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Geopolitics is a thriving area of intellectual enquiry. The Routledge Geopolitics Series invites scholars to publish their original and innovative research in geopolitics and related fields. We invite proposals that are theoretically informed and empirically rich without prescribing research designs, methods and/or theories. Geopolitics is a diverse field making its presence felt throughout the arts and humanities, social sciences and physical and environmental sciences. Formal, practical and popular geopolitical studies are welcome as are research in areas informed by borders and bordering, elemental geo-politics, feminism, identity, law, race, resources, territory and terrain, materiality and objects. The series is also global in geographical scope and interested in proposals that focus on past, present and future geopolitical imaginations, practices and representations.

As the series is aimed at upper-level undergraduates, graduate students and faculty, we welcome edited book proposals as well as monographs and textbooks which speak to geopolitics and its relationship to wider human geography, politics and international relations, anthropology, sociology, and the interdisciplinary fields of social sciences, arts and humanities.

If you would like to submit a proposal please do feel free to contact:

Faye Leerink, Commissioning Editor, Routledge: [email protected]

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Bulgarian Geopolitics in a Balkan Context Imagining the Space of a Nation

Bulgarian Geopolitics in a Balkan Context: Imagining the Space of a Nation

1st Edition


By Valentin Mihaylov
April 01, 2024

This book is about the geographic space as an inseparable component of a nation’s historical memory, territorial awareness, geopolitical visions, and obsessions. The empirical part of the book focuses on the critical analysis of first-hand sources containing representations of the imagined spaces ...

Geopolitics and Identity in British Foreign Policy Discourse The Island Race

Geopolitics and Identity in British Foreign Policy Discourse: The Island Race

1st Edition

By Nick Whittaker
July 27, 2023

This is the first book to examine Britain’s geopolitical identity and how it is expressed in foreign policy discourse. It demonstrates how British imperial thought, related to its island status, has remained important for British Members of Parliament in their debates of contemporary issues. It ...

Hellenic Statecraft and the Geopolitics of Difference

Hellenic Statecraft and the Geopolitics of Difference

1st Edition

By Alex G. Papadopoulos, Triantafyllos G. Petridis
May 31, 2023

This book explores competing definitions of Hellenism in the making of the Greek state by drawing on critical historical and geopolitical perspectives and their intersection with difference and exclusion.  It examines Greece’s central role in shaping the state system, regional security, and ...

The Geopolitics of Region Building in the Black Sea A Critical Examination

The Geopolitics of Region Building in the Black Sea: A Critical Examination

1st Edition

By Yannis Tsantoulis
May 31, 2023

Offering theoretical insights on region building, this book explores the attempts to formulate a political and institutional vision for the Black Sea region in the post-9/11 era and in the context of the enlargements of the EU and NATO. It investigates in depth these attempts, viewed as a failure ...

Encountering Toponymic Geopolitics Place Names as a Political Instrument in the Post-Soviet States

Encountering Toponymic Geopolitics: Place Names as a Political Instrument in the Post-Soviet States

1st Edition

Edited By Sergei Basik
November 01, 2022

This book provides cutting-edge insights on contemporary geopolitical toponymic policy and practice in post-Soviet countries. It examines the political features of place naming as a reflection of contemporary political discourse. With multidisciplinary insights from leading scholars, chapters ...

An Introduction to the Geopolitics of Conflict, Nationalism, and Reconciliation in Ireland

An Introduction to the Geopolitics of Conflict, Nationalism, and Reconciliation in Ireland

1st Edition

By Kara E. Dempsey
July 29, 2022

This book examines ethnoterritorial conflict and reconciliation in Ireland from the 1916 Rising to Brexit (2021), including the production and consequences of the island’s two distinct political units. Highlighting key geographic themes of bordering, unity, division, and national narratives, it ...

Borders and Border Walls In-Security, Symbolism, Vulnerabilities

Borders and Border Walls: In-Security, Symbolism, Vulnerabilities

1st Edition

Edited By Andréanne Bissonnette, Élisabeth Vallet
May 06, 2022

This book addresses the recent evolution of borderlines around the world as an attempt to control transnational movements with a view to securitization of borders rooted in the need to control mobility and preserve national identities. This book moves beyond physical borders and studies new ...

Arctic Geopolitics, Media and Power

Arctic Geopolitics, Media and Power

1st Edition

By Annika Nilsson E., Miyase Christensen
December 18, 2020

Arctic Geopolitics, Media and Power provides a fresh way of looking at the potential and limitations of regional international governance in the Arctic region. Far-reaching impacts of climate change, its wealth of resources and potential for new commercial activities have placed the Arctic region ...

Popular Geopolitics Plotting an Evolving Interdiscipline

Popular Geopolitics: Plotting an Evolving Interdiscipline

1st Edition

Edited By Robert A. Saunders, Vlad Strukov
May 31, 2018

This book brings together scholars from across a variety of academic disciplines to assess the current state of the subfield of popular geopolitics. It provides an archaeology of the field, maps the flows of various frameworks of analysis into (and out of) popular geopolitics, and charts a ...

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