1st Edition

Rocking The Ship Of State Toward A Feminist Peace Politics

    301 Pages
    by Routledge

    312 Pages
    by Routledge

    This book considers the experience of women as children and as mothers, and feminist critiques of gender as important sources of insight into the conduct, dynamics, and motivation of a feminist peace politics, examining the history, the scope, and the current condition of women's peace movements.

    Introduction -- Feminist Visions -- What Does Feminism Mean? -- Antiracism, Antisexism, and Peace -- A Gender Diary -- Mothers and Men's Wars -- Bringing Artemis to Life -- Our Greenham Common -- Feminism Challenges Militarism -- Masculinity, Heroism, and the Making of War -- Emasculating America's Linguistic Deterrent -- We Speak for the Planet -- Women and the Economics of Military Spending -- Women Organizing for Peace: Triumphs and Troubles -- Feminine Behavior and Radical Action -- Pure Milk, Not Poison -- Seneca Women's Peace Camp -- Our Greenham Common -- Afterword


    Adrienne Harrid, Ynestra King