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Festival and Event Tourism Impacts

Festival and Event Tourism Impacts

1st Edition


Edited By Dogan Gursoy, Robin Nunkoo, Medet Yolal
November 30, 2023

Festival and Event Tourism Impacts provides a comprehensive review and analysis of the multi-faceted impacts that festival and events have on a host community, whether positive or negative, and offers recommendations for communities for the successful management of this kind of tourism. Opening ...

Death and Events International Perspectives on Events Marking the End of Life

Death and Events: International Perspectives on Events Marking the End of Life

1st Edition

Edited By Ian R Lamond, Ruth Dowson
November 12, 2021

This unique volume examines death from a socio-cultural events perspective. Drawing on the empirical and conceptual work produced by an international body of researchers, it is the first publication to look at death, dying, memorialization, and their mediation, from an events orientation. By ...

Managing and Leveraging Events Business and Social Dimensions

Managing and Leveraging Events: Business and Social Dimensions

1st Edition

By Nico Schulenkorf, Katie Schlenker, Hussain Rammal, Jon Welty Peachey, Ashlee Morgan
November 11, 2021

This book explores and advances the latest concepts and developments in event management theory and practice. Drawing on the ever-growing event management literature – and supported by theories and concepts from parent disciplines – the book examines challenges and opportunities related to ...

Marginalisation and Events

Marginalisation and Events

1st Edition

Edited By Trudie Walters, Allan Jepson
January 10, 2019

This book is the first to take an in-depth examination of marginalisation and events. Marginalisation has been the subject of academic research for some time now. For example, marginalisation and exclusion have been identified as problematic in fields as diverse as geography, public health, ...

Tourism Events in Asia Marketing and Development

Tourism Events in Asia: Marketing and Development

1st Edition

Edited By Azizul Hassan, Anukrati Sharma
December 20, 2018

The roles and impacts of planned events within tourism are of increasing importance for destination competitiveness. Tourism Events in Asia is a unique contribution to the understanding of the impacts of events in the development planning, promotion and marketing of destinations in the rapidly ...

Accessibility, Inclusion, and Diversity in Critical Event Studies

Accessibility, Inclusion, and Diversity in Critical Event Studies

1st Edition

Edited By Rebecca Finkel, Briony Sharp, Majella Sweeney
October 23, 2018

Most early social research into planned events had the effect of broadcasting narratives of dominant cultures and privileged groups. More recently, however, convergences of gender, sexualities, ethnicities, age, class, religion, and intersectional analyses and events studies have started to drive ...

Battlefield Events Landscape, commemoration and heritage

Battlefield Events: Landscape, commemoration and heritage

1st Edition

Edited By Keir Reeves, Geoffrey Bird, Laura James, Birger Stichelbaut, Jean Bourgeois
April 25, 2018

Battlefield Events: Landscape, Commemoration and Heritage is an investigative and analytical study into the way in which significant landscapes of war have been constructed and imagined through events over time to articulate specific narratives and denote consequence and identity. The book charts ...

Event Mobilities Politics, place and performance

Event Mobilities: Politics, place and performance

1st Edition

Edited By Kevin Hannam, Mary Mostafanezhad, Jillian Rickly
April 25, 2018

Events from a mobilities perspective attend to moments in which individual networks coalesce in place but are not isolated in their performance as they often foster far-reaching and mobile networks of community. In so doing, individuals travel from varying distances to participate in localized ...

Royal Events Rituals, Innovations, Meanings

Royal Events: Rituals, Innovations, Meanings

1st Edition

By Jennifer Laing, Warwick Frost
December 14, 2017

Royal events such as coronations and jubilees encompass a wide spectrum of planned events involving monarchs and their families that are strategically designed to reinforce the role of royalty within social and political structures. Royal events may have a long heritage, but often involve ...

Power, Construction and Meaning in Festivals

Power, Construction and Meaning in Festivals

1st Edition

By Allan Jepson, Alan Clarke
November 13, 2017

Whether through education, sport or festivity, events form the basis on which we attribute cultural meaning, significance and value to our lives. In this light, community events have the potential to create positive and negative social, cultural, economic and environmental impacts within the ...

Events in the City Using public spaces as event venues

Events in the City: Using public spaces as event venues

1st Edition

By Andrew Smith
October 12, 2017

Cities are staging more events than ever. Within this macro-trend, there is another less acknowledged trend: more events are being staged in public spaces. Some events have always been staged in parks, streets and squares, but in recent years events have been taken out of traditional venues and ...

Exhibitions, Trade Fairs and Industrial Events

Exhibitions, Trade Fairs and Industrial Events

1st Edition

Edited By Warwick Frost, Jennifer Laing
September 25, 2017

This book is the first to take an in-depth examination of the breadth and scope of exhibitions, trade fairs and other industrial events as a marketing tool or channel. Industrial Events are planned events that are staged with the primary aim of marketing businesses, industries and products. This ...

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