1st Edition

Routledge Handbook of European Politics

Edited By José Magone Copyright 2015
    1028 Pages 43 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    1028 Pages 43 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Since the Treaty of the European Union was ratified in 1993, the European Union has become an important factor in an ever-increasing number of regimes of pooled sovereignty. This Handbook seeks to present a valuable guide to this new and unique system in the twenty-first century, allowing readers to obtain a better understanding of the emerging multilevel European governance system that links national polities to Europe and the global community.

    Adopting a pan-European approach, this Handbook brings together the work of leading international academics to cover a wide range of topics such as:

    • the historical and theoretical background
    • the political systems and institutions of both the EU and its individual member nations
    • political parties and party systems
    • political elites
    • civil society and social movements in European politics
    • the political economy of Europe
    • public administration and policy-making
    • external policies of the EU.

    This is an invaluable and comprehensive resource for students, scholars, researchers and practitioners of the European Union, European Politics and Comparative Politics.

    Dedication  Quotation  List of illustrations  List of contributors  Preface  1 Introduction:The ‘Great Transformation’ of European politics. A holistic view José M. Magone  Part I Historical and theoretical background  2 The legacy of Stein Rokkan: A short appraisal Daniel-Louis Seiler  3 The theological and secular dimensions of the modern state: historical and contemporary perspectives John Loughlin  4 Contemporary European liberalism. Exclusionary, enlightened or romantic?, Gina Gustavsson   5 The Main features of the European integration process from a historical perspective. Antonio Varsori  6 The Fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 and European Politics: Perspectives of the New Europe in the twenty first century Attila Ágh  7 "Fortress Europe": Border and the power of information in the European Union Juliet Lodge  8 The Americanisation of European legal space Mary Volcansek  Part II The political system and institutions of the European union  9 Multilevel governance in Europe Rainer Eising  10 The EU- A citizens´ joint venture. Multilevel constitutionalism and open democracy in Europe Ingolf Pernice  11 The political system of the European Union. Desmond Dinan  12 Council of ministers of the European Union. Jeffrey Lewis  13 The European commission after the reform. Michele Cini  14 The European parliament. Tapio Raunio  15 The European courts Robert Harmsen and Karen McAuliffe  16 Democracy in Europe Vivien A. Schmid  Part III National political systems and institutions in European politics  17 Governments in European politics. Gianfranco Pasquino  18 Types of head of state in European Politics Robert Elgie  19 Continuity and change of parliamentarianism in European politics in the twenty first century Philip Norton(Lord of Louth)  20 Executive-legislative relations in Europe. Thomas Saalfeld  21 The Europeanization of national parliaments Katrin Auel  22 Judicial politics in Europe. Constitutional courts in comparative perspective. Britta Rehder  23 Local and regional democracy in European politics. Anders Lidström,Frank Hendriks, and John Louglin  Part IV Political elites in European politics  24.The development of political elites in Europe. Luca Verzichelli and Maurizio Cotta  25The development of political elites In post-1990 Europe Heinrich Best and Elena Semenova  26 Selection and De-Selection of Ministers Patrick Dumont and Luca Verzichelli  Part V Party systems and political parties  27 Political parties: Changing forms, diminished centrality? Steven Wolinetz  28 Party system change in western Europe Richard S. Katz  29 Parties and party systems in central and eastern Europe. Paul G. Lewis  30 Electoral and party systems in Europe , Pedro Riera  31 Party patronage: An old solution for new problems?. Carlos Jalali and PatriciaSilva  32 Europeanization of national politics. Robert Ladrech  33 Outside their comfort zone?: National parties, European parliamentary groups and transnational Parties David Hanley  Part VI Public administration and patterns of policy making in European politics  34 National patterns of public administration and governance César Colino, and Eloísa del Pino  35 European welfare states in motion. From social protection to social investment? Anton Hemerijk  36 political corruption in European politics Martin Bull and James Newell  37.Patterns of national coordination of EU policy . Hussein Kassim  38 The Europeanization of national policy-making and the implementation of EU policies in Europe. Gerda Falkner  Part VII The political economy of Europe  39 Integration about Unequals. How the Heterogeneity of European Varieties of Capitalism Shapes the Social and Democratic Potential of the European Union, Martin Höpner and Armin Schäfer  40 The Transformation of the single European market:From the Lisbon strategy to Europe 2020. Annette Bongardt  41 Political Economic and Monetary Union: EU economic governance and domestic constraints . Francisco Torres  42 Social pacts and changing systems of interest intermediation in Europe, John Kelly and Kerstin Hamann  43 Interest groups and patterns of lobbying in Brussels , Justin Greenwood  Part VIII Civil society and social movements in European politics  44 Immigration and integration policies in Europe. Sarah Wallace Goodman  45 Participation and associationism in Europe. William Maloney and Jan van Deth  46 Gender and Politics in Europe Alison Woodward  47 Contentious politics in the EU Donatella della Porta and Louisa Parks  Part IX Europe and the world  48 Theories and myths of European Foreign Policy Ian Manners  49 Towards a EU Common foreign and security policy:Achievements and challenges Helen Sjursen  50 The ‘World society Turn’ in European studies Chris Rumford, and Didem Buhari-Gulmez  Commented bibliography  Index


    José M. Magone is Professor in Regional and Global Governance at the Berlin School of Economics and Law.

    "European politics involves national politics and the multi-level politics of the EU. This impressive and thorough work edited by Magone (Berlin School of Economics and Law) covers both in a balanced way. Magone rightly notes that European politics is increasingly complex and that this handbook makes no claims to be definitive. Nevertheless, it certainly supplies detailed, insightful, and valuable information across a broad range of topics, providing a historical and theoretical background and then covering EU and national political systems and institutions, political elites, party systems and political parties, public administration and policy making, political economy, civil society and social movements, and Europe and the world. What is particularly useful is the detailed referencing, including the comprehensive annotated bibliography at the end. Overall, this handbook is not an introduction to the politics of the region for lower-level undergraduate students, but it is an essential resource for senior students and scholars of European politics, European integration, and comparative politics." -A. Siaroff, The University of Lethbridge, Highly recommended in CHOICE Reviews 2015