Routledge Critical Beverage Studies

Series Editors:

Routledge Critical Beverage Studies offers cutting edge and ground-breaking insights on beverages as vehicles for a wide array of social, cultural, economic, environment and political phenomenon. Books in the series are interdisciplinary and multi-methodological, exploring a variety of perspectives from the social sciences and humanities. The series reflects the notable increase of academic interest on the histories, production, promotion, regulation, sustainability and consumption of various beverages, which are expansively defined as anything produced and consumed in liquid form and typically for the purposes of thirst quenching, nutrition, sociality and/or the aesthetics of taste. This includes water, milk, tea, coffee, coco, juice, wine, pisco, cider, beer, whiskey, vodka, gin, sake, kombucha, cassava, kava, sima, boza, kefir and so on. The series offers historical and contemporary critical explorations of beverages that will shape the future field of critical beverage studies. Books in the series will be of interest to students, researchers, academics and practitioners in food, hospitality and consumption studies; tourism and hospitality; anthropology; sociology; leisure studies; cultural studies; history, geography; business management; and economics.

This series welcomes contributions from a wide range of disciplines, from monographs and edited collections to student textbooks.