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Routledge Focus on Modern Subjects

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The volumes in this Focus series shall explore quotidian claims made on the modern – understood as idea and image, practice and procedure – as part of everyday articulations of modernity in South Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Here, the category-entity of the subject refers not only to social actors who have been active participants in historical processes of modernity, but as equally implying branch of learning and area of study, topic and theme, question and matter, and issue and business. Our effort is to explore such modern subjects in a range of distinct yet overlaying ways.

The titles in the series address earlier understandings of the modern and recent reconsiderations of modernity by focusing on a clutch of common and critical questions. Indeed, our bid is to carefully query aggrandizing representations of modernity "as" the West, while prudently tracking the place of such projections in the commonplace unravelling of the modern in Global Souths today.

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Fluid Modernity The Politics of Water in the Middle East

Fluid Modernity: The Politics of Water in the Middle East

1st Edition

By Gilberto Conde
October 31, 2022

Fluid Modernity offers an innovative, encompassing, historical grasp of the politics of water in the Middle East in the context of modern capitalism and world politics. Drawing upon conceptions of power by Foucault and Agamben, it examines how water, through its modern capitalist production, is ...

The Dazzle of the Digital Unbundling India Online

The Dazzle of the Digital: Unbundling India Online

1st Edition

By Meghna Bal, Vivan Sharan
October 26, 2022

The Dazzle of the Digital is written in the context of digital technology’s inextricable link with progress and modernity in India, with the COVID pandemic in the backdrop. Digital technology such as smartphones and the internet exemplify the popular ideal of a modernity where the proliferation of ...

Disciplines of Modernity Archives, Histories, Anthropologies

Disciplines of Modernity: Archives, Histories, Anthropologies

1st Edition

By Saurabh Dube
October 14, 2022

Scrupulously based in anthropology and history – and drawing on social theory and critical thought – this book revisits the disciplines, archives, and subjects of modernity. There are at least three interleaving emphases here. To begin with, the work rethinks institutionalized formations of ...

Money, Culture, Class Elite Women as Modern Subjects

Money, Culture, Class: Elite Women as Modern Subjects

1st Edition

By Parul Bhandari
June 26, 2019

Based on ethnographic research, this book explores the ways in which elite women use and view money in order to construct identities – of class, status, and gender. Drawing on their everyday worlds, it tracks the intricate and contested meanings they attach to money. Focusing on weddings, travel, ...

Instrumental Lives An Intimate Biography of an Indian Laboratory

Instrumental Lives: An Intimate Biography of an Indian Laboratory

1st Edition

By Pankaj Sekhsaria
December 18, 2018

Instrumental Lives is an account of instrument making at the cutting edge of contemporary science and technology in a modern Indian scientific laboratory. For a period of roughly two-and-half decades, starting the late 1980s, a research group headed by CV Dharmadhikari in the physics department at ...

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