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The modern world is one that holds an intense fascination with the activities we place under the heading ‘leisure’. Rather than simply being the opposite of ‘work’, ‘leisure’ today can be seen as a form of social and cultural life in which ‘work’ and ‘leisure’ intersect and mutually inform one another.

This series is a forum for agenda-setting research that examines our contemporary world of leisure. It places a strong emphasis not only on mapping current developments in individual and collective leisure activities, but also on challenging our understanding of these from different perspectives. Providing detailed empirical and theoretical accounts, this series explores the critical issues that underpin people’s leisure lives at the beginning of the twenty-first century.

While this series is devoted to leisure, many of its books touch on other subject fields, contributing to interdisciplinary studies and appealing to readers from across the social sciences and the humanities.

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Exploring the Natural Underground A New Sociology of Caving

Exploring the Natural Underground: A New Sociology of Caving

1st Edition


By Kevin Bingham
June 07, 2023

This book explores the enigmatic world of the natural underground, viewing it as a site of leisure and a primary sphere of anthropotechnics. It reshapes the old language of caving into new ideas that broaden the possibilities of the sociology of caving. After outlining a novel methodological ...

Transforming Leisure in the Pandemic Re-imagining Interaction and Activity during Crisis

Transforming Leisure in the Pandemic: Re-imagining Interaction and Activity during Crisis

1st Edition

Edited By Briony Sharp, Rebecca Finkel, Katherine Dashper
December 22, 2022

This is the first book to critically explore international leisure during the COVID-19 pandemic. It analyses the ways in which the pandemic has impacted upon our leisure practices and our leisure lives, focusing on three key spaces ・ public, private, and digital. The book seeks to understand how ...

Digital Wellness, Health and Fitness Influencers Critical Perspectives on Digital Guru Media

Digital Wellness, Health and Fitness Influencers: Critical Perspectives on Digital Guru Media

1st Edition

Edited By Stefan Lawrence
October 07, 2022

This book examines the phenomenon of ‘digital guru media’ (DGM), the self-styled online influencers, life coaches, experts and entrepreneurs who post on the themes of wellness, health and fitness.  It opens up new perspectives on digital leisure and internet celebrity culture, and asks important ...

Leisure Communities Rethinking Mutuality, Collective Identity and Belonging in the New Century

Leisure Communities: Rethinking Mutuality, Collective Identity and Belonging in the New Century

1st Edition

Edited By Troy D. Glover, Erin K. Sharpe
April 29, 2022

This book analyses the concept of community by critically exploring its many manifestations in leisure.  It unpacks patterns of mutuality, collective expression, and belonging as they emerge through interaction, shared narrative, and practice. Recognizing that our experiences of “being in ...

Time, Leisure and Well-Being

Time, Leisure and Well-Being

1st Edition

By Jiri Zuzanek
April 29, 2022

The significance of work and leisure as elements of our social fabric have puzzled philosophers and social scientists for generations. This ambitious new study considers historical views of work and leisure alongside contemporary survey evidence about time-use and well-being. Combining ...

Whatever Happened to the Leisure Society?

Whatever Happened to the Leisure Society?

1st Edition

By A. J. Veal
June 30, 2020

The idea of a ‘leisure society’ was in its heyday in the 1960s and 1970s, when it was predicted that the pattern of falling working hours which had been experienced in Western societies in the first half of the twentieth century would continue indefinitely. The leisure society has clearly not been ...

Feminisms in Leisure Studies Advancing a Fourth Wave

Feminisms in Leisure Studies: Advancing a Fourth Wave

1st Edition

Edited By Diana Parry
February 25, 2020

Feminisms in Leisure Studies acknowledges and advances the contribution of feminist theories to leisure knowledge and research. Building upon the strong history of feminist leisure scholarship, the book reviews key feminist theories and offers an overview of a fourth wave of feminism and its ...

Philosophy of Leisure Foundations of the good life

Philosophy of Leisure: Foundations of the good life

1st Edition

By Johan Bouwer, Marco van Leeuwen
September 10, 2018

What is leisure? How does leisure relate to leading a good life? This critical and intelligent study interrogates the basic principles of leisure and demonstrates the continuing relevance of these questions for our society today. It not only explores the traditional philosophical concepts at the ...

Re-Imagining Leisure Studies

Re-Imagining Leisure Studies

1st Edition

By Tony Blackshaw
February 13, 2018

In this provocative new book, Tony Blackshaw argues that Leisure Studies is in a quiet but deep state of crisis. The twenty-first century has brought profound change to all aspects of society, including a plurality of new leisure worlds, and traditional concepts of Leisure Studies fail to capture ...

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