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Routledge Economic Growth and Development Series

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The aim of the series is to publish a series of books that applies rigorous economic analysis to the field of economic growth and development. The scope will include regional and country-specific studies, as well as cross-country comparisons, to examine the evidence surrounding the pressing and interesting questions on the growth prospects of developed and developing countries.

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The Road Leading to the Market

The Road Leading to the Market

1st Edition

By Zhang Weiying
April 28, 2020

Since the reform and opening up period, the world has witnessed a transformation within China. This transformation has led millions out of poverty within China and has in recent years seen China as an important and vital engine of economic growth for the rest of the world. While China has made ...

Institutions and Economic Growth in Asia The Case of Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia

Institutions and Economic Growth in Asia: The Case of Mainland China, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia

1st Edition

By Flora Huang, Horace Yeung
March 29, 2018

This book explores the role of institutions in economic growth, looking in particular at specific Asian countries and at particular cities within those countries. It considers a wide range of factors besides institutions, including the law, cultural factors and overall government arrangements. The ...

Chinese Companies and the Hong Kong Stock Market

Chinese Companies and the Hong Kong Stock Market

1st Edition

By Flora Xiao Huang, Horace Yeung
October 13, 2017

Listing by companies from one country on the stock market of another country is a device often used both to raise capital in, and to increase bonding with, the target country. This book examines the listing by Chinese companies on the Hong Kong stock market. It discusses the extent of the ...

China's Securities Market Towards Efficient Regulation

China's Securities Market: Towards Efficient Regulation

1st Edition

By Jing Bian
July 27, 2016

This book provides an analysis of the development of the Chinese securities market, with special reference to the information disclosure regimes in Mainland China, the UK, and Hong Kong. It examines the listed companies, stock exchanges, securities companies, financial intermediaries, financial ...

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