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Routledge Focus on Music Education: Culturally Responsive Teaching

About the Series

Routledge Focus on Music Education: Culturally Responsive Teaching consists of concise monographs that focus on concepts related to culturally responsive teaching in music education. Throughout this series, we illustrate how music education is transformed by culturally responsive practices. The monographs in this series (40-50,000 words) will focus on one or more of the different facets of the following concepts.

  • Music education works best when the cultural heritage of the students is valued.
  • Music education can serve as a change agent, empowering learners to be academically competent and confident in their abilities as musicians and scholars.
  • Culturally responsive teaching is multidimensional and encompasses curriculum content, the learning context, the classroom climate, student-teacher relationships, instructional techniques, classroom management, and performance assessments.  
  • Culturally responsive teaching can transform music education by challenging traditional education practices, particularly with disenfranchised populations.  
  • Culturally responsive teaching recognizes the cultural nature of human cognition, it focuses on learning as a comprehensive, all-encompassing process, not limited to the acquisition of new and decontextualized information.
  • Culturally responsive teaching breaks the constrictions imposed by adherence to only one canon of musical knowledge and performance practice and proposes that there can be multiple and equally viable perspectives regarding how music is made and what music is valued.

Projects in this series are published in the Routledge Focus format, designed as a home for publications shorter than traditional monographs.

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Culturally Responsive Choral Music Education What Teachers Can Learn From Nine Students’ Experiences in Three Choirs

Culturally Responsive Choral Music Education: What Teachers Can Learn From Nine Students’ Experiences in Three Choirs

1st Edition

By Julia T. Shaw, Vicki R. Lind, Constance McKoy
September 10, 2019

Culturally Responsive Choral Music Education visits the classrooms of three ethnically diverse choral teacher-conductors to highlight specific examples of ways that culturally responsive teaching (CRT) can enrich choral music education. Principles of CRT are illustrated in contrasting demographic ...

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