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Routledge Global Health Series

About the Series

Series Editors: Nana K. Poku and Jane Freedman

Consultant: Jim Whitman

This timely series provides robust and multi-disciplinary assessments of the actors and dynamics shaping the health of humanity under globalized and still globalizing conditions. Books in the series come from a range of disciplinary perspectives in order to address the complex interactions of human and natural systems and the roles of governments and international organizations in protecting the health of their citizens.

The series welcomes full proposals, outlines and general queries on all themes and issues pertinent to global health. This includes medical, political, sociological and economic perspectives on health, health governance and health finance; poverty and insecurity; the prevention and treatment of important but under-researched diseases; gender and health; the implications of global pandemics; and the varieties and challenges posed by the growing, worldwide expectation of some form/degree of Universal Health Coverage.

In the first instance, please contact the Series Consultant, Jim Whitman ([email protected]) and the Routledge editor Leanne Hinves ([email protected]).

16 Series Titles

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Gender and HIV/AIDS Critical Perspectives from the Developing World

Gender and HIV/AIDS: Critical Perspectives from the Developing World

1st Edition

By Nana K. Poku, Jelke Boesten
April 28, 2009

Gender issues are central to the causes and impact of the ongoing AIDS epidemic. The editors bring together cutting edge contemporary scholarship on gender and AIDS in one volume. They address questions related to gender and sexuality, how women and men live the epidemic differently and how such ...

AIDS and Governance

AIDS and Governance

1st Edition

By Alan Whiteside, Nana K. Poku
June 21, 2007

The political impact of HIV/AIDS varies greatly and is difficult to map. States depend on how governments choose to manage the political implications of HIV and AIDS, both those stemming from the erosions of its own capacity as well as those that originate from their changing relationship on a ...

AIDS, South Africa, and the Politics of Knowledge

AIDS, South Africa, and the Politics of Knowledge

1st Edition

By Jeremy R. Youde
July 28, 2007

Through an in-depth examination of the interactions between the South African government and the international AIDS control regime, Jeremy Youde examines not only the emergence of an epistemic community but also the development of a counter-epistemic community offering fundamentally different ...

The Politics of AIDS Denialism South Africa's Failure to Respond

The Politics of AIDS Denialism: South Africa's Failure to Respond

1st Edition

By Pieter Fourie, Melissa Meyer
September 28, 2010

Successive South African governments have had controversial views on HIV and AIDS which have led to allegations that South Africa is in a state of denial about the AIDS epidemic. This book attempts to determine the validity of such claims of government denial by formulating and testing a denial ...

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