Rooted in Hope: China – Religion – Christianity / In der Hoffnung verwurzelt: China – Religion – Christentum : Festschrift in Honor of / Festschrift für Roman Malek S.V.D. on the Occasion of His 65th Birthday / zu seinem 65. Geburtstag (2-Volume Set) book cover
1st Edition

Rooted in Hope: China – Religion – Christianity / In der Hoffnung verwurzelt: China – Religion – Christentum
Festschrift in Honor of / Festschrift für Roman Malek S.V.D. on the Occasion of His 65th Birthday / zu seinem 65. Geburtstag (2-Volume Set)

ISBN 9781138718081
Published March 23, 2017 by Routledge
1028 Pages

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Book Description

This Festschrift is dedicated to the former Director and Editor-in-chief of the Monumenta Serica Institute in Sankt Augustin (Germany), Roman Malek, S.V.D. in recognition of his scholarly commitment to China. The two-volume work contains 40 articles by his academic colleagues, companions in faith, confreres, as well as by the staff of the Monumenta Serica Institute and the China-Zentrum e.V. (China Center). The contributions in English, German and Chinese pay homage to the jubilarian’s diverse research interests, covering the fields of Chinese Intellectual History, History of Christianity in China, Christianity in China Today, Other Religions in China, Chinese Language and Literature as well as the Encounter of Cultures.

Table of Contents

Volume 1

Foreword; Tabula gratulatoria; Congratulatory Poem to Fr. Roman Malek; Bibliography of Roman Malek s.v.d.

Chinese Intellectual History

Nicolas Standaert: Early Sino-European Contacts and the Birth of the Modern Concept of "Religion"; Paul Rule: The Dao of Ecology; Jiang Ryh-Shin: Laozi and the Formation of Philosophical Daoism. Its Formation as a School in Zhuangzi (in Chinese); Christian Schwermann: Economic Justice in Ancient China? A Few Thoughts on Distribution Policy (in German); Tiziana Lippiello: On the Difficult Practice of the Mean in Ordinary Life. Teachings from the Zhongyong; Wolfgang Kubin: A Life-long Anxiety and Not the Calamity of Merely One Morning. Towards Mengzi’s Understanding of Man’s Distress and the Problem of Intellectuals in History; Zbigniew Wesołowski s.v.d.: Experiences of Transcendence in China between the Past and the Present. "A Striking Continuity" (in German); Paul U. Unschuld: The Origins of Chinese Medicine. Secular Natural Science and the Quest for Existential Autonomy (in German)

History of Christianity in China

Matteo Nicolini-Zani: Xu Guangqi, Disciple of the Luminous Teaching. A Study of the "Stone Inscription for the Church of the Luminous Teaching" (Jingjiaotang beiji) at Jiangzhou, around 1632; Monika Miazek-Męczyńska: The Roman Troubles of Michael Boym s.j. Described by Thomas Szpot Dunin in Historiae Sinarum Imperii and Collectanea Historiae Sinensis; Chiara Piccinini: Education to Filial Piety at the Time of the Kangxi Emperor. A French Translation of the Yuzhi Xiaojing yanyi xu in a Manuscript Preserved at Biblioteca Ambrosiana; Gianni Criveller p.i.m.e.: The Chinese Rites Controversy. A Narrative of an Ill-fated Misunderstanding; Claudia von Collani: The True Mother of the China Mission. Kilian Stumpf’s "Succincta Chronologica Relatio"; Rita Widmaier: The Significance of Dyadic in Leibniz’s Theory of Missions for China (in German); Eugenio Menegon: Yongzheng’s Conundrum. The Emperor on Christianity, Religions, and Heterodoxy; Feng-Chuan Pan: A Preliminary Survey of Elijah C. Bridgman’s "Heaou King"; Karl Josef Rivinius s.v.d.: The Modernization of China. Taking the Education System in the First Three Decades of the 20th Century as an Example (in German); Rolf Gerhard Tiedemann: The Papacy, Foreign Missionaries, and Chinese Catholics. Conflict and Accommodation between Maximum Illud and Ad Sinarum Gentem; Winfried Glüer: Between Despair and Hope. T.C. Chao – The Final Years (in German)

Volume 2

Christianity in Today’s China

Angelo S. Lazzarotto p.i.m.e.: Rediscovering Christian Life in China during Crucial Years (1978–1983). In Honour of Roman Malek; Jeroom Heyndrickx c.i.c.m.: Updating the China Mission. Guided by Pope Benedict XVI and Pope Francis; Eveline Warode: Fit for Religious Services? The Requirements for Religious Personnel in Today’s China. With a Special Focus on the Official Protestant Churches

Other Religions in China

Vincent Goossaert: The Textual Canonization of Guandi; Françoise Aubin: Islam and Confucianism. An Offering to Fr. Malek; Katharina Wenzel-Teuber: The Influence of Urbanization on Muslim Communities in China as Reflected in Chinese Academic Journals (in German); Roderich Ptak: Qianliyan und Shunfeng’er in xiaoshuo and Other Texts of the Yuan and Ming Period (in German); Pier Francesco Fumagalli: Jews and Jewish Studies in China. Notes for a Bibliography

Chinese Language and Literature

Irene Eber: Translating King David; Monika Motsch: Shandong Drum Songs of the Bible; Marián Gálik: "Omnia Consummata sunt." Xiang Peiliang’s Version of the Biblical Story of Jesus between Bethany and Gethsemane; Barbara Hoster: "A Fortunate Encounter." Su Xuelin as a Chinese Catholic Writer; Thomas Zimmer: "Only then Did He Realize that It Is Not an Easy Thing to Believe in God." Religion in Contemporary Chinese Literature (in German); Leopold Leeb s.v.d.: The Competitiveness of Modern Han-Chinese

Encounter of Cultures

Ursula Toyka: Buddhist Painting in Ming-dynasty Beijing. Encounters of Peoples and Cultures as Reflected in Art (in German); Noël Golvers: Communication and Exchange of Knowledge between West and East (17th and 18th c.). The Routes, Illustrated by the Case of the "Via Ostendana"; Zhang Xiping and Ren Dayuan: Cultural Significance of the "Chinese Books on Western Learning" in Late Ming and Early Qing (in Chinese); Hartmut Walravens: The Kowalewski Collection. The First European Catalogue of Mongolian, Tibetan, Manchu, and Chinese Books (1834) (in German); Helwig Schmidt-Glintzer: Remapping an Ancient Culture. Monumenta Serica and the Academic Research on China and Her Neighbours (in German); Piotr Adamek s.v.d.: African Muslims and Christians and Their "Chinese Dream"; Franz Günther Gessinger s.v.d.: The Mission of Multi-faceted Christianity in a Globalized World

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Barbara Hoster is Editor at the Monumenta Serica Institute, Sankt Augustin, Germany.

Dirk Kuhlmann is Editor at the Monumenta Serica Institute, Sankt Augustin, Germany.

Zbigniew Wesołowski SVD is Editor-in-Chief of the publications of the Monumenta Serica Institute and Professor of Sinology and Science of Religions at the Philosophical-Theological Faculty S.V.D. St. Augustin, Germany.