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Routledge Focus on Housing and Philosophy

About the Series

Routledge Focus offers both established and early-career academics the flexibility to publish cutting-edge commentary on topical issues, policy-focused research, analytical or theoretical innovations, in-depth case studies, or short topics for specialized audiences. The format and speed to market is distinctive. Routledge Focus are 20,000 to 50,000 words and will be published as eBooks, and in Hardback as print on demand.

This book series seeks to develop the links between housing and philosophy. It seeks proposals from academics and policy makers on any aspect of philosophy and its relation to housing. This might include ethics, political and social philosophy, aesthetics, as well as logic, epistemology and metaphysics. All proposals would be expected to apply philosophical rigour to the exploration of housing phenomena, whether this be the policy making process, design, or the manner in which individuals and communities relate to housing. The series seeks an international and comparative focus and is particularly keen to include innovative and distinctly new approaches to the study of housing.

Please contact Peter King ([email protected]) and Helen Taylor ([email protected]) with ideas for book proposal or for further details.

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Speculations on the Question: What Is Housing?

Speculations on the Question: What Is Housing?

1st Edition

By Peter King
January 31, 2022

This book consists of a single essay that speculates on the question what is housing?, and its opposite question, what is not housing? The essay is organised around two distinct discourses around which housing can be framed. The first, which is the dominant discourse, is what I term policy thinking...

Supported Housing Past, Present and Future

Supported Housing: Past, Present and Future

1st Edition

By Yoric Irving-Clarke
April 15, 2019

This book covers the history of supported housing provision in the context of the broader political and theoretical considerations of the time in which the respective policies were being implemented. The book takes an historical perspective using path dependency as an analytical framework. ...

Place and Identity The Performance of Home

Place and Identity: The Performance of Home

1st Edition

By Joanna Richardson
September 04, 2018

The UK is experiencing a housing crisis unlike any other. Homelessness is on the increase and more people are at the mercy of landlords due to unaffordable housing. Place and Identity: Home as Performance highlights that the meaning of home is not just found within the bricks and mortar; it is ...

Social Justice in Contemporary Housing Applying Rawls’ Difference Principle

Social Justice in Contemporary Housing: Applying Rawls’ Difference Principle

1st Edition

By Helen Taylor
August 16, 2018

Philosophy is not usually seen as a guidance for modern housing policy, but in this new book, Dr Helen Taylor argues that there is something innovative, unusual, and worth discussing about the application of philosophy to housing. The philosophical framework used within this book is John Rawls’ ...

Thinking on Housing Words, Memories, Use

Thinking on Housing: Words, Memories, Use

1st Edition

By Peter King
February 22, 2017

If we do stop to think on housing, what do we see? What is housing and what does it do? These seem deceptively simple questions, but they are often left unanswered. The reason for this is that a lot of discourse on housing is really a concern for policy-making and the critical evaluation of ...

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