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Routledge Environmental Literature, Culture and Media

About the Series

The urgency of the next great extinction impels us to evaluate environmental crises as sociogenic. Critiques of culture have a lot to contribute to the endeavour to remedy crises of culture, drawing from scientific knowledge but adding to it arguments about agency, community, language, technology and artistic expression. This series aims to bring to consciousness potentialities that have emerged within a distinct historical situation and to underscore our actions as emergent within a complex dialectic among the living world.

It is our understanding that studies in literature, culture and media can add depth and sensitivity to the way we frame crises; clarifying how culture is pervasive and integral to human and non-human lives as it is the medium of lived experience. We seek exciting studies of more-than-human entanglements and impersonal ontological infrastructures, slow and public media, and the structuring of interpretation. We seek interdisciplinary frameworks for considering solutions to crises, addressing ambiguous and protracted states such as solastalgia, anthropocene anxiety, and climate grief and denialism. We seek scholars who are thinking through decolonization and epistemic justice for our environmental futures. We seek sensitivity to iterability, exchange and interpretation as wrought, performative acts.

Routledge Environmental Literature, Culture and Media provides accessible material to broad audiences, including academic monographs and anthologies, fictocriticism and studies of creative practices. We invite you to contribute to innovative scholarship and interdisciplinary inquiries into the interactive production of meaning sensitive to the affective circuits we move through as experiencing beings.

Series Editor Tom Bristow completed doctoral and postdoctoral studies in English literature at the University of Edinburgh in 2008. He has completed research fellowships at University of Melbourne and Durham University, and is presently Roderick Research Fellow at James Cook University and a director of the Foundation for Australian Literary Studies. Please contact [email protected] for further enquiries and to make a submission to the series.

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Georgic Literature and the Environment Working Land, Reworking Genre

Georgic Literature and the Environment: Working Land, Reworking Genre

1st Edition


Edited By Sue Edney, Tess Somervell
November 10, 2022

This expansive edited collection explores in depth the georgic genre and its connections to the natural world. Together its chapters demonstrate that georgic – a genre based primarily on two classical poems about farming, Virgil’s Georgics and Hesiod’s Works and Days – has been reworked by writers ...

Ecocriticism and the Sense of Place

Ecocriticism and the Sense of Place

1st Edition

By Lenka Filipova
August 30, 2021

The book is an investigation into the ways in which ideas of place are negotiated, contested and refigured in environmental writing at the turn of the twenty-first century. It focuses on the notion of place as a way of interrogating the socio-political and environmental pressures that have been ...

Ecological Film Theory and Psychoanalysis Surviving the Environmental Apocalypse in Cinema

Ecological Film Theory and Psychoanalysis: Surviving the Environmental Apocalypse in Cinema

1st Edition

By Robert Geal
July 13, 2021

This book applies ecolinguistics and psychoanalysis to explore how films fictionalising environmental disasters provide spectacular warnings against the dangers of environmental apocalypse, while highlighting that even these apparently environmentally friendly films can still facilitate problematic...

Wild Romanticism

Wild Romanticism

1st Edition

Edited By Markus Poetzsch, Cassandra Falke
April 28, 2021

Wild Romanticism consolidates contemporary thinking about conceptions of the wild in British and European Romanticism, clarifying the emergence of wilderness as a cultural, symbolic, and ecological idea. This volume brings together the work of twelve scholars, who examine representations of ...

Shakespeare and the Evolution of the Human Umwelt Adapt, Interpret, Mutate

Shakespeare and the Evolution of the Human Umwelt: Adapt, Interpret, Mutate

1st Edition

By Timothy Ryan Day
February 23, 2021

Shakespeare and the Evolution of the Human Umwelt brings together research on Shakespeare, biosemiotics, ecocriticism, epigenetics and actor network theory as it explores the space between nature and narrative in an effort to understand how human bodies are stories told in the emergent language of ...

Mediating Nature The Role of Technology in Ecological Literacy

Mediating Nature: The Role of Technology in Ecological Literacy

1st Edition

Edited By Sidney I. Dobrin, Sean Morey
November 20, 2019

Mediating Nature considers how technology acts as a mediating device in the construction and circulation of images that inform how we see and know nature. Scholarship in environmental communication has focused almost exclusively on verbal rather than visual rhetoric, and this book engages ...

Climate Fiction and Cultural Analysis A new perspective on life in the anthropocene

Climate Fiction and Cultural Analysis: A new perspective on life in the anthropocene

1st Edition

By Gregers Andersen
October 04, 2019

Climate Fiction and Cultural Analysis argues that the popularity of the term "climate fiction" has paradoxically exhausted the term’s descriptive power and that it has developed into a black box containing all kinds of fictions which depict climatic events and has consequently lost its true ...

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