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Routledge Critical Sikh Studies: Encounters Across the Disciplines

About the Series

Routledge Critical Sikh Studies is an interdisciplinary book series dedicated to publishing new and innovative research on Sikh formations in the Punjabi and wider global context. Key to the approach of this series is the concept of ‘encounter’, which can be applied to Sikh Studies in two ways. First, that the term ‘Sikh’ designates a critical point of intersection with the world, and secondly, that the so-called ‘Sikh world’ has itself evolved through constant encounters: material, conceptual and spiritual. This idea of encounter is increasingly accentuated in the era of modernity, in the sense that it touches every aspect of Sikh existence and is potentially open to being studied by any discipline, or even a range of disciplines. The notion of encounter is also particularly relevant, as the Sikh lifeworld is being forced to expand beyond its comfort zones and traditional boundaries. Today’s ‘encounters’ are being registered in every field of study, including philosophical and religious encounters with other traditions of thought and practice; encounters with science, technology and media; encounters with secularism; encounters with new political and social systems, languages, literatures and groups; even intra-social encounters with new movements within the Sikh traditions. The series editors, therefore, welcome contributions that work across disciplines, allowing scholars working broadly in Sikh and Punjab Studies to explore wider theoretical debates and thematic concepts from across the Humanities and Social Sciences.

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Cultivating Sikh Culture and Identity Art, Music and Philology

Cultivating Sikh Culture and Identity: Art, Music and Philology

1st Edition


By Bob van der Linden
November 18, 2024

Cultivating Sikh Identity and Culture explores the development of modern Sikh identities through the concept of ‘cultivation of culture’. It investigates diverse, but repeatedly overlapping, Sikh encounters in the fields of art, music and philology, and considers their role in the making of a ...

Bhai Vir Singh (1872–1957) Religious and Literary Modernities in Colonial and Post-Colonial Indian Punjab

Bhai Vir Singh (1872–1957): Religious and Literary Modernities in Colonial and Post-Colonial Indian Punjab

1st Edition

Edited By Anshu Malhotra, Anne Murphy
April 27, 2023

This volume brings together works by established and emerging scholars to consider the work and impact of Bhai Vir Singh. Bhai Vir Singh (1872-1957) was a major force in the shaping of modern Sikh and Punjabi culture, language, and politics in the undivided colonial Punjab, prior to the Partition ...

Global Sikhs Histories, Practices and Identities

Global Sikhs: Histories, Practices and Identities

1st Edition

Edited By Opinderjit Kaur Takhar, Doris R. Jakobsh
March 13, 2023

This book brings a broad, holistic approach to the study of the phenomena of the global Sikh community referred to collectively as the Panth. With contributions by an interdisciplinary range of experts, the volume provides insight into current debates and discussions around Sikh identity in the ...

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