Routledge Critical Studies in Religion, Gender and Sexuality

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This book series is dedicated to the critical study of religion, gender and sexuality, in conversation and exchange with the broader qualitative social sciences and humanities. It publishes cutting-edge innovative research from both established scholars and up-and-coming researchers. Fundamentally concerned with "religion" as a field of imagination and power, the series explores the complex and dynamic relationship between religious knowledge, symbols and practices with categories of gender and sexuality in global contexts.

The series welcomes scholars whose work is situated in the interdisciplinary study of religion, gender and sexuality, especially those who incorporate critical theoretical perspectives, innovative methodologies, and/or strong epistemological approaches in their projects. Books published in the series may either privilege empirical research, as long as it is embedded in and contributes to epistemological, methodological and theoretical reflections, or may privilege theoretical research, as long as it is concerned with providing understanding into critical contemporary questions relating to religion, gender and sexuality.