1st Edition

Rock Mechanics: Meeting Society's Challenges and Demands, Two Volume Set Proceedings of the 1st Canada-US Rock Mechanics Symposium, Vancouver, Canada, 27-31 May 2007

Edited By Erik Eberhardt, Doug Stead, Tom Morrison Copyright 2007

    Ore extraction through surface and underground mining continues to involve deeper excavations in more complex rock mass conditions. Communities and infrastructure are increasingly exposed to rock slope hazards as they expand further into rugged mountainous terrains. Volume 1 presents papers describing new technologies, ideas and insights concerning fundamental rock mechanics, while the second volume comprises a collection of rock engineering case histories relevant to the major themes of the symposium: rock slope hazards, geotechnical infrastructure, surface and underground mining, and petroleum exploitation.

    VOLUME 1 - Fundamentals, New Technologies & New Ideas, New Trends in Data Collection & 3-D Ground/Deformation Characterization, Rock Mass Classification, Characterization & Behaviour, Numerical Modelling - Continuum & Discontinuum, Numerical Modelling - Brittle Fracture & Damage, Brittle Fracture & Damage Mechanics, In Situ Stress & Stress Measurement, Laboratory Testing & Coupled Behaviour, Author index. VOLUME 2 - Case Histories, Natural & Engineered Slopes, Dams & Hydroelectric Projects Tunnels & Deep Underground Excavations, Open Pit Mining ,Underground Mining, Rock Support, Ground Control & Blasting, Petroleum Resources & Borehole Geomechanics, Author index


    Erik Eberhardt, Doug Stead, Tom Morrison