1st Edition

Routledge Handbook of Ecosystem Services

    630 Pages
    by Routledge

    658 Pages 126 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The idea that nature provides services to people is one of the most powerful concepts to have emerged over the last two decades. It is shaping our understanding of the role that biodiverse ecosystems play in the environment and their benefits for humankind. As a result, there is a growing interest in operational and methodological issues surrounding ecosystem services amongst environmental managers, and many institutions are now developing teaching programmes to equip the next generation with the skills needed to apply the concepts more effectively. 

    This handbook provides a comprehensive reference text on ecosystem services, integrating natural and social science (including economics). Collectively the chapters, written by the world's leading authorities, demonstrate the importance of biodiversity for people, policy and practice. They also show how the value of ecosystems to society can be expressed in monetary and non-monetary terms, so that the environment can be better taken into account in decision making. The significance of the ecosystem service paradigm is that it helps us redefine and better communicate the relationships between people and nature. It is shown how these are essential to resolving challenges such as sustainable development and poverty reduction, and the creation of a green economy in developing and developed world contexts.


    Robert Watson 

    1. Ecosystem Services in the Twenty-first Century 

    Marion Potschin, Roy Haines-Young, Robert Fish and R. Kerry Turner 

    Part 1: Ecosystem Services Concepts and Frameworks – Introduction 

    2. Ecosystem Services in Theory and Practice 

    Robert Costanza 

    3. Defining and Measuring Ecosystem Services

    Marion Potschin and Roy Haines-Young   

    Briefing Note 3.1: Ecosystem Functions: A Critical Perspective  

    Kurt Jax 

    4. The Links between Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services 

    Patricia Balvanera, Sandra Quijas, Berta Martín-López, Edmundo Barrios, Laura Dee, Forest Isbell, Isabelle Durance, Piran White, Ryan Blanchard and Rudolf de Groot 

    Briefing Note 4.1: Service Providing Units 

    Gary Luck 

    5. Ecosystem Structures and Processes: Characterising Natural Capital Stocks and Flows 

    Dave Raffaelli 

    6. The Beneficiary Perspective: Benefits and Beyond 

    Dixon H. Landers, Amanda M. Nahlik and Charles R. Rhodes 

    7. A Social-Ecological Perspective on Ecosystem Services 

    Lasse Loft, Alexandra Lux and Thomas Jahn  

    Briefing Note 7.1: Transdisciplinarity 

    Jennifer Hauck 

    Briefing Note 7.2: Drivers of Change for Ecosystem Services

    Mark Rounsevell and Paula A. Harrison 

    8. Concepts and Methods in Ecosystem Services Valuation 

    Erik Gómez-Baggethun, David N. Barton, Pam Berry, Robert Dunford and Paula A. Harrison 

    9. A Critical Perspective 

    Mark Sagoff 

    10. Economics and Ecosystem Services: a Positive Contribution to Environmental Management 

    R. Kerry Turner 

    Part 2: Ecosystem Services:Methods, Techniques for Decision Support  – Introduction 

    11. Frameworks for Ecosystem Assessments 

    Marion Potschin and Roy Haines-Young 

    Briefing Note 11.1: Place-based Assessment of Small Islands' Ecosystem Services 

    Mario V. Balzan, Marion Potschin and Roy Haines-Young 

    12. Modelling Ecosystem Services 

    Felix Kienast and Julian Helfenstein 

    13. Indicators for Ecosystem Services 

    Felix Müller, Benjamin Burkhard, Ying Hou, Marion Kruse, Liwei Ma and Peter Wangai 

    14. Using Futures-thinking to Support Ecosystem Assessments 

    Steven Cork 

    15. Mapping Ecosystem Services 

    Joachim Maes, Neville D. Crossman and Benjamin Burkhard 

    16. A Practical Approach to Mapping of Ecosystems and Ecosystem Services using Remote Sensing 

    Camino Liquete, Eva Haas, Torsten Bondo, Christina Hirzinger, Melanie Schnelle, Dominik Reisinger, David Lyon, John Finisdore and Michael Ledwith 

    Briefing Note 16.1: Remote Sensing 

    Giles M. Foody 

    17. An Introduction to Ecosystem Accounting 

    Lars Hein, Bram Edens, Carl Obst, Roy Remme, Matthias Schröter and Elham Sumarga 

    18. Accounting for Ecosystem Services in Business 

    Joel R.A. Houdet, John Finisdore, Julia Martin-Ortega, Helen Ding, John Maleganos, James Spurgeon, Tobias Hartmann, and David Steuerman 

    19. Valuing Preferences for Ecsoystem-related Goods and Services 

    Tomas Badura, Ian Bateman, Matthew Agarwala and Amy Binner 

    20. Ecological Economics and Ecosystem Services 

    R. Kerry Turner 

    21. Stakeholder Participation in Ecosystem Service Decision-making 

    Robert Fish, Eirini Saratsi, Mark Reed and Hans Keune 

    22. Deliberative and Non-monetary Valuation 

    Jasper O. Kenter 

    23. The ‘Balance Sheet’ Approach within Adaptive Management for Ecosystem Services 

    R. Kerry Turner 

    Briefing Note 23.1: Ecosystem Services and Justice 

    Thomas Sikor, Adrian Martin, Janet Fisher and Jun He 

    Briefing Note 23.2: Ecosystem Services and Ethics 

    Kurt Jax 

    24. Securing Nature and People: Can We Replicate and Scale Success? 

    Gretchen C. Daily 

    Part 3: Ecosystem Services in an Applied Context  – Introduction 

    25. Ecosystem Services: Provisioning 

    Gillian Galford and Taylor Ricketts 

    26. Managing Regulating Services for Sustainability 

    Christine Fürst, Susanne Frank and Justice Nana Inkoom 

    27. Managing Cultural Ecosystem Services for Sustainability 

    Kai M.A. Chan and Terre Satterfield 

    Briefing Note 27.1: Ecosystem Services and Spirituality 

    Nigel Cooper 

    28. Towards Effective Ecosystem Services Assessment in Marine Coastal Management 

    Mahé Charles, Rémi Mongruel, Nicola Beaumont, Tara Hooper, Harold Levrel, Eric Thiébaut and Linwood Pendleton  

    29. Freshwater 

    Kate A. Brauman 

    30. Forest-related Ecosystem Services 

    Sandra Luque and Louis Iverson 

    31. Drylands 

    Lindsay C. Stringer and Andrew J. Dougill  

    32. Ecosystem Services Supplied by the Mediterranean Basin Ecosystems 

    Berta Martín-López, Elisa Oteros-Rozas, Emmanuelle Cohen-Shacham, Fernando Santos-Martín, Marta Nieto-Romero, Claudia Carvalho-Santos, José A. González, Marina García-Llorente, Keren Klass, Ilse Geijzendorffer, Carlos Montes and Wolfgang Cramer 

    33. Ecosystem Services Provided by Soil Life 

    Wim H. van der Putten and Diana H. Wall 

    34. The Importance of Grasslands in Providing Ecosystem Services: Opportunities for Poverty Alleviation 

    Benis N. Egoh, Janne Bengtsson, Regina Lindborg, James M. Bullock, Adam P. Dixon and Mathieu Rouget 

    Briefing Note 34.1: Ecosystem Services and Grasslands in America 

    Alan J. Franzluebbers and Jean L. Steiner 

    Briefing Note 34.2: Ecosystem Services and Grasslands in Australia 

    Neil MacLeod and John McIvor 

    35. Cultivated Lands 

    Tobias Plieninger, Christopher M. Raymond and Elisa Oteros-Rozas 

    36. Ecosystem Services Provided by Urban Green Infrastructure 

    Thomas Elmqvist, Erik Gómez-Baggethun and Johannes Langemeyer 

    Briefing Note 36.1: Green Infrastructure and Ecosystem Services 

    Susannah Gill 

    Part 4: Linking and Informing Agendas – Introduction 

    37. A Policy Perspective on Mainstreaming Ecosystem Services: Opportunities and Risks 

    Patrick ten Brink and Marianne Kettunen 

    38. Ecosystem Services and Climate Change 

    Bruno Locatelli 

    39. Can Ecosystem Services Contribute to Food Security? 

    Alison G. Power 

    40. Ecosystem Services and Water Security 

    Sarah Hendry and Geoffrey Gooch 

    41. What are the Links between Poverty and Ecosystem Services? 

    Marije Schaafsma and Brendan Fisher  

    42. Ecosystem Services and Health 

    Conor E. Kretsch 

    43. Ecosystem Services and the Greening of Business 

    Guy Duke 

    44. Payments for Ecosystem Services 

    Roy Brouwer 

    45. Maximising Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service Benefits in Conservation Decision-making 

    Hedley S. Grantham, Rosimeiry Portela, Mahbubul Alam, Daniel Juhn and Lawrence Connell 

    46. Bridging the Gap between Ecosystem Services and Landscape Planning 

    Paul Opdam 

    47. Spatial and Landscape Planning: A Place for Ecosystem Services  

    Christina von Haaren, Christian Albert and Carolin Galler 

    Briefing Note 47.1: Including Ecosystem Services in Impact Assessment: Challenges and Opportunities 

    Davide Geneletti 

    48. An Institutional Perspective 

    Eeva Primmer 

    49. The Use of Ecosystem Services Knowledge in Policy-making: Drawing Lessons and Adjusting Expectations 

    Duncan Russel, Andrew Jordan and John Turnpenny 

    Part 5: Conclusion 

    50. On the Changing Relationship between Ecosystem Services Continuance and Sustainability 

    Tim O’Riordon 

    51. Ecosystem Services: Where is the Discipline Heading? 

    Georgina Mace 

    52. Ecosystem services: Never Waste the Opportunity Offered by a Good Crisis 

    Robert Fish, Marion Potschin, R. Kerry Turner and Roy Haines-Young


    Marion Potschin is a Principal Research Fellow and Director of the Centre for Environmental Management at the University of Nottingham, UK. 

    Roy Haines-Young is Emeritus Professor at the Centre for Environmental Management, School of Geography, University of Nottingham, UK.

    Robert Fish is Reader in Human Ecology in the School of Anthropology and Conservation at the University of Kent, UK.

    R. Kerry Turner is a Professorial Fellow in the School of Environmental Sciences and former Professor of Environmental Economics and Management at the University of East Anglia, UK.

    "The Routledge Handbook of Ecosystem Services is an eminently useful handbook for experts, researchers, policymakers, practitioners, and students who deal with the topic of ES. Written by international leaders in the field, the book has a clear structure that will help the readers find answers to their theoretical or practical questions. This piece of work will be an important reference in ES science and practice for decades, and it is a good standard for those preparing similar handbooks or textbooks in other disciplines." - Marton Kiss, Department of Climatology and Landscape Ecology, University of Szeged, Hungary

    "This handbook, written by world class academic and policy experts, is long overdue, and provides a much-needed guide to address this challenge. It is an authoritative reference text written in easy to read sections that is essential reading for academics, decision-makers and civil society." – from the Foreword by Sir Robert Watson, Professor of Environmental Sciences, University of East Anglia, UK

    "Marion Potschin and her co-editors have succeeded to get an interesting combination of contributors to this book, including highly distinguished scientists from various disciplines to younger scholars who are presently carrying out seminal research in the field of ecosystem services and beyond." – Professor Eeva Furman, SYKE, Finish Environment Institute and Coordinator of OpenNESS

    "At 630 pages, it is a Handbook for people with big hands. It is a weighty tome too. This is not merely in terms of its mass (a fraction over 1.3kg) but in the range and depth of topics pertaining to ecosystem services that are covered, and the globally renowned authors who have contributed. Following a foreword by Bob Watson and an opening chapter by Bob Costanza, the Handbook is broken into four major sections addressing ecosystem services from the perspectives of: concepts and frameworks; methods and techniques for decision support; applied contexts; and linking and informing agendas... Each of the chapters mines the now voluminous and growing literature around its selected topic. This alone is a valuable resource for students, scholars and those seeking to implement ecosystem services... students, researchers and those seeking to grasp and implement the emerging, integrative concept of ecosystem services will benefit from dipping into it as a reference book to glean current thinking, areas of debate and practical illustrations." - Mark Everard, for the The Institution of Environmental Sciences (on-line Resources, June 2016)

    "The clearly written and presented chapters make this book highly accessible to a wide range of readers from students to specialists. I am sure this book will become a key text in this field and that I'll return to it frequently as a point of reference for future work on ecosystem services". - Rob Brooker, in The Bulletin of the British Ecological Society (October 2016)