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Clientelism and Economic Policy Greece and the Crisis

Clientelism and Economic Policy: Greece and the Crisis

1st Edition

By Aris Trantidis
May 16, 2016

With its deep economic crisis and dramatic political developments Greece has puzzled Europe and the world. What explains its long-standing problems and its incapacity to reform its economy? Using an analytic narrative and a comparative approach, the book studies the pattern of economic reforms in...

New Approaches to EU Foreign Policy

New Approaches to EU Foreign Policy

1st Edition

Edited By Maciej Wilga, Ireneusz Pawel Karolewski
May 11, 2016

EU foreign policy once existed in the form of the European Political Cooperation with only a limited political leverage and symbolic institutional underpinnings. In recent years rapid changes have occurred, including an expanding institutional apparatus, increased responsibility and growing demand ...

Political Representation in the European Union Still democratic in times of crisis?

Political Representation in the European Union: Still democratic in times of crisis?

1st Edition

Edited By Sandra Kröger
May 06, 2016

In recent years the financial and economic crisis of 2008–9 has progressed into an equally important political and democratic crisis of the EU. These troubled times have set the framework to re-assess a number of important questions in regard to representative democracy in the EU, such as the ...

European Union Public Health Policy Regional and global trends

European Union Public Health Policy: Regional and global trends

1st Edition

Edited By Scott L. Greer, Paulette Kurzer
April 24, 2016

Ranging from influence over world trade laws affecting health to population health issues such as obesity to the use of comparative data to affect policy, the EU’s public health policies are increasingly important, visible, expensive and effective. They also provide an invaluable case study for ...

The EU, Migration and the Politics of Administrative Detention

The EU, Migration and the Politics of Administrative Detention

1st Edition

Edited By Michela Ceccorulli, Nicola Labanca
April 21, 2016

Migration is now regarded as a security issue, both in public debate and government policies. In turn, the phenomenon of detention as a governance practice has emerged, and the developing presence of camps in Europe for migrants has given rise to a tangle of new and complex issues. This book ...

Gendering Spanish Democracy

Gendering Spanish Democracy

1st Edition

By Monica Threlfall, Christine Cousins, Celia Valiente
February 28, 2016

This book provides an up-to-date critical assessment of gender in Spain with reference to the key social and political fields. It addresses aspects of women's experience such as the public spheres of elective politics, public policy-making and the labour market. This is underpinned by an in-depth ...

The Selection of Ministers in Europe Hiring and Firing

The Selection of Ministers in Europe: Hiring and Firing

1st Edition

Edited By Keith Dowding, Patrick Dumont
February 28, 2016

This volume discusses the formation of government cabinets within twenty European democracies, providing the institutional background to the selection and de-selection of ministers. Exploring the historical and constitutional context to cabinet formation, this volume proceeds to provide vital data...

EU Enlargement and Socialization Turkey and Cyprus

EU Enlargement and Socialization: Turkey and Cyprus

1st Edition

By Stefan Engert
January 21, 2016

The European Union’s enlargement has been considered a success story – apart from Cyprus and Turkey. This book looks at the EU’s expansion and examines its effectiveness in terms of international socialization and compliance, focussing specifically on the socialization of Turkey and Cyprus into the...

The Politics of EU Accession Turkish Challenges and Central European Experiences

The Politics of EU Accession: Turkish Challenges and Central European Experiences

1st Edition

Edited By Lucie Tunkrova, Pavel Šaradín
January 21, 2016

The question of Turkish membership in the European Union is highly controversial and subject to many misperceptions and misunderstandings on both sides. This book examines the politics of EU accession which have evolved during the expansion of the EU, from more procedural conditions to provisions ...

Europe Unbound Enlarging and Reshaping the Boundaries of the European Union

Europe Unbound: Enlarging and Reshaping the Boundaries of the European Union

1st Edition

Edited By Jan Zielonka
December 09, 2015

Europe Unbound provides an analysis of the enlargement of the European Union and examines from both a theoretical and a political approach issues such as:* Where does Europe end?* Should Europe's borders be open or closed?* How does the evolution of territorial politics impact on the course of ...

Party Strategies in Western Europe Party Competition and Electoral Outcomes

Party Strategies in Western Europe: Party Competition and Electoral Outcomes

1st Edition

By Gemma Loomes
November 06, 2015

This book examines political party system change from a party-centric perspective and assesses how, and to what extent, established political parties in western Europe can maintain their dominant positions. Parties are increasingly competing in a changeable environment and this book assesses the ...

Portugal in the European Union Assessing Twenty-Five Years of Integration Experience

Portugal in the European Union: Assessing Twenty-Five Years of Integration Experience

1st Edition

Edited By Laura C. Ferreira-Pereira
October 12, 2015

This book examines the involvement of Portugal in the European integration process since the country signed the Accession Treaty in 1985. The volume elicits how Portugal has grasped opportunities and challenges emanating from its participation in the institutional, regulatory and ...

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