1st Edition

Romania as an Energy Actor in the EU Cooperation in European Energy policy

By Anca Sinea Copyright 2020
    130 Pages
    by Routledge

    130 Pages
    by Routledge

    The purpose of this book is twofold. First, it aims to explain the general framework for cooperation in the energy sector in Europe, with a conceptual basis that allows for a better understanding of the dynamics that led to its existence. Second, the volume deals with Romania both as a representative case for the region, given the commonalities raised by the transition process in the last three decades, and also as a country with a specific energy agenda, with implications for internal and foreign policy that can only be perceived and understood in the Romanian context.

    1 Introduction – theoretical and political relevance

    General Methodological Considerations


    2 Regional Cooperation – A Short Theoretical Perspective

    Regional Cooperation

    Region, Regionalism, and Regionalisation

    Regionalism from a Historical Perspective

    Actoriality in regionalism

    The vectors of regionalism

    Projecting national interest at the level of regional cooperation platforms

    3 Platforms of cooperation in the field of energy in Central and South Eastern Europe

    Cooperation of system operators

    The cooperation framework of operators in the field of electricity

    Cooperation for the functioning of the electro-energetic system

    Cooperation for the purpose of system development

    Cooperation for the implementation of the free market principles

    The cooperation frame of the operators from the gas sector

    Cooperation for operating the gas system

    Cooperation for implementing the principles of the free market

    Cooperation for developing the gas system

    From regional cooperation to political regions in the field of energy

    Cooperation of the energy market regulating authorities

    Regional initiatives of ACER and cooperation based on the principles of the Third Energy Package

    Other cooperation platforms of the authorities regulating the energy market




    4 Regional cooperation frameworks outside the third energy package

    The Energy Community

    Initiatives in the field of energy infrastructure

    The Western Balkan 6 Initiative or the Berlin Process (WB6)

    EU4Energy Governance


    The Energy Charter Treaty

    The 16+1 energy cooperation format

    The Eastern Partnership


    The Three Seas Initiative

    5 The regulation of regional energy cooperation in Romania

    The National Defence Strategy

    The Energy Strategy

    The role of the Ministry of Energy as an actor in the regional cooperation process in the field of energy

    The role of the ANRE as an actor in the process of regional cooperation in the field of energy

    The role of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an actor in the process of regional cooperation in the field of energy


    6 Conclusions

    General Conclusions




    Anca Sinea is a researcher in the Political Science Department of the Babei-Bolyai University. She holds a PhD in Political Science. She has a double Bachelor’s degree in International Relations (from the National School for Political and Administrative Studies, Bucharest) and Political Science (Université Paris X) and a Master’s diploma in International Relations from the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna and the University of Vienna. Her subjects of interest include resource politics, energy diplomacy, diplomatic protocol and national security.