1st Edition

Routledge Handbook of China–India Relations

Edited By Kanti Bajpai, Selina Ho, Manjari Chatterjee Miller Copyright 2020
    634 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    634 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The Routledge Handbook of China–India Relations provides a much-needed understanding of the important and complex relationship between India and China. Reflecting the consequential and multifaceted nature of the bilateral relationship, it brings together thirty-five original contributions by a wide range of experts in the field. The chapters show that China–India relations are more far-reaching and complicated than ever and marked by both conflict and cooperation. Following a thorough introduction by the Editors, the handbook is divided into seven parts which combine thematic and chronological principles:

    • Historical overviews
    • Culture and strategic culture: constructing the other
    • Core bilateral conflicts
    • Military relations
    • Economy and development
    • Relations with third parties
    • China, India, and global order

    This handbook will be an essential reference work for scholars interested in International Relations, Asian Politics, Global Politics, and China–India relations.

    Introduction, Kanti Bajpai, Selina Ho and Manjari Chatterjee Miller  1. Reflections on Comparing China and India, Tarun Khanna  Historical Overviews  2. China and India Pre-1939, Rudolph G. Wagner  3. Relations between the Republic of China and India, 1937-1949, Tansen Sen  4. The 1950s in China-India Relations, Hu Xiaowen  Culture and Strategic Culture: Constructing the Other  5. The New Indian Communities in China, Pallavi Aiyar  6. The Alien Next Door: Media Images in China and India, Simon Shen and Debasish Roy Chowdhury  7. India in China’s Strategic Thought, Zhang Feng  8. China in India’s Strategic Thought, Ian Hall  Core Bilateral Conflicts  9. Stability in a Secondary Strategic Direction: China and the Border Dispute with India After 1962, M. Taylor Fravel  10. Differences not Disputes: India’s View of the Border after 1962, Rishika Chauhan  11. Solving a Solved Problem: The Tibet Issue in China-India Relations, Fang Tien-sze  12. China-India River Conflicts: Towards a Solution through Launching a Cooperation Spiral, Sebastian Biba  Military Relations  13. Offensive Defense: India’s Strategic Responses to the Rise of China, Yogesh Joshi and Anit Mukherjee  14. Asymmetric but Uneven: The China-India Conventional Military Balance, Oriana Skylar Mastro and Arzan Tarapore  15. China-India and Maritime Security: A Contest for Power and Influence in the Indian Ocean, David Brewster  16. China and India: Two Models for AI Military Acquisition and Integration, Lora Saalman  Economy and Connectivity  17. Bilateral Economic Relations Amid Trade and Trust Deficits, Pradeep Taneja  18. China, India, and Asian Connectivity: China’s View, Lin Minwang  19. China, India, and Asian Connectivity: India’s View, Jabin T. Jacob  20. Diverging Capitalism in China and India: A Historical Institutionalist Approach, Ye Min  21. Contested Partnership: China and India in a Changing BRICS, Gu Jing and Neil Renwick Relations with Third Parties  22. The China-India-US Triangle: A View from Washington, Jeff M. Smith  23. Russia: A Balancer in India-China Relations?, Vidya Nadkarni  24. India, China and Japan’s Policy of Regionalism, Marie Izuyama  25. India and the China-Pakistan Relationship - De-hyphenation and Re-hyphenation, Andrew Small  26. Across the Himalayas: China in India’s Neighbourhood, Constantino Xavier  27. Unequal Rivals: China, India and the Struggle for Influence in Southeast Asia, Sheryn Lee  28. China and India in the Middle East: The Rivalry moves West?, Nicolas Blarel  29. China and India’s Engagement with Africa: Seeking National Interests, Wu Fuzuo  30. Beyond Triangulation: Latin America and the Caribbean’s Relations with China and India in the Era of the Belt and Road Initiative, Adriana Erthal Abdenur  China, India, and Global Order  31. Chinese and Indian Competitive Nuclear Restraint in the Global Nuclear Order, Nicola Leveringhaus and Kate Sullivan de Estrada  32. China, India, and Outer Space: Cooperation and Competition in the Global Commons, Julie Michelle Klinger  33. China, India and Global Security: Deploying to UN Peacekeeping Operations and Shaping the Responsibility to Protect, Courtney J. Fung  34. China and India: Continuity and Change in Climate Negotiations, Lydia Powell  35. Engaging Global Health Governance: The Experience of China and India, Huang Yanzhong


    Kanti Bajpai is Wilmar Professor of Asian Studies and Director of the Centre on Asia and Globalisation at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore.

    Selina Ho is Assistant Professor and Chair of the Master in International Affairs Programme at the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore.

    Manjari Chatterjee Miller is Associate Professor at the Frederick S. Pardee School of Global Studies, Boston University, USA, and a Research Associate at the School of Global and Area Studies, University of Oxford, UK.

    "The strength of the volume is in its diversity and the breadth of subjects covered... the book provides an accessible single source for a wide range of China-India scholarship, and it will be a valuable resource for both institutions and individuals." - George J. Gilboy, Journal of Chinese Political Science