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Routledge Advances in Tourism and Anthropology: People, place and world

About the Series

This series embraces anthropology’s overarching purpose to explore and better understand the human condition in all its fascinating diversity. It aims to expand the intellectual landscape of the anthropology of tourism in relation to the social and cultural circumstances of life and living.

As people inhabit, organize, and classify the world around them they transform it into a meaningful world of places, ‘things’ and activities reflective of human culture and society. Tourism is a significant activity capable of uncovering the where, how and with what consequences individuals and communities live out their lives. This series provides a home for critical inquiry into the spaces, places, lives and relationships in and through which tourism unfolds, including non-human ‘lives’ such as nature, animals and the environment.

Spaces, places and relationships encompass the coast and the built environment; airports, hotels and cruise ships; heritage sites, museums and places of worship; virtual and simulated spaces and that of the imagination. In such places, tourism unfolds through a reshaping of time, place, history and memory into recognizable experiences; a reshaping that employs technologies and the language of anticipation, feeling and emotion to stimulate behaviour; a reshaping that reveals the values, beliefs, privilege and authority residing within. A focus on how the activity of tourism unfolds, how it is ‘used’ – embodied and experienced, memorialized and contested – provides numerous lines of enquiry.

Although anthropology provides the guiding framework, we invite contributions that draw from related area of study in support of anthropology’s holistic approach to understanding life and living. For example, philosophy, history, sociology, geography, feminist studies, gender studies, architecture, archaeology, the arts, animal studies and so forth. Contributions may be conceptual and research informed, monograph or edited collection. We also welcome Routledge focus contributions.

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Aesthetic Practices in African Tourism

Aesthetic Practices in African Tourism

1st Edition

By Ruti Talmor
December 05, 2023

Aesthetic Practices in African Tourism explores "Rastahood", a community, youth culture, and new tourist art form created by young men on the margins of the Ghanaian economy as they came of age at the turn of the millennium. This book focuses on art, music, and affective experience created within ...

Folklore, People, and Places International Perspectives on Tourism and Tradition in Storied Places

Folklore, People, and Places: International Perspectives on Tourism and Tradition in Storied Places

1st Edition

Edited By Jack Hunter, Rachael Ironside
March 16, 2023

Folklore, People and Place is a contribution towards better understanding the complex interconnectivity of folklore, people and place, across a range of different cultural and geographical contexts. The book showcases a range of international case studies from different cultural and ecological ...

Front and Back Stage of Tourism Performance Imaginaries and Bucket List Venues

Front and Back Stage of Tourism Performance: Imaginaries and Bucket List Venues

1st Edition

Edited By Frances Riemer
January 28, 2020

Front and Back Stage of Tourism Performance situates our travel imaginaries, those dream destinations on our travel bucket lists, as co-constructed by the tourist industry, state development policies, and community negotiations, and as framed by modernity’s new global cultural economy. As more ...

Tourism and Embodiment

Tourism and Embodiment

1st Edition

Edited By Catherine Palmer, Hazel Andrews
July 25, 2019

The role of the body and the concept of embodiment have largely been neglected in anthropological studies of tourism. This book explores the notion of the tourist body and develops understanding of how touristic practice is embodied practice, not only for tourists but also for those who work in ...

Tourism and Ethnodevelopment Inclusion, Empowerment and Self-determination

Tourism and Ethnodevelopment: Inclusion, Empowerment and Self-determination

1st Edition

Edited By Ismar Borges de Lima, Victor T. King
July 12, 2019

Ethnodevelopment is a well-established concept in the field of development studies. Despite its relevance to tourism initiatives and processes in the Global South, it continues to be an underutilised concept in the field. This book bridges this gap, presenting an original conceptual framework to ...

Tourism Ethnographies Ethics, Methods, Application and Reflexivity

Tourism Ethnographies: Ethics, Methods, Application and Reflexivity

1st Edition

Edited By Hazel Andrews, Takamitsu Jimura, Laura Dixon
December 13, 2018

How is ethnography practiced in the context of tourism? As a multi- and interdisciplinary area of academic enquiry, the use of ethnography to study tourism is found in an increasingly diverse number of settings.  This book is a collection of essays that discuss the practice of ethnography in ...

Tourism and Indigenous Heritage in Latin America As Observed through Mexico's Magical Village Cuetzalan

Tourism and Indigenous Heritage in Latin America: As Observed through Mexico's Magical Village Cuetzalan

1st Edition

By Casper Jacobsen
August 08, 2018

Following the surge of regional multiculturalism and indigenous political mobilization, how are indigenous Latin Americans governed today? Addressing the Mexican flagship tourist initiative of ‘Magical Villages,’ this book shows how government tourism programs do more than craft appealing tourist ...

The Affective Negotiation of Slum Tourism City Walks in Delhi

The Affective Negotiation of Slum Tourism: City Walks in Delhi

1st Edition

By Tore Holst
February 07, 2018

Each year, approximately a million tourists visit slum areas on guided tours as a part of their holiday to Asia, Africa or Latin America. This book analyses the cultural encounters that take place between slum tourists and former street children, who work as tour guides for a local NGO in Delhi, ...

Everyday Practices of Tourism Mobilities Packing a Bag

Everyday Practices of Tourism Mobilities: Packing a Bag

1st Edition

By Kaya Barry
July 20, 2017

The practice of packing a bag is a situation where subtle, daily processes can attune us to the relationships and experiences formed in mobile situations. There has been great attention to mundane and material practices in tourism, yet the process of packing, which is integral to any journey, ...

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