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Routledge Explorations in Sustainability and Governance

About the Series

Routledge Explorations in Sustainability and Governance aims to expose the glaringly obsolete narratives currently used to frame relevant sustainability issues and to provide alternative, fresh narratives better tuned to our present reality. The books in this series will contribute useful insights to the debate on sustainability by providing a critical appraisal of ideological leftovers and outmoded and perhaps dangerous beliefs, as well as a more sobering view of the role of technology and innovation in relation to sustainability. This book series will be characterized by politically incorrect views, thinking outside the box, and unorthodox proposals in relation to sustainability of human development.

We invite book proposals that address a relevant issue in relation to the framing of sustainability issues and/or governance, by exposing a systemic problem found in the pre-analytical framing – i.e. the adoption of an obsolete narrative (perception/representation of an issue), and provide an alternative take on it and a possible way out from the box.

To submit proposals, please contact the Editor, Rebecca Brennan ([email protected]).

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The Circular Economy in Europe Critical Perspectives on Policies and Imaginaries

The Circular Economy in Europe: Critical Perspectives on Policies and Imaginaries

1st Edition

Zora Kovacic, Roger Strand, Thomas Völker
November 20, 2019

The Circular Economy in Europe presents an overview and a critical discussion on how circularity is conceived, imagined, and enacted in current EU policy-making. In 2013, the idea of a circular economy entered the stage of European policy-making in the efforts to reconcile environmental and ...

Resource Accounting for Sustainability Assessment The Nexus between Energy, Food, Water and Land Use

Resource Accounting for Sustainability Assessment: The Nexus between Energy, Food, Water and Land Use

1st Edition

Mario Giampietro, Richard J. Aspinall, Jesus Ramos-Martin, Sandra G. F. Bukkens
December 21, 2015

The demands placed on land, water, energy and other natural resources are exacerbated as the world population continues to increase together with the expectations of economic growth. This, combined with concerns over environmental change, presents a set of scientific, policy and management issues ...

Science, Philosophy and Sustainability The End of the Cartesian dream

Science, Philosophy and Sustainability: The End of the Cartesian dream

1st Edition

Angela Guimaraes Pereira, Silvio Funtowicz
February 26, 2015

For science to remain a legitimate and trustworthy source of knowledge, society will have to engage in the collective processes of knowledge co-production, which not only includes science, but also other types of knowledge. This process of change has to include a new commitment to knowledge ...

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