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Routledge Advances in Police Practice and Knowledge

About the Series

Routledge Advances in Police Practice and Knowledge is a new series of books which will bring together established academics and authors in the field of police studies to provide themed text books aimed at supporting students engaging with police studies within higher education. The focus of the series is to provide academically rigorous accounts of research and knowledge and to contextualise them in the practical and applied context of policework. In doing so, the books that make up the series will provide an invaluable resource to students studying policing through a variety of academic and vocational routes.

The Editors, Dr Tom Cockcroft and Dr Martin Wright dedicate this series to the memory of Professor PAJ (Tank) Waddington who believed policing to be an honourable profession, and whose career’s work embodied the values that inform the direction of the series.

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Improving Intelligence Analysis in Policing

Improving Intelligence Analysis in Policing

1st Edition


By Stuart Kirby, Scott Keay
June 09, 2021

This book offers an accessible and critical account of how intelligence analysis can improve policing. Written by experts in police higher education from across both academic and professional practice, this book equips students with both practical knowledge and a critical understanding as to the ...

Policing Structures

Policing Structures

1st Edition

By Colin Rogers
October 21, 2020

This book examines the structures that support the policing organisation internally and externally, including its partners within the criminal justice system. It has been written for students of policing, especially those undertaking qualifications under the new Police Education Qualifications ...

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