1st Edition

Roof Construction and Repair

By E. Molloy Copyright 2010
    152 Pages
    by Routledge

    Written by a traditional roofer during the Second World War, this reprint of the 1945 edition presents useful step by step guidance on the right techniques for laying and repairing roofs. It highlights the options for repairing damage rather than stripping and relaying the roof. The first four chapters describe the timber construction of roofs covering everything from basic joints through to the differences in the design of traditional and trussed roofs. It also provides extensive practical information of the design of pitched and flat roofs, jointing around roof lanterns, fixing lay boards up the pitch of the roofs and the setting out of steps in horizontal gutters. The following chapters describe slates and slating, tiling, wood and asphalt shingles, diamond slating and fibre cement slating.

    Chapter 1: Roof Construction for Small Buildings. Types of roofs, span, pitch of roof, parts of a roof, single roofs, couple roofs, couple-close roof, collar-tie roof, valley or double lean-to roof, purlins, roofs constructed of short timbers, single mansard roof, eaves finish for roofs, precast concrete roofing units, trimming. Chapter 2: Trussed Roofs. King-post truss, sizes of various members, mansard or curb roof, composite roof trusses. Chapter 3: Flat Roofs. Timber construction, lead flats, drips, rolls for lead, zinc roofing, copper roofing, asphalte roofing, steel construction, 'glass-crete', roof insulation, thermotile roofing, paropa, parallel gutters, tapering cutters. Chapter 4: Sizes and Spacing of Roof Members. Working stresses for rafters, resistance moment, design or boarding, rafter design, design of purlins, stress diagrams for roof trusses, roof bevels. Chapter 5; Slates and Slating. Quality, weight and thickness, calculations for quantities, sized slates, how slates are sold, random slates, Delabole randoms, calculations for battening, preparation for slating, eaves, verges, ridges, hips, valleys, abutments, nailing, roof pitches. Chapter 6: How to Tile Roofs. Clay tiles, qualities, classification of clay tiles, old English pantile, double Roman, single Roman, double Roman interlocking, Somerset Interlocking no 13, Reynardo, Spanish Italian, Courtrai-du-Nord, interlocking pantile, cloister, plain, calculations, plain tiling, ridge tiles, bonnet hips, hip tiles and valley tiles, angle tiles, single-lap tiling, weights, choosing a tile, special tiles, concrete tiles. Chapter 7: Roofing with Asbestos-Cement Materials. Roofing materials, asbestos-cement slates, corrugated sheets, pantiles, bedding. Chapter 8; Covering roofs with Asphalte. Shingles, laying of flextile shingles, lap, nailing, edges and hips, flashings. Chapter 9: Covering Roofs with Asbestos-Felt. Standard weights and measurements of material, valley gutters, lap cement, clout nails, flashings, sarking. Chapter 10: Covering Roofs with Wood Shingles. Types, size, weight, nailing, laying, hips and ridges, valleys, walls, colour. Chapter 11: Emergency Repairs to Roofs. Roof inspection, slate-covering repair, rile-covering repair, covering roofs with bitumen roofing felt, fitting corrugated-iron roofing, fixing ruberoid roofing. Roofing Tables. Index.


    E. Molloy