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Routledge Criticism and Debates in Literature

About the Series

The Routledge Criticism and Debates in Literature series offers new perspectives on traditional and core subjects from Medieval Literature to Postmodernism. Exploring different approaches and critical directions, essays range from ‘classic’ and newer criticism to brand new papers. Sections give an essential overview of key topics and inspire lively debate, enhancing subjects through modern takes, angles or arguments against classic debates.

Ideal for students approaching a topic for the first time, the volumes are also useful for those looking for important critical background. Each contains section introductions that usefully situate the topic within wider debates, and glossaries of key terms, people and places. Challenging and provocative, the Routledge Criticism and Debates in Literature series shows how subjects and their criticism have travelled into the twenty-first century in an intelligent and accessible way.

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Nineteenth-Century Poetry Criticism and Debates

Nineteenth-Century Poetry: Criticism and Debates

1st Edition

Jonathan Herapath, Emma Mason
November 23, 2015

This engaging volume provides readers with the essential criticism on nineteenth-century poetry, organised around key areas of debate in the field. The critical texts included in this volume reflect both a traditional and modern emphasis on the study of poetry in the long nineteenth century. These ...

Victorian Literature Criticism and Debates

Victorian Literature: Criticism and Debates

1st Edition

Lee Behlman, Anne Longmuir
September 22, 2015

Victorian Literature: Criticism and Debates offers a comprehensive and critically engaging introduction to the study of Victorian literature and addresses the most popular and vibrant topics in the field today. Separated into twelve sections, this anthology investigates issues as diverse as ...

British Romanticism Criticism and Debates

British Romanticism: Criticism and Debates

1st Edition

Mark Canuel
November 13, 2014

Including classic essays and lively debates, British Romanticism shows that Romantic literature is an interesting and exciting topic to read and study. Combining key pieces from the last 25 years alongside newly written essays offering fresh takes on the area, this book covers the essential topics ...

Medieval Literature Criticism and Debates

Medieval Literature: Criticism and Debates

1st Edition

Holly Crocker, D. Vance Smith
December 13, 2013

Medieval Literature: Criticism and Debates combines classic critical essays alongside new voices and approaches, highlighting vibrant debates on medieval literature that will continue to shape critical conversations for the coming decades. Holly A. Crocker and D. Vance Smith present a fascinating ...

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