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Routledge Advances in Economic Policy

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In response to multiple crises, new impetus and energy has been directed at the development and implementation of radical and progressive economic policies. From the Green New Deal to basic income, wealth taxation and the living wage, new policy ideas are being generated around the world. The ‘Routledge Advances in Economic Policy’ series provides a forum for the publication of monographs and edited volumes which explore the principles and theories behind these policies, analyse global case studies of trials and implementations, and propose new ideas and initiatives for how the economy might be improved or restructured for the greater good.

Proposals for new books for the series can be sent to Andy Humphries, the Publisher for Economics (research & reference) books at Routledge: [email protected].

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Public Policy in Transition Economies An Institutional Perspective

Public Policy in Transition Economies: An Institutional Perspective

1st Edition


By Maciej J. Grodzicki, Anna Zachorowska-Mazurkiewicz
June 21, 2024

Public policies are usually carefully designed to address a particular problem, but they are also shaped and influenced by the sociocultural heritage of a particular country. This volume explores the origins of economic and other public policies in Central and Eastern Europe. This region makes for...

Technological Unemployment, Basic Income, and Well-being

Technological Unemployment, Basic Income, and Well-being

1st Edition

By Fabio D'Orlando
August 25, 2023

The main novelty of the Fourth Industrial Revolution is the entry of robots and Artificial Intelligence into the production process. This phenomenon could potentially generate high levels of unemployment, or even full unemployment, and therefore calls for innovative public policies. This book ...

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