1st Edition

Routledge Handbook of Global Mental Health Nursing Evidence, Practice and Empowerment

Edited By Edilma Yearwood, Vicki Hines-Martin Copyright 2017
    492 Pages
    by Routledge

    514 Pages 65 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Awarded second place in the 2017 AJN Book of the Year Awards in Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing.

    "I welcome, at long last, a book on global mental health targeted to nurses, the front-line health worker for billions of people around the world.  The roles that nurses can, and should, play in mental health care are diverse and this book addresses both well-trod as well as emerging concerns across the continuum of care from promotion to prevention to treatment. Importantly, at the heart of this diversity is the foundation of compassion and care, the hallmark of the nursing profession." – Vikram Patel, Professor of International Mental Health and Wellcome Trust Principal Research Fellow in Clinical Science, Centre for Global Mental Health, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK

    Psychiatric disorders have consistently been identified as serious and significant global burdens of disease, yet meeting the needs of people in mental distress has not often been a priority in health care. This important reference work sets out the knowledge base for understanding the state of mental health care globally, and translating that into effective practice.

    The Handbook provides a historical and contemporary context of mental health care, identifies and discusses evidence-based standards of care and strategies for mental health promotion and explores the need to deliver care from interdisciplinary and community-based models, placing these imperatives within a human rights and empowerment framework. It is made up of four core sections which look at:

      • Key and emerging issues that affect global mental health practice and research, including the social context of health;
      • Evidence-based health promotion strategies for major areas of practice internationally;
      • A range of country studies, reflecting different problems and approaches to mental health and mental health care internationally; and
      • What constitutes empowering practice.

    The only comprehensive work looking at global perspectives on mental health nursing, this is an invaluable reference for all students, academics and professionals involved in mental health research with an interest in global or cross-cultural issues.

    Part 1: Historical and Contemporary Mental Health Nursing

    1. Overview of Mental Health in Low, Middle and High Income Global Communities (Edilma L. Yearwood and Spencer Case)

    2. Historical Overview of Psychiatric Mental Health Care (Ann J. Sheridan)

    3. Mental Health Promotion (Vicki P. Hines-Martin)

    4. Social Determinants of Mental Health (Edilma L. Yearwood and Vicki P. Hines-Martin)

    5. The Effects of Culture and Stigma on Mental Health (Deena A. Nardi, Roberta Waite and Edilma L. Yearwood)

    6. Global Health Ethics and Mental Health (Wendy Austin)

    7. Standard of Mental Health Care: Meeting Consumer Needs (Vicki P. Hines-Martin, Geraldine S. Pearson, Melanie Walters and Molly Hall)

    8. Mental Health Care Nursing Standards: International Perspectives (Sarah Benbow, Wafa’a Ta’an, Malene Terp, Marc Hapeslagh and Cheryl Forchuk)

    9. Transformational Leadership to Promote Well-being (Angela Barron McBride)

    Part 2: Promoting Mental Health Nursing Within Social and Cultural Contexts: Research, Best Practices and Clinical Perspectives

    10. Recognizing and Managing Stress (Catherine Batscha and Jessica Gill)

    11. Strategies for Health Promotion in Individuals Experiencing Anxiety or Anxiety Disorders (Debbie Thomas and Magdala Maximos)

    12. Suicide and Other Deliberate Self-harm Behaviors: Promoting Prevention (Edilma L. Yearwood)

    13. Strategies for Health Promotion in Individuals Experiencing Depression (Kunsook Bernstein)

    14. Strategies for Health Promotion in Individuals Experiencing Bipolar Symptoms and Illness (Victoria Soltis-Jarrett)

    15. Schizophrenia: Fostering Understanding and Facilitating Health Promotion (Ann J. Sheridan)

    16. Health Promotion Strategies for Substance Use (Madeline A. Naegle)

    17. Mental Health and Aging: Needs and Care of Older Adults (Karen M. Robinson, Mary L. Corbett and Teresa McEnroe Clare)

    18. Strategies for Mental Health Promotion in Children and Adolescents (Irene Eunhee Kim, Andrew Cashin and Edilma L. Yearwood)

    19. Strategies for Health Promotion after Violence Exposure (Leilani Marie Ayala, M. Hazelton and Vicki P. Hines-Martin)

    20. Evidence-based Mental Health Practice in a Global Context (Steven Pryjmachuk)

    Part 3: Cultural Voices and Human Rights: Case Exemplars

    21. Deinstitutionalized Care: Jamaican Psychiatric Workers’ Viewpoints (A. Pusey-Murray and Hermi Hyacinth Hewitt)

    22. Korean American and Depression (Kunsook S. Bernstein)

    23. The Philippines: The Nurse’s Role in Bullying Prevention (Leilani Mari Ayala)

    24. Case Exemplar from South Africa (Idalia Venter, Lily van Rhyn and Ukamaka Oruche)

    25. Australia: Social and Emotional Wellbeing of an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Population (Rose McMaster, Kerry Mawson and Peter Shine)

    26. Mental Health, Traditional Healers and Barriers to Care in Malawi (Katelyn Klein and Edilma L. Yearwood)

    27. Argentina (Silvina Malvárez, Patricia Gómez and María Cristina Cometto)

    28. Japan: Disaster Mental Health (Pamela A. Minarik and Yoko Nakayama)

    29. A Canadian Perspective on Psychiatric Nursing Care (Jason Anuik)

    30. Transition Experiences for Adults with an Intellectual Disability: Theories for Compassionate Nursing Practice (Sue Read)

    Part 4: Empowerment Strategies

    31. Mental Health Literacy (Vicki P. Hines-Martin and Edilma L .Yearwood)

    32. Models and Frameworks of Mental Health Care Within Community Environments (Sara Horton-Deutsch, Roberta Waite and Maureen Bentley)

    33. Conclusions and Recommendations (Edilma L. Yearwood and Vicki Hines-Martin)


    Edilma L. Yearwood is a faculty member and Chair, Department of Professional Nursing Practice at Georgetown University, School of Nursing and Health Studies, USA.

    Vicki P. Hines-Martin is a tenured Professor at the University of Louisville School of Nursing, USA. She is also Director of the Office of Health Disparities and Community Engagement at the School.