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Routledge Archaeologies of the Contemporary World

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An historian once described, ’all history as contemporary history’. All archaeology is contemporary for the same reason - in its persistence, its resilience, its place in the contemporary world, on or beneath its surface. But increasingly archaeologists are focusing attention on the contemporary world itself, its materiality, the behaviours that underlie it, and the heritage it creates. Archaeology provides a distinctive and meaningful contribution to understanding the contemporary world - a contribution grounded in materiality, and in seeking to understand the often complex relationships between people, their behaviours and things. This series of books will generate new and deeper explorations of these relationships, creating and promoting archaeologies of the contemporary world through a range of formats (single-authored works, edited collections, Research Focus outputs) encouraging diversity of approach towards new interdisciplinary encounters with our supposedly ‘familiar past’.

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A Contemporary Archaeology of Post-Displacement Resettlement Delhi’s 1947 Partition Refugee Homescapes

A Contemporary Archaeology of Post-Displacement Resettlement: Delhi’s 1947 Partition Refugee Homescapes

1st Edition


By Erin P. Riggs
May 07, 2024

This book explores the archaeology of the 1947 Partition, the largest mass migration in human history, and the resulting resettlement of half a million refugees in Delhi, India’s capital city. Interweaving material analysis with oral history collection and archival sources, this book considers how ...

An Archaeology of Temperature Numerical Materials in the Capitalized Landscape

An Archaeology of Temperature: Numerical Materials in the Capitalized Landscape

1st Edition

By Scott W. Schwartz
May 31, 2023

This work investigates the material culture of public temperatures in New York City. Numbers like temperature, while ubiquitous and indispensable to capitalized social relations, are often hidden away within urban infrastructures evading attention. This Archaeology of Temperature brings such ...

After Discourse Things, Affects, Ethics

After Discourse: Things, Affects, Ethics

1st Edition

Edited By Bjørnar Olsen, Mats Burström, Caitlin DeSilvey, Þóra Pétursdóttir
December 22, 2020

After Discourse is an interdisciplinary response to the recent trend away from linguistic and textual approaches and towards things and their affects. The new millennium brought about serious changes to the intellectual landscape. Favoured approaches associated with the linguistic and the textual ...

Archaeology of The Teufelsberg Exploring Western Electronic Intelligence Gathering in Cold War Berlin

Archaeology of The Teufelsberg: Exploring Western Electronic Intelligence Gathering in Cold War Berlin

1st Edition

By Wayne D Cocroft, John Schofield
March 21, 2019

For over 50 years, the white radomes of the Teufelsberg have been one of Berlin’s most prominent landmarks. For half of this time the city lay over 100 miles behind an 'Iron Curtain' that divided East from West, and was surrounded by communist East Germany and the densest concentration of ...

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