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Routledge Advances in Disability Studies

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Autism in a Decentered World

Autism in a Decentered World

1st Edition

By Alice Wexler
September 10, 2018

Autistic people are empirically and scientifically generalized as living in a fragmented, alternate reality, without a coherent continuous self. In Part I, this book presents recent neuropsychological research and its implications for existing theories of autism, selfhood, and identity, challenging...

Institutional Violence and Disability Punishing Conditions

Institutional Violence and Disability: Punishing Conditions

1st Edition

By Kate Rossiter, Jen Rinaldi
August 10, 2018

"This was several times with that damn cribbage board. I hate cribbage boards to this very day. They never beat us on the arms or legs or stuff, it was always on the bottom of the feet, I couldn't figure it out." Brian L., Huronia Regional Centre Survivor Over the past two decades, the public has ...

Cultural Disability Studies in Education Interdisciplinary Navigations of the Normative Divide

Cultural Disability Studies in Education: Interdisciplinary Navigations of the Normative Divide

1st Edition

By David Bolt
June 26, 2018

Over the last few decades disability studies has emerged not only as a discipline in itself but also as a catalyst for cultural disability studies and Disability Studies in Education. In this book the three areas become united in a new field that recognises education as a discourse between tutors ...

Branding and Designing Disability Reconceptualising Disability Studies

Branding and Designing Disability: Reconceptualising Disability Studies

1st Edition

By Elizabeth DePoy, Stephen Gilson
May 09, 2018

Over the past fifty years, design and branding have become omnipotent in the market and have made their way to other domains as well. Given their potential to divide humans into categories and label their worth and value, design and branding can wield immense but currently unharnessed powers of ...

Intellectual Disability and Being Human A Care Ethics Model

Intellectual Disability and Being Human: A Care Ethics Model

1st Edition

By Chrissie Rogers
February 22, 2018

Intellectual disability is often overlooked within mainstream disability studies, and theories developed about disability and physical impairment may not always be appropriate when thinking about intellectual (or learning) disability. This pioneering book, in considering intellectually disabled ...

Disability, Avoidance and the Academy Challenging Resistance

Disability, Avoidance and the Academy: Challenging Resistance

1st Edition

Edited By David Bolt, Claire Penketh
January 24, 2018

Disability is a widespread phenomenon, indeed a potentially universal one as life expectancies rise. Within the academic world, it has relevance for all disciplines yet is often dismissed as a niche market or someone else’s domain. This collection explores how academic avoidance of disability ...

Disabled Childhoods Monitoring Differences and Emerging Identities

Disabled Childhoods: Monitoring Differences and Emerging Identities

1st Edition

By Janice McLaughlin, Edmund Coleman-Fountain, Emma Clavering
January 22, 2018

A crucial contemporary dynamic around children and young people in the Global North is the multiple ways that have emerged to monitor their development, behaviour and character. In particular disabled children or children with unusual developmental patterns can find themselves surrounded by ...

The Changing Disability Policy System Active Citizenship and Disability in Europe Volume 1

The Changing Disability Policy System: Active Citizenship and Disability in Europe Volume 1

1st Edition

Edited By Rune Halvorsen, Bjørn Hvinden, Jerome Bickenbach, Delia Ferri, Ana Marta Guillén Rodriguez
May 03, 2017

Being an ‘active citizen’ involves exercising social rights and duties, enjoying choice and autonomy, and participating in political decision-making processes which are of importance for one’s life. Amid the new challenges facing contemporary welfare states, debate over just how ‘active’ citizens ...

Changing Social Attitudes Toward Disability Perspectives from historical, cultural, and educational studies

Changing Social Attitudes Toward Disability: Perspectives from historical, cultural, and educational studies

1st Edition

Edited By David Bolt
August 03, 2016

Whilst legislation may have progressed internationally and nationally for disabled people, barriers continue to exist, of which one of the most pervasive and ingrained is attitudinal. Social attitudes are often rooted in a lack of knowledge and are perpetuated through erroneous stereotypes, and ...

Crises, Conflict and Disability Ensuring Equality

Crises, Conflict and Disability: Ensuring Equality

1st Edition

Edited By David Mitchell, Valerie Karr
September 03, 2015

People with disabilities are among the most adversely affected during conflict situations or when natural disasters strike. They experience higher mortality rates, have fewer available resources and less access to help, especially in refugee camps, as well as in post-disaster environments. Already ...

Disability, Hate Crime and Violence

Disability, Hate Crime and Violence

1st Edition

Edited By Alan Roulstone, Hannah Mason-Bish
September 11, 2014

This book provides a comprehensive and interdisciplinary examination of disability, hate crime and violence, exploring its emergence on the policy agenda. Engaging with the latest debates in criminology, disability and violence studies, it goes beyond conventional notions of hate crime to look at ...

Towards a Contextual Psychology of Disablism

Towards a Contextual Psychology of Disablism

1st Edition

By Brian Watermeyer
March 27, 2014

In recent years, disability studies has been driven by a model of disability which focuses on the social and economic oppression of disabled people. Although an important counterbalance to a pathologising medical model, the social model risks presenting an impoverished and disembodied view of ...

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