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Routledge Global Public Governance

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The Routledge Global Public Governance series, edited by Evan Berman, provides textbooks designed specifically for Public Administration and Public Policy programs with a global outlook. Its mission is to offer transnational teaching materials for courses taught in the US and elsewhere (e.g., development administration, global policy networks and management, international organizations), as well as to produce books for public management and public policy courses taught abroad for which a global outlook is essential (e.g., public economics, health care policy, ethics and integrity management). For more information about the series, or to submit a book proposal, please contact series General Editor Evan Berman at [email protected].   

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Running the Government Public Administration and Governance in Global Context

Running the Government: Public Administration and Governance in Global Context

1st Edition

By Salvatore Schiavo-Campo
August 27, 2018

Sound machinery of government is at the core of a well-functioning state. Written by an author with wide experience in public administration globally, this book addresses both the commonalities and the diversity of administrative practice around the world. Exploring developed countries as well as ...

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