Routledge Advances in International Relations and Global Politics

International relations is a rapidly changing area of research, reacting to and anticipating an ever more integrated and globalised world. This series aims to publish the best new work in the field of international relations, and of politics more generally. Books in the series challenge existing empirical and normative theories, and advance new paradigms as well as presenting significant new research.

Foreign Policy and Discourse Analysis

France, Britain and Europe

Henrik Larsen

Agency, Structure and International Politics

From ontology to empirical enquiry

Gil Friedman and Harvey Starr

The Political Economy of Regional Co-operation in the Middle East

Ali Carkoglu, Mine Eder, Kemal Kirisci

Peace Maintenance

The evolution of international political authority

Jarat Chopra

International Relations and Historical Sociology

Breaking down boundaries

Stephen Hobden

Equivalence in Comparative Politics

Edited by Jan W. van Deth

The Politics of Central Banks

Robert Elgie and Helen Thompson

Politics and Globalisation

Knowledge, ethics and agency

Martin Shaw

History and International Relations

Thomas W. Smith

Idealism and Realism in International Relations

Robert M. A. Crawford

National and International Conflicts, 1945-1995

New empirical and theoretical approaches.

Frank Pfetsch and Christoph Rohloff

Party Systems and Voter Alignments Revisited

Edited by Lauri Karvonen and Stein Kuhnle

Ethics, Justice & International Relations

Constructing an international community

Peter Sutch

Capturing Globalization

Edited by James H Mittelman and Norani Othman

Uncertain Europe

Building a new European security order?

Edited by Martin A Smith and Graham Timmins

Power, Postcolonialism and International Relations

Reading race, gender and class

Edited by Geeta Chowdhry and Sheila Nair

Constituting Human Rights

Global civil society and the society of democratic states

Mervyn Frost

US Economic Statecraft for Survival 1933-1991

Of sanctions, embargoes and economic warfare

Alan P. Dobson

The EU and NATO Enlargement

Richard McAllister and Roland Dannreuther

Spatializing International Politics

Analysing activism on the internet

Jayne Rodgers

Ethnonationalism in the Contemporary World

Walker Connor and the study of Nationalism

Edited by Daniele Conversi

Meaning and International Relations

Edited by Peter Mandaville and Andrew Williams

Political Loyalty and the Nation-State

Edited by Michael Waller and Andrew Linklater

Russian Foreign Policy and the CIS

Theories, Debates and Actions

Nicole J. Jackson

Asia and Europe

Development and different dimensions of ASEM

Yeo Lay Hwee

Global Instability and Strategic Crisis

Neville Brown

Africa in International Politics

External Involvement on the Continent

Edited by Ian Taylor and Paul Williams

Global Governmentality

Governing International Spaces

Edited by Wendy Larner and William Walters

Political Learning and Citizenship Education Under Conflict

The Political Socialization of Israeli and Palestinian Youngsters

Orit Ichilov

Gender and Civil Society

Transcending Boundaries

Edited by Jude Howell and Diane Mulligan

State Crises, Globalisation and National Movements in North-East Africa

The Horn's Dilemma

Edited by Asafa Jalata

Diplomacy and Developing Nations

Post-Cold War Foreign Policy-Making Structures and Processes

Edited by Justin Robertson and Maurice A. East

Autonomy, Self-governance and Conflict Resolution

Innovative Approaches to Institutional Design in Divided Societies

Edited by Marc Weller and Stefan Wolff

Mediating International Crises

Jonathan Wilkenfeld, Kathleen J. Young, David M. Quinn and Victor Asal

Postcolonial Politics, The Internet and Everyday Life

Pacific Traversals Online

M. I. Franklin

Reconstituting the Global Liberal Order

Legitimacy and Regulation

Kanishka Jayasuriya

International Relations, Security and Jeremy Bentham

Gunhild Hoogensen