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Routledge Advanced Texts in Economics and Finance

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Game Theory and Exercises

Game Theory and Exercises

1st Edition

By Gisèle Umbhauer
January 04, 2016

Game Theory and Exercises introduces the main concepts of game theory, along with interactive exercises to aid readers’ learning and understanding. Game theory is used to help players understand decision-making, risk-taking and strategy and the impact that the choices they make have on other ...

Regional Economics

Regional Economics

2nd Edition

By Roberta Capello
November 18, 2015

 The second edition of Regional Economics provides a comprehensive and up-to-date treatment of regional economics. This fully revised edition includes key theoretical developments of the last ten years. Topics included span from the earliest location theories to the most recent regional growth...

Computational Economics A concise introduction

Computational Economics: A concise introduction

1st Edition

By Oscar Afonso, Paulo B. Vasconcelos
August 21, 2015

Computational Economics: A concise introduction is a comprehensive textbook designed to help students move from the traditional and comparative static analysis of economic models, to a modern and dynamic computational study. The ability to equate an economic problem, to formulate it into a ...

Strategic Entrepreneurial Finance From Value Creation to Realization

Strategic Entrepreneurial Finance: From Value Creation to Realization

1st Edition

By Darek Klonowski
December 17, 2014

Entrepreneurial finance is a discipline that studies financial resource mobilization, resource allocation, risk moderation, optimization in financial contracting, value creation, and value monetization within the context of entrepreneurship.  However, without proper strategic consideration the ...

Empirical Development Economics

Empirical Development Economics

1st Edition

By Måns Söderbom, Francis Teal, Markus Eberhardt, Simon Quinn, Andrew Zeitlin
October 13, 2014

Understanding why so many people across the world are so poor is one of the central intellectual challenges of our time. This book provides the tools and data that will enable students, researchers and professionals to address that issue. Empirical Development Economics has been designed as a ...

Applied Welfare Economics Cost-Benefit Analysis of Projects and Policies

Applied Welfare Economics: Cost-Benefit Analysis of Projects and Policies

1st Edition

By Massimo Florio
February 11, 2014

What is the effect of a new infrastructure on the well-being of a local community? Is a tax reform desirable? Does the privatization of a telecommunication provider increase social welfare? To answer these questions governments and their policy advisors should have in mind an operative definition ...

Culture and Economics On Values, Economics and International Business

Culture and Economics: On Values, Economics and International Business

1st Edition

By Eelke de Jong
June 09, 2009

Since the early 1990s, culture, in the sense of norms and values, has entered economic analysis again, whereas it was totally absent from mainstream economics during most of the second half of the twentieth century. The disappointing results of mainstream economics and developments in the world ...

Real Estate Economics A Point-to-Point Handbook

Real Estate Economics: A Point-to-Point Handbook

1st Edition

By Nicholas Pirounakis
January 25, 2013

Real Estate Economics: A point-to-point handbook introduces the main tools and concepts of real estate (RE) economics. It covers areas such as the relation between RE and the macro-economy, RE finance, investment appraisal, taxation, demand and supply, development, market dynamics and price bubbles...

Applied Health Economics

Applied Health Economics

2nd Edition

By Andrew M. Jones, Nigel Rice, Teresa Bago d'Uva, Silvia Balia
November 07, 2012

The first edition of Applied Health Economics did an expert job of showing how the availability of large scale data sets and the rapid advancement of advanced econometric techniques can help health economists and health professionals make sense of information better than ever before. This second ...

Finance in Asia Institutions, Regulation and Policy

Finance in Asia: Institutions, Regulation and Policy

1st Edition

By Qiao Liu, Paul Lejot, Douglas W. Arner
April 03, 2013

Asia’s demand for second-generation financial institutions and markets needs to be met in order for the region’s further development to be sustained. This book provides a compelling, fact-based assessment of current practices and regulations in Asia’s financial institutions and markets and ...

Advanced Econometric Theory

Advanced Econometric Theory

1st Edition

By John Chipman
May 24, 2011

When learning econometrics, what better way than to be taught by one of its masters.  In this significant new volume, John Chipman, the eminence grise of econometrics, presents his classic lectures in econometric theory. Starting with the linear regression model, least squares, Gauss-Markov ...

Economics of the Law A Primer

Economics of the Law: A Primer

1st Edition

By Wolfgang Weigel
March 10, 2008

There is an ever-increasing interest in the question of how and why legal norms can effectively guide human action. This compact volume demonstrates how economic tools can be used to examine this question and scrutinize these legal norms. Indeed, this is one of the first text to be based on civil ...

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