1st Edition

Romanticism&Politics 1789-1832

Edited By Carol Bolton Copyright 2006

    The history of the Romantic period is often dominated by the cataclysmic political events that occurred within it The collection is divided into thematically linked sections, each of which is prefaced with brief notes on themes, issues and texts, and lists of books for further study. The dates of the period have been extended at the beginning to provide extracts from texts that frame the ensuing radical debate that arose around the French Revolution and concludes at the Reform Act of 1832, which can be seen as the culmination of the movement for political reform in the latter half of the Romantic period. The division of topic areas within the volumes into specific areas of interest will provide an easy route to negotiate the texts, whereas sections such as 'Women and politics' and 'Colonial politics' will highlight previously neglected areas.

    Volume I PART 1 French Revolution debate, PART 2 War with France VOLUME II PART 3 Radical politics and loyalist responses PART 4 Parliamentary reform VOLUME III PART 5 Political philosophy PART 6 Political economy PART 7 Politics and the monarchy VOLUME IV PART 8 Social reform PART 9 Politics and justice PART 10 Women and politics VOLUME V PART 11 Religious reform PART 12 Foreign policy PART 13 Colonial politics PART 14 Slavery debate


    Edited by Carol Bolton, Loughborough University, UK