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Routledge Critical Studies in Urbanism and the City

About the Series

The Routledge Critical Studies in Urbanism and the City Series offers a forum for cutting-edge and original research that explores different aspects of the city. Titles within this series critically engage with, question, and challenge, contemporary theory and concepts to extent current debates and pave the way for new critical perspectives on the city. This series explores a range of social, political, economic, cultural and spatial concepts, offering innovative and vibrant contributions, international perspectives, and interdisciplinary engagements with the city from across the social sciences and humanities. It will appeal to upper level undergraduate and postgraduate students, as well as scholars, working in urban studies, planning, geography, geohumanities, sociology, politics, the arts, cultural studies, popular culture, philosophy and literature.

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Urban Narratives and the Spaces of Rome Pier Paolo Pasolini and the City

Urban Narratives and the Spaces of Rome: Pier Paolo Pasolini and the City

1st Edition


By Gregory Smith
July 13, 2021

This book foregrounds the works of Pier Paolo Pasolini to study the Roman periphery and examine the relevance of Pasolini’s vision in the construction of subaltern identity and experience. It analyses the contemporary Italian society to understand the problem of social exclusion of marginal ...

Housing Displacement Conceptual and Methodological Issues

Housing Displacement: Conceptual and Methodological Issues

1st Edition

Edited By Guy Baeten, Carina Listerborn, Maria Persdotter, Emil Pull
October 15, 2020

This book examines reasons, processes and consequences of housing displacement in different geographical contexts. It explores displacement as a prime act of housing injustice – a central issue in urban injustices. With international case studies from the US, the UK, Australia, Canada, India, ...

Socially Engaged Art and the Neoliberal City

Socially Engaged Art and the Neoliberal City

1st Edition

By Cecilie Sachs Olsen
August 30, 2020

What are the social functions of art in the age of neoliberal urbanism? This book discusses the potential of artistic practices to question the nature of city environments and the diverse productions of space, moving beyond the reduction of ‘the urban’ as a set of existing and static structures. ...

Gender and Gentrification

Gender and Gentrification

1st Edition

By Winifred Curran
July 12, 2019

This book explores how gentrification often reinforces traditional gender roles and spatial constructions during the process of reshaping the labour, housing, commercial and policy landscapes of the city. It focuses in particular on the impact of gentrification on women and racialized men, ...

Spatial Complexity in Urban Design Research Graph Visualization Tools for Communities and their Contexts

Spatial Complexity in Urban Design Research: Graph Visualization Tools for Communities and their Contexts

1st Edition

By Jamie O’Brien
June 13, 2019

This book offers state-of-the-art ‘tools for thinking’ for urban designers, planners and decision-makers. Thematically it focuses on the contexts of problems in urban design and places community spaces at the heart of urban design research. The book provides practicable tools for network modelling ...

Peri-Urban China Land Use, Growth, and Integrated Urban–Rural Development

Peri-Urban China: Land Use, Growth, and Integrated Urban–Rural Development

1st Edition

By Li Tian, Yan Guo
April 09, 2019

The urban-rural relationship in China is key to a sustainable global future. This book is particularly interested in peri-urbanization in China, the process by which fringe areas of cities develop. Recent institutional change has helped clarify property rights over collective land, facilitating ...

Gentrification as a Global Strategy Neil Smith and Beyond

Gentrification as a Global Strategy: Neil Smith and Beyond

1st Edition

Edited By Abel Albet, Núria Benach
February 14, 2019

This book pays homage to Neil Smith’s ideas, offering a critical approach and rich collection of insights that draw on Smith’s work for inspiration and debate. With interdisciplinary and international contributions from leading experts, the book demonstrates the impact of Smith’s ideas on ...

Art and the City Worlding the Discussion through a Critical Artscape

Art and the City: Worlding the Discussion through a Critical Artscape

1st Edition

Edited By Jason Luger, Julie Ren
August 14, 2018

Artistic practices have long been disturbing the relationships between art and space. They have challenged the boundaries of performer/spectator, of public/private, introduced intervention and installation, ephemerality and performance, and constantly sought out new modes of distressing ...

Mega-Event Mobilities A Critical Analysis

Mega-Event Mobilities: A Critical Analysis

1st Edition

Edited By Noel B. Salazar, Christiane Timmerman, Johan Wets, Luana Gama Gato, Sarah Van den Broucke
December 07, 2016

Global sports events are rarely far from the public eye. Such mega-events are about much more than the sporting competitions themselves. They entail global exposure and intense struggles by different stakeholders. This is the first book to examine sports mega-events from a mobilities perspective. ...

Urban Subversion and the Creative City

Urban Subversion and the Creative City

1st Edition

By Oli Mould
August 03, 2016

Check out the author's video to find out more about the book: This book provides a comprehensive critique of the current Creative City paradigm, with a capital ‘C’, and argues for a creative city with a small ‘c’ via a theoretical exploration of urban subversion. The ...

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