Routledge Focus on Philosophy

Routledge Focus on Philosophy is an exciting and innovative new series, capturing and disseminating some of the best and most exciting new research in philosophy in short book form. Peer reviewed and at a maximum of fifty thousand words shorter than the typical research monograph, Routledge Focus on Philosophy titles are available in both ebook and print on demand format. Tackling big topics in a digestible format the series opens up important philosophical research for a wider audience, and as such is invaluable reading for the scholar, researcher and student seeking to keep their finger on the pulse of the discipline. The series also reflects the growing interdisciplinarity within philosophy and will be of interest to those in related disciplines across the humanities and social sciences.


  • Plant Minds Chauncey Maher
  • The Logic of Commitment Gary Chartier


  • The Passing of Temporal Well-Being Ben Bramble
  • Consciousness, Value and Moral Status Joshua Shepherd
  • Knowledge Transmission Stephen Wright
  • Supposition, Imagination and Philosophy, Margherita Arcangeli
  • Moral Thinking: Fast and Slow Hanno Sauer
  • Mind-reading and the Philosophy of Social Cognition Shannon Spaulding
  • Well-being, Ethics and Disability Andrew Schroeder
  • Delusions and Beliefs: A Philosophical Inquiry Kengo Miyazono
  • Friendship, Ethics and Social Media Diane Jeske
  • Intuition as Consciousness Experience Ole Koksvik
  • Human Kinds: A Philosophical Defence Marion Godman
  • Confucianism and the Philosophy of Well-Being Richard Kim
  • The Philosophy and Psychology of Commitment John Michael