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Routledge Advances in Popular Culture Studies

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This series is our home for cutting-edge popular culture research, where the monographs and edited collections included expand our understanding of popular culture as reflecting world challenges, contexts, and situations. The series places a particular emphasis on evolutions and transformations within popular culture — with a focus on icons, narratives, practices, and identities and aims to provide interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary, transmedia, and transnational perspectives. To that end, the editor of this book series encourages and welcomes proposals on the broader popular culture landscape, including but not limited to: genre evolutions and transformations; popular narrative platforms, from film to television, video games, web series, comics, anime, manga, games, music, and beyond; regional, national identities, Indigeneity and post-colonial discourses; multifaceted representations of gender, sexuality, race, ethnicity, class in popular media and culture forms; shifts in media production, engagement, and viewership (including the impact of online streaming platforms); social media, and their influences and impact; digital cultures; the history of popular culture; film and media-based tourism in the 21st century; evolving forms of storytelling, from mainstream to the margins.

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Meta Television A History of US Popular Television's Self-Awareness

Meta Television: A History of US Popular Television's Self-Awareness

1st Edition

By Erin Giannini
March 17, 2024

The idea of metatextuality is frequently framed as a recent television development and often paired with the idea that it represents genre exhaustion. US television, however, with its early “live” performances and set-bound sitcoms, always suggested an element of self-awareness that easily shaded ...

Critical Perspectives on the Hallmark Channel Countdown to Romance

Critical Perspectives on the Hallmark Channel: Countdown to Romance

1st Edition

Edited By Carlen Lavigne
March 04, 2024

This multinational, multidisciplinary collection of essays focuses on Hallmark Channel movies and Hallmark’s position in the changing North American media landscape. This book covers the ‘Countdown to Christmas’ offerings, year-round productions, made-for-TV mysteries and romances, Hallmark’s use ...

Women, Violence and Postmillennial Romance Fiction

Women, Violence and Postmillennial Romance Fiction

1st Edition

By Emma Roche
April 21, 2023

This book interrogates the significance of the revival and reformulation of the romance genre in the postmillennial period. Emma Roche examines how six popular novels, published between 2005 and 2015 (Twilight, Fifty Shades of Grey, Gone Girl, Sharp Objects and The Girl on the Train), reanimate and...

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