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Routledge Critical Perspectives on Equality and Social Justice in Sport and Leisure

About the Series

This series presents important new critical studies that explore and explain issues relating to social justice and equality in sport and leisure. Addressing current debates and examining key concepts such as inclusion and exclusion, (anti)oppression, neo-liberalism, resistance, merit(ocracy), and sport for all, the series aims to be a key location for scholars, students and policy makers interested in these topics.

Innovative and interrogative, the series will explore central themes and issues in critical sport and leisure studies, including: theory development, methodologies and intersectionality; policy and politics; ‘race’, ethnicity, gender, class, sexuality, disability; communities and migration; ethics and morals; and media and new technologies. Inclusive and transdisciplinary, it aims to showcase high quality work from leading and emerging scholars working in sport and leisure studies, sport development, sport coaching and PE, policy, events and health studies, and areas of sport science that consider the same concerns.

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Sport as Social Policy Midnight Football and the Governing of Society

Sport as Social Policy: Midnight Football and the Governing of Society

1st Edition


By David Ekholm, Magnus Dahlstedt
December 06, 2022

This book analyses the increasing use of sport in European and Western welfare states as a tool of social policy and its promotion as a solution to social problems.  Drawing on cutting edge research into Midnight Football in Sweden and exploring other community sport programs including Midnight ...

'Race', Ethnicity and Racism in Sports Coaching

'Race', Ethnicity and Racism in Sports Coaching

1st Edition

Edited By Steven Bradbury, Jim Lusted, Jacco van Sterkenburg
April 29, 2022

In recent years there has been a steady increase in the racial and ethnic diversity of the playing workforce in many sports around the world. However, there has been a minimal throughput of racial and ethnic minorities into coaching and leadership positions. This book brings together leading ...

Families, Sport, Leisure and Social Justice From Protest to Progress

Families, Sport, Leisure and Social Justice: From Protest to Progress

1st Edition

Edited By Dawn E. Trussell, Ruth Jeanes
April 13, 2021

Through a social justice and equity lens, this book examines how families, sport, and leisure connect to broader social issues in society. It goes beyond describing oppression and disadvantaged identities and focuses on advocacy and ways forward to challenge the status quo. Adopting an ...

‘Race’, Youth Sport, Physical Activity and Health Global Perspectives

‘Race’, Youth Sport, Physical Activity and Health: Global Perspectives

1st Edition

Edited By Symeon Dagkas, Laura Azzarito, Kevin Hylton
June 03, 2019

‘Race’, Youth Sport, Physical Activity and Health provides a resource that addresses ‘race’ and racism in an accessible way by contextualizing theory with practical evidence-based examples drawn from global geographical and cultural settings. This is the first book to focus on issues of ‘race’ and ...

Sport, Leisure and Social Justice

Sport, Leisure and Social Justice

1st Edition

Edited By Jonathan Long, Thomas Fletcher, Beccy Watson
February 04, 2019

Social inequalities are often reproduced in sport and leisure contexts. However, sport and leisure can be sites of resistance as well as oppression; they can be repressive or promote positive social change. This challenging and important book brings together contemporary cases examining different ...

Youth Sport, Migration and Culture Two Football Teams and the Changing Face of Ireland

Youth Sport, Migration and Culture: Two Football Teams and the Changing Face of Ireland

1st Edition

By Max Mauro
January 16, 2019

How do migrant youth negotiate their role in society through sport and leisure practices? How can political theory and qualitative critical research work together to make sense of these processes? These are among the questions that led to a long-term investigation of young males’ sport practices in...

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