3rd Edition

Routledge Handbook of Infectious Diseases A Geographical Guide

    592 Pages 11 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    The new edition of this unique resource, ground on an understanding that our global world is more connected than it has ever been, provides an essential survey of infectious diseases based on both clinical presentation and geographical area of exposure.

    The book is split into three main sections. The first sections offers an overview of the geopolitics of infectious diseases, highlighting the channels through which disease can spread from one region or country to another, including air travel, shipping or migration. The second section provides a comprehensive overview of each region, highlighting the infectious diseases common to that part of the world. The final section includes a chapter examining new infections of concern, and a chapter discussing infectious diseases in the context of global climate change.

    Thoroughly updated through the latest clinical data, and featuring some of the leading scholars and clinicians in the field, this is a timely and important resource for practitioners and scholars across Clinical Medicine, Epidemiology and Public Health.

    Section I

    1. Historical Overview of Global Infectious Diseases and Geopolitics

    Jessica J. Tuan, Francis E. G. Cox, Frank J. Bia

    2. Non-traditional Infectious Diseases Surveillance Systems

    Davidson H. Hamer, Lawrence C. Madoff, Patricia Schlagenhauf, Kara Sewalk, John Brownstein, Michael Libman, Marjorie P. Pollack

    3. Air Travel − Which Infectious Disease Control Measures are Worthwhile

    Francisco Alvarado Ramy, Shannon Gearhart, Alida Gertz, Dipti Patel

    4. Infectious Illnesses on Cruise and Cargo Ships

    Kara Tardivel, Stefanie White, Joanna J. Regan, Clive M. Brown

    5. Travel-related Infections: Prevention, Outbreak, Curtailment

    Patricia Schlagenhauf, Xanthi Andrianou, Gianfranco Spiteri

    6. Migration and the Geography of Disease

    Francesca F. Norman, Rogelio López-Vélez, Marta González Sanz, José-Antonio Pérez-Molina

    Section II

    7. Central Africa

    Martin P. Grobusch, Bayode R. Adegbite, Francine Ntoumi

    8. Eastern Africa, Madagascar and Indian Ocean Islands

    Andreas Neumayr, Christian Kositz, Esther Künzli

    9. North Africa

    Rehab M. Elsaid Tash, Najet Mouffok, Amine Merzoug, Ayman Allam, Laila Elkadi, Maysaa Abdallah Saeed, Monkez Yousef, Fatma Amer

    10. Southern Africa

    Olga Perovic, Nectarios Papavarnavas, Lucille Blumberg

    11. West Africa

    Boubacar Maiga, Patrick Ayeh-Kumi

    12. East Asia

    Chi-Tai Fang, Mugen Ujiie, Joon Sup Yeom

    13. South Central Asia

    Anupa Thampy, Priscilla Rupali, Gulzhan Abuova, Prativa Pandey

    14. South-East Asia

    Daniel H. Paris, Nicholas J. White

    15. Western Asia and the Middle East

    Jaffar A. Al-Tawfiq, Seif Alabri, Ziad A. Memish

    16. Eastern Europe

    Natalia Pshenichnaya, Malgorzata Paul, Corneliu Petru Popescu

    17. Nordic and Baltic Countries

    Anu Kantele, Audrone Marcinkute, Carsten Schade Larsen, Heli Siikamäki, Danguole Vaznaisiene, Steen Villumsen

    18. Southern Europe

    Francesco Castelli, Androula Pavli, Sofia R. Valdoleiros, Mario Poljak

    19. Western Europe

    Abraham Goorhuis, Giorgia Caruana, Ashley D. Otter

    20. The Caribbean

    Larry I. Lutwick, Alana Pinheiro Alves

    21. Central America

    Larry I. Lutwick, Alexandre M. S. Carvalho, Nelson Ivan Agudelo Higuita

    22. South America

    Rodrigo Nogueira Angerami, Alfonso J. Rodriguez-Morales

    23. Northern America

    Barbra M. Blair, Philip R. Fischer, Michael Libman, Lin H. Chen

    24. Australia, New Zealand

    Sarah McGuinness, Karin Leder

    25. Pacific Island Countries and Territories

    Sarah McGuinness, Colleen Lau, Karin Leder

    26. Arctic and Antarctica

    Anders Koch, Michael G. Bruce, Kami Kandola

    Section III

    27. Emerging Infections

    Mary E. Wilson, Eskild Petersen, Marion P. Koopmans

    28. Climate Change and the Geographic Distribution of Infectious Diseases

    Aisha N. Khatib, Wasin Matsee, Jan C. Semenza


    Eskild Petersen is an infectious disease specialist working in public health at Statens Serum Institut and clinical infectious diseases, Aarhus University Hospital. He was for five years chair of the European Society for Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases emerging infectious diseases task force. He served for twenty two years as moderator for ProMED and ten years as Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Infectious Diseases. He is part of the PandemiX Center, Roskilde University.

    Lin H. Chen directs the Mount Auburn Hospital Travel Medicine Center, is Associate Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School and Past President of International Society of Travel Medicine. She served on CDC Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices Working Groups, is site director for the GeoSentinel Surveillance and Research Network and the Global Travel Epidemiology Network. Her clinical research focuses on travelers’ health, including vector-borne diseases, immunizations, emerging infections, and cross-border healthcare.

    Patricia Schlagenhauf is Professor at the University of Zürich, Head of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Travellers’ Health and Scientific Group Leader. Her research focuses on travellers’ malaria, emerging vector-borne infections and infectious disease epidemiology. Active in surveillance of travel related illness, she is the Director of the European network EuroTravNet since 2022 and the Zürich GeoSentinel Site Director since 1998. She is Editor-in-Chief of New Microbes New Infections.