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Routledge Critical Terrorism Studies

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This book series will publish rigorous and innovative studies on all aspects of terrorism, counter-terrorism and state terror. It seeks to advance a new generation of thinking on traditional subjects, investigate topics frequently overlooked in orthodox accounts of terrorism and to apply knowledge from disciplines beyond International Relations and Security Studies. Books in this series will typically adopt approaches informed by critical-normative theory, post-positivist methodologies and non-Western perspectives, as well as rigorous and reflective orthodox terrorism studies.

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Contemporary Reflections on Critical Terrorism Studies

Contemporary Reflections on Critical Terrorism Studies

1st Edition


Edited By Alice Martini, Raquel da Silva
June 30, 2023

Bringing together established and emerging voices in Critical Terrorism Studies (CTS), this book offers fresh and dynamic reflections on CTS and envisages possible lines of future research and ways forward. The volume is structured in three sections. The first opens a space for intellectual ...

Hindu Nationalism and Terrorism in India The Saffron Threat to Democracy

Hindu Nationalism and Terrorism in India: The Saffron Threat to Democracy

1st Edition


By Eamon Murphy
June 30, 2023

This book discusses terrorism and the rise of Hindu nationalism in contemporary India and examines how this movement has become a threat to democracy in that country. The work analyses the rise of Hindu nationalism, culminating in the success of Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), the ...

Public Opinion and Counter-Terrorism Security and Politics in the UK

Public Opinion and Counter-Terrorism: Security and Politics in the UK

1st Edition


By Michael Lister
May 12, 2023

This book examines the ways in which the views of the public inhabit the counter-terrorism policy space, with a focus on the UK case. Drawing insights from Critical Terrorism Studies, Critical Security Studies and studies of public opinion, the book develops an argument that the relationship ...

Mediatised Terrorism East-West Narratives of Risk

Mediatised Terrorism: East-West Narratives of Risk

1st Edition

By Saira Ali
October 21, 2022

This book offers an East-West comparative analysis of mediatised terrorism. This is the first country-specific analysis of the mediatisation of terrorism, with Pakistan and Australia representing the two worlds, respectively. Caught up in the ‘9/11 effect’, Australia is known for its anti-terror ‘...

The UN and Counter-Terrorism Global Hegemonies, Power and Identities

The UN and Counter-Terrorism: Global Hegemonies, Power and Identities

1st Edition

By Alice Martini
August 29, 2022

This book traces the evolution of the UN Security Council’s actions against terrorism and extremism. The work examines the progression of the UN Security Council’s fight against international terrorism and its development of practices to prevent radicalisation and extremism. It also looks at the ...

Making Sense of Radicalization and Violent Extremism Interviews and Conversations

Making Sense of Radicalization and Violent Extremism: Interviews and Conversations

1st Edition

Edited By Mitja Sardoč
April 15, 2022

This volume brings together interviews with leading scholars to discuss some of the most important issues associated with radicalization, violent extremism and terrorism. The overall aim of these interviews is to move beyond the ‘conventional wisdom’ over radicalization and violent extremism best ...

Counterterrorism Strategies in Egypt Permanent Exceptions in the War on Terror

Counterterrorism Strategies in Egypt: Permanent Exceptions in the War on Terror

1st Edition

By Ahmed M. Abozaid
March 29, 2022

This book reveals how counterterrorism discourses and practices became the main tool of a systematic violation of human rights in Egypt after the Arab Uprising. It examines how the civic and democratic uprising in Egypt turned into robust authoritarianism under the pretence of counterterrorism and ...

Bringing Normativity into Critical Terrorism Studies

Bringing Normativity into Critical Terrorism Studies

1st Edition

Edited By Alice Martini
March 01, 2022

This book explores and inquiries into the interrelation between normativity and Critical Terrorism Studies (CTS) from a wide range of critical views. The volume draws together authors with very different positions and understandings of normativity and policy-implementations in relation to ...

China’s Soft War on Terror Space-Making Processes of Securitization

China’s Soft War on Terror: Space-Making Processes of Securitization

1st Edition

By Tianyang Liu
November 30, 2021

This book explores how the Chinese government reasserts its control and management of public spaces as part of its overall counter-terrorism strategy. The work focuses primarily on the banal and alternative forms that China’s ‘war on terror’ takes: the everyday, non-military, socio-economic and ...

Unknowing the ‘War on Terror’ The Pleasures of Risk

Unknowing the ‘War on Terror’: The Pleasures of Risk

1st Edition

By Tina Managhan
February 17, 2020

This book offers new insights into the excesses and uncanniness of the ‘War on Terror’ via an engagement with the pleasures of risk. Engaging with the unconscious, the excess, the uncanny and the spectacular dimensions of the ‘War on Terror’ – as made evident, for example, in the 2012 London ...

A Critical Theory of Counterterrorism Ontology, Epistemology and Normativity

A Critical Theory of Counterterrorism: Ontology, Epistemology and Normativity

1st Edition

By Sondre Lindahl
January 14, 2020

This book offers a theory and model of counterterrorism based on emancipation and non-violence. Critical Terrorism Studies (CTS) scholars have produced wide-ranging and rich critiques of terrorism-related research, as well as state counterterrorism policies and practices. This work aims to fill in...

Constructing the Cyberterrorist Critical Reflections on the UK Case

Constructing the Cyberterrorist: Critical Reflections on the UK Case

1st Edition

By Gareth Mott
November 08, 2019

This book maps and analyses the official British construction of the threat of cyberterrorism. By using interpretive discourse analysis, this book identifies ‘strands’ from a corpus of policy documents, statements, and speeches from UK Ministers, MPs, and Peers between 12 May 2010 and 24 June 2016....

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