1st Edition

Role of General Mental Ability in industrial, Work, and Organizational Psychology A Special Double Issue of human Performance

Edited By Chockalingam Viswesvaran, Deniz S. Ones Copyright 2002
    234 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    234 Pages
    by Routledge

    This special issue summarizes the state of knowledge of g as it relates to IWO psychology and masterfully draws out areas of question and contention. Each of the papers highlights similarities and differences among perspectives and sheds light on research needs for the future. The last article summarizes the major themes that run across all the articles and offers a review of contrasts in viewpoints. The final product will be informative and beneficial to researchers, graduate students, practitioners, and decision makers.

    Volume 15, Numbers 1 & 2. 2002. Contents: D.S. Ones, C. Viswesvaran, Introduction to the Special Issue: Role of General Mental Ability in Industrial, Work, and Organizational (IWO) Psychology. M.J. Ree, T.R. Carretta, g2K. L.S. Gottfredson, Where and Why g Matters: Not a Mystery. C.L. Reeve, M.D. Hakel, Asking the Right Questions About g. J.F. Salgado, N. Anderson, Cognitive and GMA Testing in the European Community: Issues and Evidence. J.F. Kehoe, General Mental Ability and Selection in Private Sector Organizations: A Commentary. M.L. Tenopyr, Theory vs. Reality: Evaluation of g in the Workplace. H.W. Goldstein, S. Zedeck, I.L. Goldstein, g: Is This Your Final Answer? R.J. Sternberg, J. Hedlund, Practical Intelligence, g, and Work Psychology. J.L. Outtz, The Role of Cognitive Ability Tests in Employment Selection. K.R. Murphy, Can Conflicting Perspectives on the Role of g in Personnel Selection Be Resolved? F. Schmidt, The Role of General Cognitive Ability and Job Performance: Why There Cannot Be a Debate. D.S. Ones, Agreements and Disagreements on the Role of General Mental Ability (GMA) in Industrial, Work, and Organizational Psychology.


    Chockalingam Viswesvaran, Deniz S. Ones