone after cyclic drying and wetting, H.Y. Yao, Z.H. Zhang & P.Z. Pan

Estimation of the elastic tensile and compressive modulus through measuring the displacement filed in Brazilian disc test, J.H. Ye, Y. Zhang, H.G. Ji & F.Q.Wu

Characterization by X-ray computed tomography of the bedding planes influence on excavation damaged zone of a plastic clay, S. You & H.G. Ji

Experimental study on shear behavior of rock mass discontinuity under special stress condition, Q.Z. Zhang, M.R. Shen &W.Q. Ding

A new calculation model of mechanical parameters of the joints without cutting through free face, B. Zhao & Z.Y.Wang

Numerical and physical modeling for rock engineering

Impact of joint inclination and confining pressure on strength of sandstone, Z. Bai & S.C.Wu

Study on water conductive zones in the roof and floor strata induced by mining of coal seam group under enriched aquifers, Q.J. Cao, J.A.Wang &Y. Zhang

Optimization of structural parameters of underground mining caverns with FLAC3D, S.X. Chen, Z.Y. Tan, X.F. Cai & H.G. Ren

Numerical study and application on technology of slotting and blasting down the roof for handling mined-out areas, L. Fu, Q. Li, L. Qiao &Y. Li

The recovery scheme determination of steep narrow veins based on 3-D numerical simulation, B. Gao, Y.T. Gao, S.C.Wu & Q. Han

Study on the bearing behavior of CFG composite foundation, S.G. Huang

Stability analysis of surrounding rock based on measured underground karst caves and goaf modeling, C.H. Li &Y. Cheng

Numerical simulation of heat-supplying tunnel adjacent to subway shield tunnel, C.H. Li, S.H. He & X.D. Chen

Stability analysis of stope roof by combined action of anchor cable and anchor rod, C.H. Li, H.J. Li &Y. Li

Safety assessment of abandoned stope – method and practice, J.P. Li & J.P. Guo

The upright reliability analysis of large stope cemented backfill, X. Li, Q. Gao, Z.H. Liu & S.Q. Nan

Effect of water pressure on deformation of roadway surrounding rock based on solid-liquid coupling theory, S.J. Liang

Simulation on influence of different loading rates on Jinping marble in uniaxial compression test by PFC2D, N. Liu & C.S. Zhang

Reliability analysis of the progressive slide of arch dam abutment, X.C. Liu & L.Q. Yang

Numerical simulation of liquefaction of saturated sand using discrete element method, Y. Liu, F. Jiang & X.D. Zhu

PFC numerical analysis on prediction of ore loss and dilution of ore drawing below backfilling waste rock layer, Z.H. Liu, Q. Gao, X. Li, Z.H. Liu & J.H. Li

Numerical manifold modeling of sliding instability of rock slope, X.J. Mu, S.H.Wang, M.D. Guo, Z.P. Feng & S.H.Wang

Numerical simulation on dynamic response of non-destructive test of anchor system, Y. Qin &Y.L.Wu

Simulation study on the mechanical stability of subsequent filling mining stope, G.H. Sun, S.J. Cai &W.B.Wang

Analysis of deformation and failure effects for the roof of mined-out areas under mechanical construction load, S.R.Wang, H.H. Jia & J.M. Yu

Experiment research of deformation of cavern by using DSCM, Z.W.Wang, B.B. Su & S.J. Ma

Numerical simulation research on surrounding-rock control of deep mine cemented paste filling, A.X.Wu, H.Z. Jiao, H.J.Wang, S.J. Zhang, Y.Wang & H. Li

Numerical simulation of pressure relief mining in Chengchao iron mine, M.G. Xu, Y. Zhang &Y. Li

Numerical calibration of micro-parameters of the mixed gneiss rock in uniaxial compression, S.L. Xu, Q.G. Lei & X.J. Li

Numerical simulation research of goaf caving height in soft rock mine, Z.L. Xu, X.Y. Kong, Z.G. Li, J. Li &Y. Zhang

Physical simulation study on arrangement about mining roadway with short distance, G.C. Yan &Y.Q. Hu

On rationality of the construction methods for wearing tunnels, J.H. Yang, X.M.Wen, H.H. Zhu &Y.Q. Shang

Rheological mechanism and numerical simulation of stability analysis in a silty slope, P.J. Yue, Z.Y. Tan & L.Wang

Numerical test of fracturing grouting of rock mass, F. Zhang, B.G. Liu &T. Li

A study on natural classification of loose covering strata and its effect on drawing, G.J. Zhang

The study of Thermal-Hydrologic-Mechanical (THM) coupled process in dual-porosity rock, G.Q. Zhang & B. Cui

Numerical analysis on bolting reliability of jointed rock mass with filling, X. Zhang, Y. Yang & J.H.Wang

Optimization design of supporting and analysis of stability for mining tunnel with soft coal seam, X.H. Zhang, J.G. Song & Q. Gao

Simulation of tunnel excavation in fractured rock masses using extended finite element method, Y.L. Zhang & M.M. Shi

Numerical investigation of the stability of roofing with cemented tailing backfill and its application, K. Zhao, Y.Y. Deng, X.J.Wang, Z.H. Xu, L. Liao, C. Gong & X. Yang

Pull-out rheological test of anchorage system and evolution characteristic study of interfacial stress, T.B. Zhao, C.L. Liu &Y.L. Tan

Numerical modeling of hard rock dilation effect on fully grouted rebar support, X.G. Zhao & S.L. Lu

A numerical study on failure behavior of rock containing three-dimensional pre-existing flaws, W.W. Zheng, P. Lin, S.Z. Kang & H. Hu

Study on the wall rock stability ofYantan hydrologic station’s underground caverns, J.L. Zhu, H.D.Wang, Y.L. Gao, X.Q. Xue & J.F. Lian

Information technology, artificial intelligence and other advanced techniques

Research on factors influence of deep foundation structured by soil nailing based on grey system theory, H.F. Dai, X.B. Xiong & M.B.Wu

Application of three dimensional geological models to geotechnical engineering problems, M. Dong, H. Hu & R. Azzam

Stability analysis of jointed rock based on block theory, Q.F. Guo, J.H. Liu & X.Wang

Comparative analysis of acoustic emission signal frequency characteristics between packsand and granite, H.G. Ji, Z.F. Hou, Y. Jin & H.W.Wang

A new methodology of block system construction and visualization for three-dimensional block-group analysis, Q.H. Lei & Z.X. Zhang

Study on PSO-GPR intelligent algorithm for saturated uniaxial compressive strength of rock, C.H. Li, S.H. He & C. Xu

Stability classification of mine roadways surrounding rock using genetic algorithm neural network, P.X. Li, Z.X. Tan, L.L. Yan & K.Z. Deng

Weights determination of tendency indexes of coal bumps and hazard evaluation, J.G. Lu, Y.D. Jiang, Y.X. Zhao & J. Zhu

Application of improved AHP method and variable weight theory to rock mass quality evaluation, S.Y. Peng, G.J. Li, S.W. Qin & J.Q. Ma

Study of seepage generation technology in excavation process based on 3D geo-mechanical model, K.Z.Wang, Z.K. Li, L.J. Cheng, Z.Z. Zhang, F. Lin & Q.Y. Cheng

Three-Dimensional joint modeling and stability analysis of rock blocks around tunnel, S.H.Wang, X.J. Mu, Y. Xu, H. Yang & S.H.Wang

GIS-based three-dimensional wedge stability evaluation of a high rock slope, Z.F.Wang, M.W. Xie, X.Y. Liu & N. Jia

Failure mode classification and control for surrounding rock of large-scale cavern group, T.B. Xiang, X.T. Feng, Q. Jiang & J. Chen

The design ofWebGIS-based real-time visual analysis and forecasting system of landslides, M.W. Xie & X.Q. Chai

GIS-based three-dimensional real-time dynamic construction management system for expressway pavement, M.W. Xie, L.W.Wang, R. Ma, N. Hao & J. Sun

Slope stability evaluation based on projection pursuit and attribute mathematics, F. Xu, J.D. Su,W.Y. Xu, Z.B. Liu & K. Liu

Method of fuzzy synthetic evaluation for safety of operating railway tunnel lining, Y.Q. Yang, S.H. He & F.L. Qi

Prediction of roof subsidence in metal mine goaf based on BP neural network, K. Zhao, J.A.Wang & S.N. Chen

Application of EH-4 in field investigation of engineering geology for strongly weathered slope, W. Zhong, Z.Y. Tan, Y. Li & X.J. Li

Research on meso mechanical parameters determining method of rock-soil material, Y. Zhou, S.C.Wu, X.Q.Wang & J.F. Ding

Format analysis of surpac solid model and its input-output algorithm design, J. Zou & H.G. Ji

Underground and surface excavation and reinforcement techniques

Stability analysis and optimum design of high and steep slope in a deep-concave open pit mine, M.F. Cai, M.W. Xie, J.A.Wang, C.H. Li, L. Qiao &W.H. Tan

Theoretical analysis on influencing factors of fault activation on mining floor, W.K. Bu & H. Xu

Coupled thermo-hydro-mechanical study on GMZ bentonite, S.F. Cao, L. Qiao, Y.M. Liu, J.L. Xie & L.K. Ma

Analysis of distance between underground caverns in a water-sealed underground oil tank engineering, X. Chen, H. He, X.B. Qi, J.Z. Sun & J.K. Zhang

Study of key technique of double-arch tunnel passing through water-eroded groove, Y. Chen & X.B. Liu

The calculation on the thickness of tunnel insulating layer in cold region, Q. Feng & B.S. Jiang

Study of structural safety and reasonable thickness of the covering layer under open to underground mining, D.Q. Gan, Z.J. Li & C. Chen

Research on large deformation mechanism and its control of a loess tunnel entrance, L.L. Gao, S.C.Wu, G.L. Fan &Y.H.Wang

Mechanism and practice of cable truss control in super-high abutment stress coal entry, H.Q. Han, F.L. He, H.B. Li, H.Z. Yang & H. Yan

Mechanical analysis on instability of mining roadways under the close neighboring gob, F.L. He, J.Z. Tian, S.B. Zhang, H. Zhang & G.F. Zhai

Analysis of supporting structure deformation and axial force in subway foundation pit, M.D. He, D.L. Zhang, M.D. He, J. Liu & G.P. Le

Study on key supporting techniques of large cross-section roadway in compound mudstone roof, Y. Hong, F.L. He & H.Z. Yang

Elastic analysis of releasing depth of borehole for overcoming stress measurement, D. Ji, F.H. Ren & H.B. Jia

Simulation analysis of failure mechanism of roadways in soft rock supported with bolting and shotcreting, A.B. Jin, B. Li, Y.Wang & F.G. Deng

Mechanism of slurry membrane for slurry shield tunnel, X.P. Kong, Y. Bai & S.M. Liao

Destabilizing mechanism of deep granite tunnel in a metal mine and its supporting measure, K.G. Li & J. Xu

Contribution to damaged formation and evolution of time behavior during the deep buried tunnel excavation, Z.H. Li, X.T. Feng, S.J. Li, H. Zhou, B.R. Chen, C.Q. Zhang & S. Hu

Drilling technology and development of LM series raise boring machine, Z.Q. Liu, H.G. Ji, M.F. Cai & H. Tan

Study and practice of railway support in broken and dilatant roof with high pretension and short cable bolting, L.X. Yan & B. Li

Instantaneous response of pore water pressure in the process of dynamic drainage consolidation, G.H. Yang, R. Xue & H.Q. Li

Basis of pit slope design mechanics and parameters sensibility analysis, G.T. Yang, X.B. Li & J.G. Ding

Study on checking method for safety of operating railway tunnel lining, Y.Q. Yang & S.H. He

Settlement of subway tunnel affected by different pilot tunnel sequences excavation, Y.Y. Yu, Y.T. Gao & S.C.Wu

Analytical solution for passive piles subject to lateral soil movement, A.J. Zhang, H.H. Mo, A.G. Li &W. Gao

Stability control mechanism and integral supporting technology of roadways with thick compound roof strata, H.Q. Zhang, L.S. Han, Y.J. Qi &Y.F. Zhang

Study on displacement fields and settlement characteristics of composite foundation with compound piles, L.H. Zhang, S.F. Zhao, H.B. Liu & S.R.Wang

Study on the rational width of coal pillars for protecting roadway in fully mechanized top caving mining face, S.J. Zhang, J.A.Wang, H.W.Wu & F. Li

Fault instability’s mechanical mechanism and technology of retaining waterproof pillar, W.Q. Zhang, X. Hua, J.M. Zhu, G.P. Zhang, Z.Q. Zhou & X.S. Zhou

Effects and influences of water injection on coalbed exploitation in mining engineering, D. Zhao, Z.C. Feng &Y.S. Zhao

Optimization of rock slope in an open pit mine using strength reduction method, D.P. Zhu, Y.D. Lin & G.X. Hu

The comparison of surrounding rock stress analytical solutions for three tunnel sections, J.H. Zhu & H.G. Ji

Study of consolidation grouting effect for downstream block of high arch dams, X.X. Zhu, P. Lin, S.Z. Kang, Q.B. Li & Z.L.Wang

Dynamic rock mechanics and blasting

Experiment on dynamic stability of soil slope ballasted by un-cemented concrete blocks, G.Z. Cao, Toshikazu Ikemoto & Masakatsu Miyajima

Hybrid analysis of dynamic destabilization to HSTCC workings in steep coal seams, J.T. Cao, X.P. Lai, P.F. Shan, Q.S.Wang & F. Cui

Study on seismic behavior of frame-brick mixed structure, J.Q. Chen & H.G. Ji

Case analysis and safety issues in demolition blasting technique of an old-fashioned chimney, F.J. Chu, D.M. Zheng, J.Z. Feng, H. Tan & S.F. Ren

Simulation experiment study on the coal blast damage and failure, H.B. Chu,W.M. Liang, Y.Q. Yu & X.L. Yang

Analysis on weakening effect of pre-blasting in top coal of steep and thick seams based on nonlinear dynamics, F. Cui, X.P. Lai & J.T. Cao

Numerical simulation on rock penetration by blasting with uneven-thickness-covered linear-shape tandem charges, A.P. Fei

Dynamic constitutive model of limestone under shock load, F.G. Gao, A.J. Hou, X.L. Yang & J. Yang

Experimental determination of dynamic tensile strength of sandstone at different loading rate, F.Q. Gong, X.B. Li & L.J. Dong

Research on the relationship between rock stress level and the occurrence of rock burst, H.G. Ji, Y.Z. Zhang & Z.F. Hou

The fuzzy comprehensive prediction of rock burst induced by deep mining in Xincheng gold mine, L. Li, C.H. Li &Y. Cheng

Numerical simulation for cavity formation process by progressive large diameter empty hole spiral cut blasting, P. Li, Y.J.Wang & B. Ke

Technology of deep hole blasting relief of the hard roof of coal seams and optimization, S.H. Li, X.H. Chen, P.F. Xie, T.L.Wang & J.W. Zhou

Characteristics of ground vibration from blasting in a metal mine’s underground stope below mined area, H.X. Liu, S.J. Qu, H.X. Liu, G.S. Zhong & D.H. Zhong

Experiment on dynamic stability of soil filling slope protected by concrete slab, Y. Qiang, F. Li, Toshikazu Ikemoto & Masakatsu Miyajima

Wavelet energy analysis on blasting vibration signal of surrounding rock roof considering confining pressure and fracture, B. Song &Y. Cao

Chaotic dynamics study of nonlinear rock beam and application to rock burst forecast, W.B. Wu

Research and application of slope stability control blasting technique in Shandak open-pit mine, W.Y. Xu, S.J. Qu, J.F. Liu & Z. Zhang

Analysis on dynamic response of underground rock tunnel to earthquake load, P.S. Zhang &W. Yan

Numerical simulation of uncoupling charge blasting, Y.P. Zhang &Y.M. Xu

Numerical simulation of blasting excavation across a soil-rock interface of highway tunnel, X.T. Zhao, Y. Liu & X.D. Zhu

Block element method for time-history stability analysis of a rock slope, H.F. Zheng & G.Y.Wu

Study of impact of surface blasting on stability of underground tunnel, D. Zhou, Z.Y. Tan, X.F. Cai & H.G. Ren

Predication and prevention of geo-environmental hazard

A comprehensive evaluation model for rockburst risk prediction based on analytic hierarchy process and probabilistic optimization, G.L. Feng, X.T. Feng, B.R. Chen, Y.X. Xiao & H.J. Ming

Development and application of BIM-based highway construction management platform, Q. Fu, L.W. Zhang, M.W. Xie & X.D. He

The study of casing collapse deformation for slump fault, B. Hou, M. Chen &Y. Jin

Study on the effect of underground blasting on slope stability based on the AE monitoring, L. Qiao & Q.W. Li

Experimental research on early identification of landslides by D-InSAR technique, M.W. Xie, J.H. Huang, Z.F.Wang & M. Hu

Reliability analysis of tailings dams under both seepage and earthquake actions, K. Yang & Z.C. Ma

Study on real-time monitoring and pre-warning system of rock burst based on equivalent drilling cuttings quantity, Z.X. Yu, F.X. Jiang, X.C. Qu & S.H. Yang

Reliability analysis of rock slope stability, L.W. Zhang & L.Q. Yang

Application of relevance vector machine to predict rockburst, H.B. Zhao, Z.L. Ru, X.J. Zhao &Y. Meng

Case studies of typical rock engineering

Rock mass instability evaluation at the La Volcana segment of the Valle de Aburrá – Río Cauca road, Colombia – South America, J.A. Arévalo-Cardona, E. Muñoz-Hoyos & L.O. Suarez-Burgoa

Study on the control of thick and hard roof strata ofWongawilli face in mining shallow coal seam, S.G. Li, D.Y. Li,W. Li & B. Zhang

Numerical analysis on the stability of the lining structure of a tunnel, X. Chen, S.J. Miao, F.H. Ren, L. Shi,W.C.Wu & Q.S.Wang

Inversion analysis of mechanical parameters of slope rock mass in Baiyunebo open pit iron mine, D.Q. Gan, H.J. Lu & Z.J. Yang

Using coupled fluid-solid theory to forecast the water inflow for conveyance project of Dahuofang reservoir, M.D. Guo, S.H.Wang, X.Y. Rong &W.Y. Cui

False tunnels as prevention measures against impact from rock falling on mountainous roads: Experience in Colombia, D.A. Henao-Vergara, M. Arenas-Rios & L.O. Suarez-Burgoa

Intelligent back analysis of constitutive parameters for soil slope based on unified strength theory, J. Li, Y.T. Gao, Y. Li, B. Cui & Z.B. Deng

Analysis on ground settlement induced by shield tunneling undercrossing railways and tall buildings, T. Li, B. Liu & H.Y. Dou

Optimization of structural parameters for mining large iron ore stope by filling method in Sijiaying district, X. Li, Q. Gao, S.H. Zhai & S.Q. Nan

Application of three measurement methods for determination of in-situ stress state in Qianan area, Y. Li, L. Qiao, S.J. Miao & Z.L. Sui

Effect of excavation dewatering on adjacent underground metro structure for super large diameter piles in weathered rock foundation, B. Liu,W. Xu, C.Y. Yang &Y.Q. Zhou

Study on railway support techniques in deep soft rock and engineering example, Q.B. Meng,W.G. Qiao, D.G. Lin & L.C.Wei

Numerical research on top coal movement, failure mechanism and supports’ stresses characters of fully mechanized top-coal caving in steep thick seam, S.J. Miao, C. Long, Y. Li & S.R.Wang

Technology innovation and practice for construction of CFRD, L. Qiao, L.X. Pang, Y. Li & J.S. Song

Influence of blasting vibration on stability of the high slope of Shuichang iron mine, L. Qiao, H. Zhao, C.L. Qu, L.K. Liu & X.Wang

Feasibility analysis on 1300 fully-mechanized coal mining face of Jining No.2 Mine during exploitation approaching to faults and its optimization design, H.Wang & H.G. Ji

Study on cross-section shape and excavation scheme of transportation roadway in Haishiwan coal mine, J.A.Wang, S.J. Zhang, F. Li, J.X. Chen & L.L. Zhu

Stability analysis of completely-strongly weathered high-steep rock slope, L.Wang, Z.Y. Tan, Y. Li & X.J. Li

Mechanical stability of intensifying mining for residual ore under complicated goaf groups, Y.M.Wang, G.H. Yao, H.B. Yi, A.X.Wu & M.Q. Huang

Study on anti-seepage scheme in subsidence area based on investigation of the underlying goaf below Mahe River, S.C.Wu, D.G. Pan &Y.T. Gao

Optimization of mining parameters for coal mining under unconformable overlying stratums, Y. Zhang, H.G. Ji, J.A.Wang & J.H. Ye

Deformation analyses of excavated-underground metro station at different depths in soil-rock combined strata, J.G. Zheng, T. Liu & X.H.Wang

Stability analysis of soft foundation earth-rock dam in lake, B.H. Zhu & Z.Y. Tan

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