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Routledge Contemporary Political Philosophy

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Multiculturalism A Critical Introduction

Multiculturalism: A Critical Introduction

1st Edition

By Michael Murphy
January 17, 2012

What is multiculturalism and what are the different theories used to justify it? Are multicultural policies a threat to liberty and equality? Can liberal democracies accommodate minority groups without sacrificing peace and stability? In this clear introduction to the subject, Michael Murphy ...

Rights A Critical Introduction

Rights: A Critical Introduction

1st Edition

By Tom Campbell
January 24, 2006

We take rights to be fundamental to everyday life. Rights are also controversial and hotly debated both in theory and practice. Where do rights come from? Are they invented or discovered? What sort of rights are there and who is entitled to them? In this comprehensive introduction, Tom Campbell ...

Political Obligation A Critical Introduction

Political Obligation: A Critical Introduction

1st Edition

By Dudley Knowles
September 18, 2009

Political obligation is concerned with the clash between the individual’s claim to self-governance and the right of the state to claim obedience. It is a central and ancient problem in political philosophy. In this authoritative introduction, Dudley Knowles frames the problem of obligation in ...

Toleration A Critical Introduction

Toleration: A Critical Introduction

1st Edition

By Catriona McKinnon
February 15, 2006

Why should we be tolerant? What does it mean to ‘live and let live’? What ought to be tolerated and what not? Catriona McKinnon presents a comprehensive, yet accessible introduction to toleration in her new book. Divided into two parts, the first clearly introduces and assesses the major ...

Theories of Democracy A Critical Introduction

Theories of Democracy: A Critical Introduction

1st Edition

By Frank Cunningham
December 14, 2001

This is the first book to be published in this exciting new series on political philosophy. Cunningham provides a critical and clear introduction to the main contemporary approaches to democracy: participatory democracy, classic and radical pluralism, deliberative democracy, catallaxy, and others. ...

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