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    by Routledge

    The Routledge Handbook of Esports offers the first fully comprehensive, interdisciplinary study of esports, one of the fastest growing sectors of the contemporary sports and entertainment industries. Global in coverage, the book emphasizes the multifaceted nature of esports and explores the most pressing issues defining the competitive video gaming landscape today. 

    Featuring the work of 93 leading esports academics and industry specialists from around the world, and rigorously peer-reviewed, the book is structured around ten key themes: 1) Introduction to Esports, 2) Esports Research, 3) Esports Players, 4) Esports Business and Management, 5) Esports Media and Communication, 6) Esports Education, 7) Critical Concerns in Esports, 8) Global Esports Cultures, 9) Esports Future Directions, and 10) Key Terms Definitions. Examining the current state of esports, emerging areas of interest and the ongoing debates shaping the esports industry, each of the 62 chapters offers key highlights, an assessment of the latest research, practical esports examples and recommendations, and is complemented by enlightening case studies or industry interviews. For further academic and professional depth, chapters also include a guide to recommended additional resources. 

    Explaining technical terms and gaming jargon in a user-friendly manner, and maintaining a balanced tone throughout, this handbook is essential reading for any student or researcher with an interest in esports, gaming, or sport studies, and for any practitioner or policy-maker working in the esports industry.


    1.1 Introduction to Esports

    Nicolas Besombes, Seth E. Jenny, and Tom Brock 

    1.2 Defining and Spelling Esports

    Nepomuk Nothelfer, Seth E. Jenny, and Nicolas Besombes 

    1.3 Global History of Esports

    Dal Yong Jin and Nicolas Besombes 

    1.4 Esports Ecosystems and Stakeholders

    José Agustín Carrillo Vera and Marcos Antón 

    1.5 Esports Genres and Games

    Russell Hamer and Nicolas Besombes 

    1.6 Esports Developers, Publishers, and Game Design Considerations

    Graham Ashton 

    1.7 Esports Equipment and Infrastructure

    Danielle Rourke and Ray Pastore 


    2.1 Introduction to Esports Research

    Seth E. Jenny and Nicolas Besombes 

    2.2 Current Status and Key Topics in Esports Research

    Bradley J. Baker, Benjamin T. Sharpe, and Seth E. Jenny 

    2.3 Organizations, Labs/Centers, and Journals Related to Esports Research

    Seth E. Jenny, Brandon C. Harris, Tobias M. Scholz, and Nicolas Besombes 

    2.4 General Recommendations for Esports Research

    Mark J. Campbell, Seth E. Jenny, Sarah C. Cregan, and Tim D. Smithies 

    2.5 Qualitative Esports Research Methodology

    Amanda C. Cote, Maxwell Foxman, and Ying-Ying Law 

    2.6 Survey Esports Research Methodology

    Joseph Macey and Juho Hamari 

    2.7 Experimental/Intervention Esports Research Methodology

    Joanne DiFrancisco-Donoghue and Peter Varga 


    3.1 Introduction to Esports Players

    Seth E. Jenny and Tobias M. Scholz 

    3.2 Esports Players

    Hee Jung Hong and Dario Wünsch 

    3.3 Esports Performance Skills

    Seth E. Jenny 

    3.4 Esports Player Analytics

    Peter Varga, Tobias M. Scholz, and Evelyn T.S. Tan 

    3.5 Esports Coaching

    Matthew Watson, Seth E. Jenny, and Taylor Johnson 

    3.6 Applied Sport Psychology in Esports

    Laura Swettenham, Callum Abbott, and Oliver Leis 

    3.7 Esports Player Health and Wellness

    Lindsey Migliore 

    3.8 Esports Ergonomics and Injuries

    Caitlin McGee, Kevin Ho, and Seth E. Jenny 

    3.9 Esports Player Parental and Family Support

    Carol Ann Meissner 

    3.10 Esports Professional Player Career Process

    Wil Fisackerly 


    4.1 Introduction to Esports Business and Management

    Tobias M. Scholz and Tom Brock 

    4.2 Esports Business and Finance

    Petr Parshakov and Angel Barajas 

    4.3 Esports Management

    Dina Gentile 

    4.4 Organizing Esports Events

    Miralem Helmefalk, Adele Berndt, Brian McCauley, Martin Eliasson Borg, and Viktor Erlandsson 

    4.5 Esports Venue Design and Management

    Nyle Sky Kauweloa 

    4.6 Esports Hospitality and Tourism

    Leandro Becka, Marcos Antón, José Agustín Carrillo Vera, and Federico Iván Ruera 

    4.7 Esports Branding and Marketing

    Brian McCauley and Bradley J. Baker 

    4.8 Sponsorship in Esports

    Anthony D. Pizzo and David P. Hedlund 

    4.9 Esports Public Relations

    Kevin Mitchell, Jana Möglich, and Alan Ritacco 

    4.10 Human Resource Management in Esports

    Pia Büßecker, Friederike Lenke, Matthias Ruhland, Gian Luca Vitale, and Tobias M. Scholz 


    5.1 Introduction to Esports Media and Communication

    Amanda C. Cote and Tobias M. Scholz 

    5.2 Esports Journalism

    Jacob Wolf and Amanda C. Cote 

    5.3 Esports Production

    Matt Knutson and Jonathan Liebig 

    5.4 Streaming Esports

    Jason Smethers 

    5.5 Esports Spectatorship

    Tanja Välisalo, Tom Brock, and Ying-Ying Law 

    5.6 Esports Fandom

    Josh Jarrett 


    6.1 Introduction to Esports Education

    Seth E. Jenny 

    6.2 Esports Education

    Seth E. Jenny, Joey Gawrysiak, James O'Hagan, and Nicolas Besombes 

    6.3 Competitive Collegiate Esports Programs

    Maxwell Foxman, Seth E. Jenny, Amanda C. Cote, Michele R. King, Leandro Becka 

    6.4 Competitive Primary and Secondary School Esports Programs

    Miles Madison Harvey 


    7.1 Introduction to Critical Concerns in Esports

    Tom Brock and Amanda C. Cote 

    7.2 Esports Governance and Esports Law

    Cem Abanazir and Tsubasa Shinohara 

    7.3 Esports in the Olympics

    Seth E. Jenny, Sam Schelfhout, and Nicolas Besombes 

    7.4 Esports Gambling

    Tom Brock and Mark R. Johnson 

    7.5 Ethics and Cheating in Esports

    William Clyde Partin 

    7.6 Toxicity in Esports

    Julian Frommel and Regan L. Mandryk 

    7.7 Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Esports

    Usva Friman, Maria Ruotsalainen, and Matilda Ståhl 

    7.8 Esports for People with Disabilities

    Lobna Hassan, Pauliina Baltzar, and Markus Kämäräinen 

    7.9 Esports Environmental Sustainability

    Julia Hiltscher and Jana Möglich 


    8.1 Introduction to Global Esports Cultures

    Amanda C. Cote, Nicolas Besombes, and Seth E. Jenny 

    8.2 Esports Culture in the Middle East and Africa

    Hashem El-Borno and Yasmine Mokhtar 

    8.3 Esports Culture in Asia

    Yaewon Jin and Se Jin Kim 

    8.4 Esports Culture in Europe

    Raine Koskimaa 

    8.5 Esports Culture in Oceania

    David Micallef and Jessica Formosa 

    8.6 Esports Culture in North America

    Ben Scholl and Bryce Stout 

    8.7 Esports Culture in South America

    Tarcízio Macedo, Gabriela Birnfeld Kurtz, and Leandro Becka 


    9.1 The Future of Esports

    Seth E. Jenny, Tom Brock, Tobias M. Scholz, Amanda C. Cote, and Nicolas Besombes 


    10.1 Key Terms Definitions

    Seth E. Jenny, Nicolas Besombes, Tom Brock, Amanda C. Cote, and Tobias M. Scholz


    Senior Editor

    Seth E. Jenny is Associate Professor teaching esports courses within the Department of Exercise Science at Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania (SRU), USA. He serves as a founding board member of the Esports Research Network, Associate Editor of the Journal of Electronic Gaming and Esports and the International Journal of Esports, and faculty advisor to the SRU Esports Club. X: @DrSethJenny Website: https://www.sethjenny.com 

    Associate Editors

    Nicolas Besombes is Associate Professor with the Sports Faculty of Université Paris Cité, France. He is a founding board member of the Esports Research Network, founding member of the French Speaking Association for Esports Research and Studies, and is the former Vice President of France Esports

    Tom Brock is Senior Lecturer in the Department of Sociology at Manchester Metropolitan University, UK. He is the Reviews Editor for the Journal of Consumer Culture and sits on the editorial boards of the Journal of Gaming and Virtual WorldsJournal of Electronic Gaming and EsportsInternational Journal of Esports, and Critical Gambling Studies

    Amanda C. Cote is Associate Professor and Director of the Serous Games Certificate in the Department of Media and Information at Michigan State University, USA. Her research focusses on gender, identity and representation, game development and labor, and collegiate esports. 

    Tobias M. Scholz is Associate Professor for Esports at the University of Agder, Norway. He serves as the founding chair of the Esports Research Network, he co-wrote an invited esports report for the European Parliament, and is co-editor of the book series eSports Yearbook.