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Routledge Contemporary Ecclesiology

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The field of ecclesiology has grown remarkably in the last decade, and most especially in relation to the study of the contemporary church. Recently, theological attention has turned once more to the nature of the church, its practices and proclivities, and to interpretative readings and understandings of its role, function and ethos in contemporary society.

This series draws from a range of disciplines and established scholars to further the study of contemporary ecclesiology and publish an important cluster of landmark titles in this field. The series editors represent a range of Christian traditions and disciplines, and this reflects the breadth and depth of books developing in the Series. This series presents a clear focus on the contemporary situation of churches worldwide, offering an invaluable resource for students, researchers, ministers and other interested readers around the world working or interested in the diverse areas of contemporary ecclesiology and the important changing shape of the church worldwide.

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Practical Theology and Pierre-André Liégé Radical Dominican and Vatican II Pioneer

Practical Theology and Pierre-André Liégé: Radical Dominican and Vatican II Pioneer

1st Edition

By Nicholas Bradbury
February 12, 2018

Pierre-André Liégé, one of the foremost French theologians of the 20th century, influenced John XXIII and Paul VI, and sat on Vatican II committees with both the future John Paul II and Benedict VI. Fifty years on from Vatican II is a good time to remember the decade of dramatic struggle and ...

Mothering as a Metaphor for Ministry

Mothering as a Metaphor for Ministry

1st Edition

By Emma Percy
February 06, 2018

Drawing together original research which weaves together ideas from theology, philosophy, feminism and writing on mothering and child development, Emma Percy affirms and encourages aspects of good practice in ministry that are in danger of being overlooked because they are neither well-articulated ...

The Rise and Fall of the English Christendom Theocracy, Christology, Order and Power

The Rise and Fall of the English Christendom: Theocracy, Christology, Order and Power

1st Edition

By Bruce Kaye
November 09, 2017

English Christendom has never been a static entity. Evangelism, politics, conflict and cultural changes have constantly and consistently developed it into myriad forms across the world. However, in recent times that development has seemingly become a general decline. This book utilises the motif of...

Church Growth in Britain 1980 to the Present

Church Growth in Britain: 1980 to the Present

1st Edition

Edited By David Goodhew
May 28, 2012

There has been substantial church growth in Britain between 1980 and 2010. This is the controversial conclusion from the international team of scholars, who have drawn on interdisciplinary studies and the latest research from across the UK. Such church growth is seen to be on a large scale, is ...

Contemporary Issues in the Worldwide Anglican Communion Powers and Pieties

Contemporary Issues in the Worldwide Anglican Communion: Powers and Pieties

1st Edition

By Abby Day
December 07, 2015

Contemporary Issues in the Worldwide Anglican Communion offers unique perspectives on an organisation undergoing significant and rapid change with important religious and wider sociological consequences. The book explores what the academic research community, Anglican clergy and laypeople are ...

Society Shaped by Theology Sociological Theology Volume 3

Society Shaped by Theology: Sociological Theology Volume 3

1st Edition

By Robin Gill
April 16, 2013

Over the last thirty years a number of theologians have been using aspects of sociology alongside the more traditional resources of philosophy. In turn, sociologists with an interest in theology have also contributed to an interaction between theology and sociology. The time is right to revisit the...

Sydney Anglicans and the Threat to World Anglicanism The Sydney Experiment

Sydney Anglicans and the Threat to World Anglicanism: The Sydney Experiment

1st Edition

By Muriel Porter
August 08, 2011

Sydney Anglicans, always ultra-conservative in terms of liturgy, theology and personal morality, have increasingly modelled themselves on sixteenth century English Puritanism. Over the past few decades, they have added radical congregationalism to the mix. They have altered church services, ...

Theology Shaped by Society Sociological Theology Volume 2

Theology Shaped by Society: Sociological Theology Volume 2

1st Edition

By Robin Gill
September 19, 2012

Theology Shaped by Society argues that the sociology of knowledge can make an important contribution to theology. Part I argues that theology can be seen as a 'socially constructed reality' that is sometimes dangerously related to power but, at other times, that is a positively engaged discipline ...

Virtue Ecclesiology An Exploration in The Good Church

Virtue Ecclesiology: An Exploration in The Good Church

1st Edition

By John Fitzmaurice
December 18, 2015

Critiquing a paradigm of growth within the church, this book contends that the church’s growth ethic should be replaced by one based on virtue. Drawing on the work of Sennett, Fromm, and Hauerwas, John Fitzmaurice argues that an approach taking growth to be the overriding task of the church is ...

The Anglican Imagination Portraits and Sketches of Modern Anglican Theologians

The Anglican Imagination: Portraits and Sketches of Modern Anglican Theologians

1st Edition

By Robert Boak Slocum
March 31, 2017

The variety and depth of Anglican theology is best engaged through personal encounter with its many sources - the theologians and theological witnesses themselves. Anglican theology is often worked out in personal terms that provide a synthesis between reflection on the truths of faith and the ...

The Future Shapes of Anglicanism Currents, contours, charts

The Future Shapes of Anglicanism: Currents, contours, charts

1st Edition

By Martyn Percy
February 14, 2017

  To many people, the Church of England and worldwide Anglican Communion has the aura of an institution that is dislocated and adrift. Buffeted by tempestuous and stormy debates on sexuality, gender, authority and power – to say nothing of priorities in mission and ministry, and the ...

Growth and Decline in the Anglican Communion 1980 to the Present

Growth and Decline in the Anglican Communion: 1980 to the Present

1st Edition

Edited By David Goodhew
December 15, 2016

The Anglican Communion is one of the largest Christian denominations in the world. Growth and Decline in the Anglican Communion is the first study of its dramatic growth and decline in the years since 1980. An international team of leading researchers based across five continents provides a global ...

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