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Routledge Focus on Tourism and Hospitality

About the Series

Routledge Focus on Tourism and Hospitality presents small books on big topics and how they intersect with the world of tourism and hospitality research. The idea is to fill the gap between journal article and book. This new short form series offers both established and early-career academics the flexibility to publish cutting-edge commentary on key areas of tourism and hospitality, topical issues, policy-focused research, analytical or theoretical innovations, a summary of the key players or short topics for specialized audiences in a succinct way.

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Tourism, Sanctions and Boycotts

Tourism, Sanctions and Boycotts

1st Edition

By Siamak Seyfi, C. Michael Hall
November 19, 2019

This is the first book to provide a comprehensive account of sanctions and boycotts in tourism and the economic and ethical complexities that policy makers, tourists, tourism destinations, and businesses face. Sanctions and boycotts are an important feature of the global tourism system and the ...

Tourism and Urban Regeneration Processes Compressed in Time and Space

Tourism and Urban Regeneration: Processes Compressed in Time and Space

1st Edition

By Alberto Amore
August 13, 2019

Tourism and Urban Regeneration: Processes Compressed in Time and Space presents the global phenomenon of tourism and urban regeneration through the contemporary frames of spatial planning theory, metagovernance, resilience and disaster capitalism. Drawing upon cases from several cities around the ...

World Heritage and Tourism Marketing and Management

World Heritage and Tourism: Marketing and Management

1st Edition

By Bailey Ashton Adie
June 04, 2019

This book provides a comprehensive discussion of the phenomenon of World Heritage tourism through a critical, global perspective that encompasses both supply and demand. Individual chapters critically engage with four main topics crucial to this subject area. A chapter on visitors defines the World...

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